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Haa - Haf
Name of Ship
Managed By
  • D/S H. C. Flood * neutral
Th. Nordbø jr., Haugesund
1907 gt
Built in Bergen 1917.

My page about this ship has more info.

  • D/S H. J. Bull NS
Anders Jahre, Sandefjord
569 gt
Built in Fredrikstad 1935.

Whaler, owned by Hvalfangerselskapet Kosmos A/S Sanderfjord. Signal letters: LJAZ.

Pre war: Delivered in Sept.-1935 from Fredrikstad mek. Verksted (273) as H. J. Bull, 569 gt, 204 net, Loa 161' 9" x 30' 6". Steam engine by yard, 1800 ihp, 246 nhp, 16 knots. Took part in the Kosmos II expedition in the Antarctic 1935-1936 and 1936-1937, Ulysses expedition 1937-1938, Kosmos expedition 1938-1939 and 1939-1940.

WW II: Requisitioned by the Norwegian Navy in 1940 as KNM Namsos and converted to patrol vessel (Iceland section from March 13-1941 to May 16-1945). According to R. W. Jordan, she was hired by Royal Navy as auxiliary patrol vessel on May 7-1941, with Norwegian crew. Renamed HMS Namsos in 1942.

This document received from the National Archives of Norway shows some of her 1940 voyages.

Picture of H. J. Bull
Another picture - Both are from Bjørn Milde's postcard collection.

POST WAR: Returned to owner in 1946 and repaired at Kaldnes mek. Verksted, renamed H. J. Bull. Returned to whaling in the Antarctic as follows: - Kosmos IV expedition 1946-1947 and 1947-1948, Kosmos III expedition in 1948-1949, 1949-1950, 1950-1951 and 1951-1952, Kosmos IV expedition 1952-1953, 1953-1954, 1954-1955 and 1955-1956, Kosmos III expedition 1956-1957, 1957-1958 and 1958-1959. Sold in 1959 to Union Whaling Co. Ltd., Durban, taken over in Cape Town and renamed A. E. Larsen, catching from the land station The Bluff, Durban, also in 1960. Catching for the Kosmos III expedition in the Antarctic 1960-1961, The Bluff, Durban March 9 to Oct. 13-1961, and March 14 to Oct. 2-1962. Broken up in South Africa in 1964.

(Source: "På alle hav - skipene i Anders Jahres rederi", Pensjonistforeningen Anders Jahre/Kosmos).

  • M/T Haakon Hauan NS
A/S Østlandske Petroleums Compagni, Oslo
6582 gt
Built in Oslo 1935.

Haakon Hauan has a picture of the ship as well as details on various convoy voyages.

  • D/S Hada County NS *
A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen
4853 gt
Built in Stockton-on-Tees 1921. Previous names: Nordkyn until 1925, Hada until 1928.

See D/S Hada County.

  • D/S Hadrian NS *
Hilmar Reksten, Bergen
1620 gt
Built in Bergen 1919. Previous name: Nyhavn until 1933.

My page about this ship has more information.

  • D/S Hafthor NS *
Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co., Drammen
1350 gt
Built in Shanghai 1921.

Captain Conrad Andersen. Captured off Singora, Thailand by the Japanese destroyer Uranami on Dec. 7-1941. See D/S Hafthor for more information on this event.

Hai - Hal
  • D/S Hai Dah NS
Wallem & Co. A/S Bergen
1186 gt
Built in Newcastle 1906. Previous names: Cygnus, Hilda Lea, Havdrot.

See D/S Hai Dah.

  • M/S Hai Hing NS *
Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co., Drammen
2561 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1929.

A crew list and info on her final fate has been added to M/S Hai Hing.

  • M/S Hai Lee NS
Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co., Drammen
3616 gt
Built in Oslo 1934.

See M/S Hai Lee.

  • D/S Hai Ping NS *
Wallem & Co. A/S, Bergen
1105 gt
Built in Trondheim 1911. Previous name: Lisken until 1938.

Please continue to D/S Hai Ping.

  • D/S Hai Tung NS *
Wallem & Co. A/S, Bergen
1187 gt
Built in Rostock 1904. Previous names: Albert Clement, Roa until 1936, Mai until 1938.

See D/S Hai Tung (includes war voyages).

  • M/T Hallanger NS *
Westfal-Larsen & Co. A/S, Bergen
9551 gt
Built in Amsterdam, Holland 1928.

All available information on this ship has been assembled on my page M/T Hallanger (includes details on her final fate and a crew list at the time).

  • D/S Hallbjørg NS
P. Kleppe, Oslo
2850 gt
Built in Montreal, Canada 1919. Previous names: Canadian Voyageur until 1931, Thuhaug until 1936.

See D/S Hallbjørg.

  • D/S Halldor NS *
Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co., Drammen
1515 gt
Built in Danzig, Germany 1925.

Please continue to D/S Halldor.

  • D/S Hallfried NS *
P. Kleppe, Oslo
2968 gt
Built in Wilmington, Delaware 1918. Previous names: Pilón, Garibaldi until 1925, Catherine Weems until 1928, Fairfield until 1939.

D/S Hallfried has information on her war voyages as well as details on her loss and a crew list at the time.

  • D/S Halvdan NS
Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co., Drammen
1350 gt
Built in Shanghai 1920.

My page D/S Halvdan has links to a list of her war voyages.

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Ham - Har
  • M/T Hamlet NS *
Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co., Drammen
6578 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1934. Previous names: Eidsvold until 1934, Abu until 1937.

All my information on this ship (incl. crew list) has been assembled on a separate page for M/T Hamlet

  • T/T Hammerfest NS
10 297 gt
Built in Chester, Pa. 1945.

Please continue to T/T Hammerfest.

  • D/S Hansi *
Leif Erichsen, Bergen
1028 gt
Built in Boizenburg, Germany 1921. Previous name: Otranto.

Carrying wood pulp from Hommelvik to Ellesmere Port. Was proceeding to Kirkwall for inspection when she had engine failure and went aground at Reefdyke in the Orkneys. Refloated at high tide and finally went aground at Linklet Bay, N Ronaldsway. Abandoned by crew Nov. 6-1939, in own boats and assisted ashore by the locals.

NOTE: All information on this vessel, along with a long list of facts on other Norwegian vessels lost around the UK, was kindly sent to me by Bill Butland, an English visitor to my website who, sadly, has since passed away. He had been a wreck researcher since around 1964 when he was a diver, and shared his knowledge with countless people. The details he sent me, the majority of which is from "Shipwreck Index of the British Isles" can be found scattered around this site. (Info on where she was built, former name and owner came from another website visitor). I'm unable to find this ship in any of my Norwegian sources.

  • D/S Haraldsvang NS *
H. M. Wrangell & Co. A/S, Haugesund
3112 gt
Built Stockton-on-Tees 1920. Previous name: Thomas Haaland until 1926.

All my information on this ship has been assembled at D/S Haraldsvang (includes a link to a partial crew list).

  • D/S Harald Torsvik NS
7240 gt
Built in Jacksonville, Fla. 1944. Previous name: Henry B. Plant(?).

See D/S Harald Torsvik.

  • M/S Harboe Jensen NS *
L. Harboe Jensen & Co., Oslo
1862 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1929.

M/S Harboe Jensen has more information about this ship and some of its war voyages and includes details on final fate as well as a crew list at the time.

  • D/S Hardanger NS
Westfal-Larsen & Co. A/S, Bergen
4000 gt
Built in Port Glasgow 1924.

Please go to D/S Hardanger for information on this ship's war voyages (includes a picture and post war details).

  • D/S Harpefjell NS
Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo
1333 gt
Built in Tønsberg 1939.

Read more about Harpefjell on this page.

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Hau - Hav
  • Haug I NS
Johan Didrichsen, Oslo
212 gt
Built in Tønsberg 1924. Previous name: A W Sørlle until 1936.

Whale catcher. (There was also a Haug II, ex. Scott and a Haug III, ex Alex Lange but these were not included in Nortraship's fleet. Seized by the Germans and renamed Eupen and Steinbock respectively. The latter was lost in the north of Norway in 1944).

WW II: Hired by Royal Navy in Dec.-1940 for use as minesweeper.

POST WAR: Returned in June-1946. Sold in 1948 to A/S Rolf (manager Erik Rolfsen A/S, Kristiansund), renamed Rensfjell, and converted to cargo vessel.

  • M/T Haugar *
Anders Jahre, Sandefjord
2222 gt
Built Southampton 1885. Previous name: Scottish Glens.

Whale factory.

Pre war history: Delivered in Apr.-1885 from Oswald, Mordaunt & Co., Southampton (225) as the sailship Scottish Glens to W. H. Ross & Co., Liverpool, 2116 gt, 1977 net, 3175 tdwt, 279.6' x 40.4' x 24.5'. In 1898 she went to G. Windram & Co., Liverpool. Under Norwegian flag from March 1910, belonging to A/S Scottish Glens (Chr. Nielsen & Co.), Larvik. From June 1916 A/S Breviks Rederi (S. Ugelstad), Brevik and May-1917 Olsen & Ugelstad, Kristiania. From Aug.-1917 A/S Dovrefjell. Lost her rigging during a storm on Nov. 20-1918 in position 37 10N 59 41W, on a voyage from Newport News to Rio de Janeiro with a cargo of coal, and arrived Barbados with emergency rigging. Condemned in Jan.-1919. Purchased by consul Sigvart Rasmussen, Haugesund in March-1922, and converted to motor cargo ship at Vulcan Werke A/G, Stettin. Remeasured 2222 gt. Put into cargo trade as Haugar in 1924. To Sigvart Rasmussen & Sønn A/S, Haugesund in 1926. Sold in March-1928 to Hvalfangerselskapet Ishavet A/S (Leif Bryde), Sandefjord. Converted to whale factory in Sandefjord and whaling in the Antarctic 1929-1930. Laid up 1931-1932, then went to Lars Klavenæss in Dec.-1932, and on to consul Hans Halvorsen, Oslo and Andreas Ingebrigtsen Oslo/Aukra. To Hvalfangerselskapet Haugar A/S (Ole A. Halvorsen), Oslo on June 22-1933. In the Antarctic 1933-1934, and 1935-1937 for the company Congo and Gabon. This company was liquidated, and on July 29-1938 Anders Jahre, Sandefjord became manager.

SOLD in March-1940 to Leonardo Arrivabene S. A. (Leo Salom), Venice and renamed Arca. Torpedoed and sunk on Oct. 26-1942 by the British submarine HMS Taku, 9 n. miles south of Chios. (All details are from "Våre motorskip" by Leif M. Bjørkelund and E. H. Kongshavn).

  • D/S Hauken NS
A/S Thor Dahl, Sandefjord
251 gt
Built in Sandefjord 1926.

Whale catcher owned by A/S Ørnen, Sandefjord. Hired by Royal Navy in May-1940 for use as auxiliary patrol vessel.

In my Guestbook there's a message from someone whose father, Hector Sloly served on this ship during the war. He says she was based in Kingston and patrolled the waters of Jamaica (he remembers that the ship's harpoon was stored in the forecastle throughout his stay on board).

POST WAR: Returned to Dahl in March-1946. Sold that same month to Karta & Oaxens Kalkbruk, Stockholm.

Other ships by this name: Thor Dahl had previously had a whaler by the same name, built in 1904, 114 gt, sold in 1911 to the Norwegian Canadian Whaling Co., later named Roitelet, Lopra and Noruega. The company also had Hauken II, built 1911, 175 gt, and sold in 1932 to Thorland Ltd., London. Also, see Hadarøy.

  • M/S Hav NS *
Helmer Staubo & Co., Oslo
5062 gt
Built in Sunderland 1939.

Please go to M/S Hav for details on her various war voyages and final fate, as well as a crew list.

  • M/T Havbør NS *
P. Meyer, Oslo
7614 gt
Built in Sunderland 1930.

Please continue to M/T Havbør (incl. crew list).

  • M/T Havfru NS
P. Meyer, Oslo
7923 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1931.

More under M/T Havfru.

  • M/T Havkong NS
P. Meyer, Oslo
9666 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1936 (1937?).

M/T Havkong has info on some of her convoy voyages as well as a picture.

  • M/S Havmann
P. Meyer, Oslo
4825 gt
Built in Gothenburg.

Built by Eriksbergs mek Verksted A/B, Gothenburg, launched Dec. 21-1943, laid up.

POST WAR: Delivered in Aug.-1945 as Havmann to A/S Havbør (P. Meyer), Oslo. 4825 gt, 2831 net, 9120 tdwt, 433.2' x 56.6' x 25.9', 6 cyl. 2 TEV B&W DM (Eriksberg), 4350 bhp. In service in the Meyer Line. Purchased by John K. Kyvik, (Helge Kyvik), Haugesund in Oct.-1964 and renamed John K. Kyvik. Chartered to China National Chartering Corp., Peking and in Europe-China trade. Sold in July-1971 to Singapore Cosmos Shipping Ltd., Singapore, and renamed Universal. Aground on Apr. 30-1972 (1977?) in the Malakka Straits on a voyage from Singapore to Abu Dhabi. Later broke in two and was a total loss.

Other ships by this name: This company had previously lost a ship by the name Havmann, built in Oslo in 1937, 1342 gt. Lost during a hurricane, having departed Rotterdam on Sept. 17-1938 for Charlottetown. She was last heard from on Sept. 21 when she was west of Ireland. A lifeboat and lifebuoys from the ship were later found. Another Havmann was delivered to A/S Havbør (P. Meyer), Oslo in Sept.-1966, built in Nagoya, 13 486 gt. Sold in 1978, Panamanian flag, sold again in 1983, renamed Uco XVII for owners in Bahrain, renamed Sally in 1989 for Kuwait owners, broken up in 1990. A/S Havtor managed a ship by this name in the 1980's, originally delivered in 1973 as Antilla Bay to Dutch owners, 34 015 gt. Sold in 1987 and renamed Censor (Singapore). Sold and renamed Havmann in 1987. Broken up in 2004.

  • D/S Havmøy NS
P. Meyer, Oslo
1342 gt
Built in Oslo 1937.

More information is avaiable at D/S Havmøy.

  • M/T Havprins NS
P. Meyer, Oslo
8066 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1935.

All my available info on this ship has been assembled on a separate page, M/T Havprins (Havprins rescued 44 women and men from the Dutch Maasdam in the Atlantic in 1941).

  • M/T Havsten NS *
Rafen & Loennechen, Tønsberg
6161 gt
Built in Glasgow 1930.

Please continue to M/T Havsten for more details (includes crew list at the time of loss).

  • D/S Havtor NS *
P. Meyer, Oslo
1524 gt
Built in Porsgrunn, Norway 1930.

Please see my page D/S Havtor.

  • D/S Havørn NS *
J. Odland & Søn A/S, Haugesund
1478 (1526?) gt
Built in Bergen 1902. Previous names: Ørn, Ørn II, Ulrikka II.

D/S Havørn has more information on this ship, as well as details on her final fate and a crew list at the time.

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