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And Acknowledgments

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Books in English - Bøker på engelsk

Fleet Lists - Flåtelister
Books in Norwegian - Norske bøker

I owe very special thanks to
Roger W. Jordan, Jan-Olof Hendig (who, besides sending me information he comes across - is always quick to spot my mistakes, and equally quick to let me know about them!), Narve Sørensen (who is an ex Thor Dahl employee and has sent me countless pictures of Thor Dahl ships), Rainer Kolbicz, Bill Butland (who, sadly, is no longer among us), Erik Ettrup, Erling Skjold, Øistein T. Berge, Karl Henrik Henriksen, Axel van Eesbeeck, Theodor Dorgeist, Ken Dunn, Trygve Eriksen (who, as will be seen - is responsible for a vast amount of the information on the "Homefleet" ships), Bjørn Milde (who has sent me numerous pictures from his postcard collection), Sverre Johansen (more pictures) Fritjof Remøe, Gunnar Bakke (both of whom sailed during the war, and have sent me several magazines and even books), Ted Agar and Tony in England, as well as Roger Griffiths and Don Kindell (who between them are responsible for the majority of the information in my Convoys section) and many, many others, too numerous to mention, who have provided information, corrections and pictures. Don continues to provide invaluable information in the shape of A. Hague's Voyage Records, which can then be compared with the archival Voyage Records posted on this site for each Nortraship ship.

This list would not be complete without mentioning the ever helpful and extremely knowledgable visitors to my Ship Forum. Many a ship enthusiast around the world has benefitted from their knowledge and never failing willingness to share it.

Also, there wouldn't even be a warsailors.com without my son Mitch, who, after I had received some of my father's old letters from a cousin, eventually managed to convince me that I needed to put his story online, and who created the first version of the website for me, consisting mainly of my father's story. The site had been online for only a few days when I started to receive E-mails from people seeking information on Norwegian ships, and before long I started to list them all, which in turn led to my completely re-designing the site.

The ship lists were initially compiled with the help of the books "Nortraships flåte" by J. R. Hegland, "Skip og Menn" by Birger Dannevig and "The World's Merchant Fleets 1939" by Roger W. Jordan. Then, to my surprise Roger Jordan himself started to E-mail me with more information, and this help was extremely valuable, not to mention the numerous photographs he sent me. Quite a bit (but not all) of the post war info on the ships found on this site also came from him. When writing up the text for the ships, I again relied heavily on Hegland's book, then cross-checked with, and used bits and pieces of information from a great variety of other sources; a date from here, a U-boat from there, historical facts from another - so it has been difficult to adhere "strictly to the rule" and state the source for each fact within the text itself. Additionally, as the lists grew and as websearchers became aware of them, more information, pictures and corrections started coming in from visitors to my website; info they have found in books I myself don't own. In some cases the visitor may have had a father or a grandfather on board a particular ship, in other cases he may have worked for the shipping company and has access to the data for that reason, others have access to Admiralty records in England or primary records in Norway (this input is much appreciated, thank you so very much to all!!).

Below is a list of the books I have used when compiling the text for my ship lists:

Books in English
Many of these books are out of print, but can often be found through Bookfinder.
"The Allied Convoy System, its Organization, Defence and Operation"
by Arnold Hague (2000).
"Shadows on the Horizon - The Battle of Convoy HX-233"
by Winthrop A. Haskell (1998).
"Convoy - The Greatest U-Boat Battle of the War" (HX 229 / SC 122)
by Martin Middlebrook (edition 2003 - first published 1976).
"The Critical Convoy Battles of March 1943" (HX 229 / SC 122)
by Jürgen Rohwer (1977).
"The Fiercest Battle" (Convoy ONS 5)
by Ronald Seth (American edition 1962).
"Attack & Sink - The Bttle of the Atlantic Summer 1941" (Convoy SC 42)
by Bernard Edwards (1998).
"Malta Convoys"
by Richard Woodman (2000).
"The Fighting Commodores - Convoy Commanders in the Second World War"
by Alan Burn (1999).
"Convoy Rescue Ships 1940-1945"
also by Arnold Hague (1998).
"Convoys to Russia 1941-1945"
Bob Ruegg and Arnold Hague (1992).
"The World's Merchant Fleets 1939, The Particulars and Wartime Fates of 6,000 Ships"
by Roger W. Jordan (1999). This book, along with personal e-mails from Mr. Jordan, has been of tremendous help in my research.
"Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the Age of Steam - including sailing ships and ships of war lost in Action 1824-1962"
by Charles Hocking (1990 edition). Note that this book is now available on-line for download in pdf format via this page. (Note: There seems to now be an issue with copy right, so the dictionary may be taken down - see this thread on my Ship Forum).
"Merchant Ships of the world in color 1910-1929"
by Laurence Dunn (1975 edition).
"Lloyd's War Losses - Volumes 1 & 2"
Available at several Internet bookstores, as well as through Ships in Focus
"The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the North East Coast - Volume Two (1918-2000)"
by Ron Young (2000). Available through amazon uk - see this page
"The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the East Coast 1918 to 2003"
by Ron Young (2004). See link above.
"Calamity Corner - The wrecks of South East England and the Straits of Dover"
by Anthony Lane (2004). Available through amazon uk
"U. S. Submarine Attacks during World War II"
by John D. Alden (1989).
"Allied Submarine Attacks of World War Two - European Theatre of Operations 1939-1945"
by Jürgen Rohwer, J. S. Kay, I. N. Venkov (1997).
"Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two"
by Jürgen Rohwer (1999).
"German Raiders of WW II - The first complete history of Germany's ocean marauders - the last of a great era of naval warfare."
by August Karl Muggenthaler (1977).
"The story of a German Surface Raider" (Atlantis)
by Ulrich Mohr as told to A. V. Sellwood (1955).
"Norway's New Saga of the Sea - The Story of Her Merchant Marine in World War II".
Nora O. Solum (1996). This is the English version of "Tusen Norske Skip" (below). I found it at Bookfinder. Excerpt, translated from the Norwegian version of the book: Rudzin's Diary
"Jon's Odyssey"
Jon Veiberg (2001). John Rudolph Rudzin, Jon Veiberg and my father were all on Ringulv when she was interned in Morocco.
"List of Norwegian War and Merchant Ships to which Signal Letters have been allotted"
Handelsdepartementet 1947 (The Norwegian Dept. of Commerce). This book is in both Norwegian and English, and I found it at Bookfinder.
"Liberty Ships in Peacetime, and their Contribution to World Shipping History"
I. G. Steward (1992). I've seen it at Bookfinder.com.
"A Careless Word... A Needless Sinking"
Captain Arthur R. Moore (1998, 7th edition, published by the Dennis A. Roland Chapter of New Jersey of the American Merchant Marine Veterans). Ordering information can be found here (the U.S. Merchant Marine website). I've also seen it for sale on many other sites, but at a much higher price.
"Ships of the The Esso Fleet in World War II"
Standard Oil Company (1946). Again, try Bookfinder.com.
"Upon their Lawful Occasions"
by Vernon G. A. Upton (2004).

Fleet lists and Company Histories (some are probably not available in bookstores).
"Norwegian America Line 1910-1995"
by Bjørn Pedersen and F. W. Hawks (1995). Can be found at Ships in Focus - link below. In English.
"Wilh. Wilhelmsen, History and Fleet List 1861-1994"
Bård Kolltveit, in cooperation with Hans Chr. Bangsmoen and Per H. Kjærvik (1994). English text.
Note: I've found a book with the same title and believe it might be the same one. Go to Ships in Focus, click on "Other Quality Publications" and scroll down. They also have Norwegian America Line for sale and many others.
"The Fleet of Leif Høegh & Co. A/S 1928-1988"
Updated by Tor Olaisen from the 1928-1968 Fleet History (development of the Company reviewed by Mona B. Kristiansen). In English.
"Fred. Olsen Lines - Historiske oversikter"
The history of Fred. Olsen Lines, with a list of ships 1848-1994 (in Norwegian). Author(s) not mentioned (in Norwegian).
"Bergenske - Byen og selskapet"
Dag Bakka Jr., (1993). Norwegian text.
"Nordenfjeldske 1857-1985 – Fartøyene og deres historie" (Nordenfjeldske - the vessels and their history)
Finn R. Hansen (1999) - in Norwegian.
"Bachke & Co. Trondheim - Flåteliste 1891-1996"
Finn. R. Hansen - in Norwegian.
"Ofotens og Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab ASA - Flåteliste 1914-1996"
w/addition 2000. Finn. R. Hansen - in Norwegian. Includes A/S Ofotens DS, Vesteraalens DS, A/S Nord-Ferjer, Saltens DS A/S.
"Finnmark Fylkesrederi og Ruteselskap, Hammerfest - Flåteliste 1916 - 1996"
w/addition 2001. Finn. R. Hansen - in Norwegian.
"Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap - Flåteliste 1866-1996"
w/addition 2000. Finn. R. Hansen - in Norwegian.
"Helgelandske, Sandnessjøen - Flåteliste 1867 - 1996"
w/addition 2001. 2nd edition. Finn. R. Hansen - in Norwegian.
"The Bergesen Fleet 1935-2003"
2003 (editor: Svein Eriksen)
"På alle hav - Skipene i Anders Jahres rederi"
Pensjonistforeningen Anders Jahre/Kosmos, Sandefjord (ISBN 978-82-90528-56-6). In Norwegian.
The book can be ordered through Krohn Johansen Forlag AS, P.O. Box 43, N-3251 Larvik, Norway.
"En skog av skip - Odfjell 1914-1960"
Atle Thowsen, published by Odfjell ASA in 2006 - in Norwegian.

Books in Norwegian
"Nortraships flåte" - krigsseilasen under den allierte offensiv, 1 & 2
Notraship's Fleet" - the War Voyages during the Allied Offensive
by Jon Rustung Hegland (1976). A large portion of my text in the ship lists is based on these 2 books.
"Skip og Menn" - Den norske handelsflåtes krigsinnsats 1939-1945
Ships and Men" - The Norwegian Merchant Marine's War Contribution 1939-1945
by Birger Dannevig (1968).
Excerpts (utdrag) in Norwegian: Messels dagbok. and Evakuering.
Translated Excerpts: Messel's Diary and Evacuation
"Handelsflåten i Krig 1939-1945"(The Merchant Fleet at War 1939-1945) 5 volumes:

1) "Notraship - Profitt og patriotisme", Atle Thowsen (1992).
"Notraship - Profit and Patriotism".

2) "Nortraship - Alliert og konkurrent", Bjørn L. Basberg (1993).
"Nortraship - Allied and Competitor".

3) "Sjømann - Lang vakt", Guri Hjeltnes (1995)
"Sailor-Long Watch". (Ringulv is discussed in this book).

4) "Krigsseiler - Krig, hjemkomst, oppgjør", Guri Hjeltnes(1997).
"Warsailor, Returning Home, Settlement".

5) "Hjemmeflåten - Mellom venn og fiende, Lauritz Pettersen (1992).
"The Home Fleet - Between Friend and Enemy".

Omtale av Guri Hjeltnes' bøker:
Handelsflåten i havn
Fra Dagbladet.
Lang vakt overFra Bladet "Forskning".

"Tusen Norske Skip - En antologi over norske sjøfolks innsats i den annen verdenskrig"
Lise Lindbœk (1943). Has been translated to English and entitled "Norway's New Saga of the Sea", listed under "Books in English" above.

Excerpt in Norwegian (utdrag på norsk) Rudzins dagbok - see also the book "Jon's Odyssey" further up on this page.

"Menn uten medaljer" - en saga om og av norske sjøfolk
Men without Medals" - A Saga about and by Norwegian Sailors"
by A. H. Rasmussen (1964). A wonderful little book with personal stories, dedicated to M/S Borgestad's captain and crew.
"Flukten fra Dakar"
"Flight from Dakar"

Eiliv Odde Hauge and Vera Hartmann (1951). Can often be found in English at Bookfinder.com.
(See my text under M/S Lidvard).
Peder Kr. Nilsen, mate/radio operator on board (1973).
"Kaptein Toralf Andersen og hans menn"
Oddm. Ljone (1953). This book tells the story of Ferncastle's lifeboat journey (see Norwegian Victims of Michel).
"Siste mann fra borde"
Leif B. Lillegaard (1965). The story of Høegh Silverdawn's lifeboat journey (this story can also be found on my page "Norwegian Victims of Michel).
"Lykkelige Mosdale - Sagaen om et skip"
Eiliv Odde Hauge (1954).
Alf Pahlow Andresen and Helge Stray Johansen (1948) - both were on the whale factory Skytteren at the time of the breakout from Gothenburg (Operation Performance).
Ralph Barker (1976), translated to Norwegian by Gunnar Thommessen from "The Blockade Busters" (abebooks.com had several copies of the original English version last time I checked).
"Damp - Dampskipets æra i Vestfold 1827-1914"
Per Jonassen and Bernt Eggen (2001).
"Englandsfarten I - Alarm i Ålesund"
Ragnar Ulstein (1965) - (Shetland Bus vessels)
"Englandsfarten II - Søkelys mot Bergen"
Ragnar Ulstein (1967) - (Shetland Bus vessels)
"Sjøfolk i krig"
"Seamen at War"

by Leif M. Bjørkelund (1995).
"Våre gamle skip"
"Our Old Ships"

by Leif M. Bjørkelund and E. H. Kongshavn, (1996 - History of Haugesund, Kopervik, Skudeneshavn vessels).
"Våre Motorskip"
"Our Motor Vessels"

by Leif M. Bjørkelund and E. H. Kongshavn, (1999 - motor vessels only). This book is for sale at this page.
"19 Oslo-skips historie under verdenskrigen, fra April 1940 til krigens slutt i 1945"
The Story of 19 Oslo ships during the World War, from April 1940 until the End of the War in 1945"

Harald Nicolaisen (1945). Covers ships under Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., O. Ditlev-Simonsen jr., Sverre Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., John P. Pedersen & Søn, Helmer Staubo & Co. Based on the diaries and logs of 19 ships.
Published in Nov.-1995 by the Norwegian Gunners' Veterans Association.
"Nordmenn i fangenskap 1940-1945"
"Norwegians in Imprisonment 1940-1945"

Kristian Ottosen (1995).
"Ingen nåde - Historien om Nordmenn i japansk fangenskap"
No Mercy - The Story of Norwegians in Japanese Imprisonment"

Kristian Ottosen (1996).
"Senkninger og forlis - Fra Åna Sira til Haugesund 1939-1945"
"Ships sunk and wrecked between Åna Sira and Haugesund 1939-1945"

Øistein Thomas Berge (1997), largely based on German KTB's and includes info on German and British vessels sunk in the area. Excerpts from this book and order information used to be online, but I can no longer find it.
"Sjøforklaringer fra 2. Verdenskrig" - Volume I & II
"Maritime Declarations from WW II"

Issued in 2003 by Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum (The Norwegian Maritime Museum).
"Norsk presse under Hakekorset" - Vol I & II
"Norwegian Press under the Swastika"
Gunnleik Jensson (1945 and 1946). A collection of copies of newspapers from the war years.
"Norge under Haakon VII, 1905-1945"
"Norway under Haakon VII, 1905-1945"

Odd Hølaas (1945). Collection of newspaper articles and photographs.
"Krigsseileren" - From 1970 through 2000
"The Warsailor"

By Norges Krigsseilerforbund (Norway's War Veteran Association). This magazine was issued 4 times a year, until the last issue came out in 2000. The organization no longer exists.
"Våre falne - 1939 - 1945"
Published by the Norwegian State 1948, lists all Norwegian casualties of the war, w/pictures. 4 volumes. These books are available online - the first book, with last names starting with A to G, starts on this page, Book 2 (H to K) on this page, Book 3 (L to R) is on this page, while Book 4 (S to Å) can be found on this page.
"Minner og minnesmerker fra 1940 -1945"
Øistein Wiik. Lists casualties of the Homefleet.
"Arendals Sjømandsforening 1849 -1999" 150 års Jubileumsbok
Arendal's Seamen's Association 1849 -1999" 150th Anniversary Book
Kristen Taraldsen (1999).
"Larviks Sjømannsforening 1849-1949 - og byens skipsfart i samme tidsrum"
Ths. Arbo Høeg (1948)
"Olaf Tønnevold & Sønner 1878-1978"
Birger Dannevig (1977)
"A/S Akers mek. Verskted 1931"
"Fredrikstad mekaniske Verksted 1870 - 1970"

All materials I have directly quoted from these sources are copyrighted by their respective authors and publishing companies. However, my work on this site is itself released under the creative commons license:

Creative Commons License
This website is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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Det største søkestedet for bøker i verden, mest engelske titler (20 millioner av dem!). Oppdateres kontinuerlig.
The largest search engine for books in the world, mostly English titles (20 million of them!). Updated continuously. I have found several copies of "Norway's New Saga of the Sea" here.
Her har jeg funnet mange bøker jeg har lett etter som ikke er i trykk lenger, bøker på både norsk og engelsk.
I've seen many out of print books that I've been looking for here, for instance the English version of "Flukten fra Dakar", "Flight from Dakar", "Norway's New Saga of the Sea", and many others.
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Søk i 57 skandinaviske antikvariater. Her fant jeg både "Tusen norske skip", "Skip og menn" og "Nortraship's flåte".
Search the databases of 57 Scandinavian antiquarian booksellers. I found "Tusen norske skip", "Skip og menn" and "Nortraship's flåte" here.
Antikvariske bokhandlere
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Kvasir's list of antiquarian book stores (Kvasir is a Norwegian search engine).
Bokloftet "The Book Loft", text in Norwegian and English.
Finn bøker i 240 emner - oppdateres hver uke.
Find books on 240 subjects - updated every week. This one is in Norwegian only.
Broughs Military Books - har f. eks. en hel side med bøker om tyske U-båter. Has, for instance, a whole page of books about German U-boats.
Ships in Focus - Mange gode bøker som ellers kan være vanskelige å finne. Many good books that can otherwise be hard to find.

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