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Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939 - 1945
Ships starting with Su through Sø

Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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= the ship was in Nortraship's Fleet
= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

= steam ship
= steam tanker
= motor vessel
= motor tanker
= turbine tanker


Name of Ship
Managed By
  • D/T Suderholm NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
4908 gt
Built in Seattle, WA 1917. Previous name: Key West.

Please see D/T Suderholm for voyage information.

  • Suderøy NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
7592 gt
Built in Newcastle 1913. Previous name: Kim until 1917, Balto until 1924.

For more details on this factory and all the whale catchers listed below, please continue to my page Suderøy factory and whale catchers. The page also has details on several other vessels with the Suderøy name.

  • D/S Suderøy I NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
220 gt
Built in Tønsberg 1925. Previous name: Lobito until 1929.

See link above.

  • D/S Suderøy II NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
228 gt

Built in Porsgrunn 1925. Previous names: Margarita Mollins until 1928, Mossamedes until 1929.

See link under the Suderøy factory.

  • D/S Suderøy IV NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
252 gt
Built in Oslo 1930.

See link under the Suderøy factory.

  • Suderøy V NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
252 gt

Built in Oslo 1930.

See link under the Suderøy factory.

  • Suderøy VI
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
254 gt

Built in Middlesbrough 1929. Previous name: Southern Gem until 1936.

See link under the Suderøy factory.

  • D/S Sulla *
251 gt
Built 1928.

Trawler. (When I first listed this ship I thought it was a regular merchant vessel - will leave it on the list in case someone is looking for this info).

Possibly torpedoed on March 30-1942. On checking with Rohwer I find that he says in a footnote with regard to the Honduran tanker Mana (Convoy PQ 13) that "U-456 (Teichert) observed one hit after 55 sec, after which the ship was seen to be listing". He goes on to say that "the xB-Dienst reported this ship as the Honduran tanker Mana but it may have been the Sulla, on transfer to the Soviet Northern Fleet as an auxiliary minesweeper". Position given for Sulla's sinking on March 30 is Bären I (Bear Island) - no convoy mentioned, but "Convoys to Russia" by Bob Ruegg and Arnold Hague lists her among the escorts for Convoy PQ 13, though it mentions nothing about her being torpedoed, nor does it say anything at all about Mana being hit. A thread on my Ship Forum has some more details about Sulla. One of the responses suggests she may have been sunk by surface craft on March 25-1942.

Related external links:
Stavern Memorial commemorations
- Engineers Lars Jan Kufås and Jakob Madsen are commemorated. This site also says the incident took place on March 25, but no further information.

  • D/S Svein Jarl (II) NS *
Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab, Trondheim
1908 gt
Built in Trondheim, delivered on Dec. 12-1919.

Follow this link to D/S Svein Jarl for more information, incl. details on her loss and a crew list at the time.

  • M/T Svenør NS *
S. Ugelstad, Oslo
7616 gt
Built in Sunderland 1931.

Please continue to my page M/T Svenør for further details (incl. crew list at time of loss).

  • D/S Sverre Helmersen NS *
7209 gt
Built in Baltimore 1944. Prevous name: William Hodson.

See D/S Sverre Helmersen.

  • M/T Sveve NS *
Wilh. Jebsen, Bergen
6313 gt
Built in Sunderland 1930.

More information is provided on my page about M/T Sveve (w/crew list).

  • D/S Svint NS *
C. A. Olsen, Oslo
1174 gt
Built in Skien 1925. Previous names: Skagatind 1936, ex Hovland.

Please see D/S Svint (includes crew list).

  • D/S Svinta * neutral
William Hansen, Bergen
1267 gt
Built in Alblasserdam 1916.

My page about D/S Svinta has more information on her loss.

  • M/T Svolder
E. B. Aaby, Oslo
9472 gt
Built in Sunderland 1939.

SOLD IN 1939 to Sweden (C. L. Schonmeyer, Stockholm) and renamed Atlantides.

A posting to my Ship Forum has some more details on this ship (went to German ownership 1941, became Norwegian Jaguar of Sandefjord post war - This external page has a lovely picture of her when named Jaguar - The site also has pictures and information on several other Norwegian ships; here's a list, and here's the main page. Text is in Norwegian.).

Norway had previously had another Svolder - sailed as Arena during the war.

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  • D/S Sydfold * neutral
John K. Haaland & Co. A/S, Haugesund
2434 gt
Built in Rotterdam 1918.

Please see D/S Sydfold for more details.

  • M/T Sydhav NS *
Trygve Lodding, Oslo
7587 gt
Built in Sunderland 1929.

My page M/T Sydhav has more info (and a crew list at the time of loss).

  • D/S Sygna NS (till Aug. 1941)
J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen
3881 gt
Built in Middlesbrough 1907.

Please continue to D/S Sygna.

  • D/S Syvern NS *
A/S Thor Dahl, Sandefjord
307 gt
Built in Sandefjord 1937.

Whale catcher owned by A/S Odd, Sandefjord. Hired by Royal Navy as anti-submarine vessel in Oct.-1940. Sunk between Crete and Alexandria on May 27-1941 during air attack.

Related external link:
The Battles for Crete - Syvern is mentioned, as well as a couple of the Kos whalers. Main page is at Warships1.

Thor Dahl later had another whale catcher by this name, built 1948, 441 gt, sold to Kristiania Spigerverk on Dec. 18-1963 (for breaking up?).

  • M/S Sønnavind NS
Gunnar Knudsen, Porsgrunn
4965 gt
Built in Vegesack, Germany 1935.

I've come across an article which suggests this ship was at Bombay in Apr.-1944 when Fort Stikine caught on fire - my page about M/S Sønnavind has the details from this article, as well as information on her war voyages.

  • M/S Sørholt NS *
S. Holter-Sørensen, Oslo
4801 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1939.

Information on this ship and her final fate can be found on a separate page about M/S Sørholt (includes a picture of survivors in the lifeboat and a crew list, in addition to info on her war voyages).

  • D/S Sørvangen NS
Gørrisen & Co. A/S. Oslo
2400 gt
Built in Danzig 1929.

See D/S Sørvangen.

  • M/S Sørvard NS
Lauritz Kloster, Oslo
3673 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1925.

Please continue to M/S Sørvard.

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