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D/S H. C. Flood

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Received from Erik Moss Norway, whose son-in-law is the grandson of Captain Conrad Johan Johannessen, who died when the ship was sunk. The captains' brother was also on board, and survived.
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Owner: D/S A/S Falkeid
Manager: Th. Nordbø jr., Haugesund
1907 gt

Delivered in Oct.-1917 from Bergen mek. Verksted, Bergen as H. C. Flood to D/S A/S H. C. Flood (Knut Knutsen O.A.S.), Haugesund. 1135 net, 3062 tdwt, 266.9' x 32.1', 3 cyl. Triple exp. 208 nhp (BMV). Sold in Jan.-1936 to D/S A/S Falkeid (Th. Nordbø jr.), Haugesund.

Captain: Conrad Johan Johannessen.

 Final Fate - 1939 (Norway still neutral): 

Struck a mine on Dec. 15-1939 (laid by a German destroyer between Dec. 12 and 13) when on a voyage from Hull to Oslo with a cargo of coke, sank 55 02N 01 12W. 17 out of the 21 on board were rescued.

A visitor to my site has told me that Peter Collings' "The Divers' Guide to the North-East Coast England" gives the position as 55 02N 01 24W. I also found a reference to the incident in a war time diary for the northeast of England (external site by Roy Ripley and Brian Pears). For Friday, Dec. 15-1939 (on this page) it says: "H.C. Flood a Norwegian ship was mined and sank in the North Sea off the Tyne, at 55 02N 01 12W. She was 1907 tons and lies in 30 metres of water."As can be seen the Norwegian Strindheim and Ragni are mentioned under the same date, as is the Belgian Rosa. (Please note that statements in these 2 sources are not always entirely correct, I've simply quoted the above for info).

Ron Young, England has given me the following for H. C. Flood: Depth 52m, Reference: 55 00 510 N 001 13 412 W, Location: 61/2 miles ESE of Tyne, north pier.

The following are commemorated at the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern, Norway (link below):
Captain Conrad Johan Johannessen, Able Seaman Thorleif Martinius Kristensen, Ordinary Seaman Hans Ole Salomonsen, and Donkeyman Odin Kristian S. Aanesen.

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Stavern Memorial commemorations

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The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Våre gamle skip" by Leif M. Bjørkelund and E. H. Kongshavn - and misc. other as named within the above text.


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