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Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939 - 1945
Ships starting with J

Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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= the ship was in Nortraship's Fleet
= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

= steam ship
= steam tanker
= motor vessel
= motor tanker
= turbine tanker

Name of Ship
Managed By
  • D/S Jacob Christensen NS *
Jacob Christensen, Bergen
3594 (3630?) gt
Built in Sunderland 1920.

D/S Jacob Christensen has some more details, including a crew list at the time she was scuttled in Rochefort on June 18-1940.

  • M/T Jaguar
Anders Jahre, Sandefjord
9720 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1928. Previous name: Nike until 1938.

Broke in two, abandoned Jan. 17-1939, new forepart fitted, renamed Janko (Panamanian flag) 1939. See text under Norsktank.

It appears the Norwegian Svolder, which was sold to Sweden in 1939 became Norwegian Jaguar post war.

  • M/S Jamaica NS *
Anders Jahre, Sandefjord
3015 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1936. Previous name: Giuba until 1938.

M/S Jamaica has the details on her final fate and a crew list.

  • M/T James Hawson NS
Eyvind Matheson, Oslo
6074 gt
Built in Newcastle upon Tyne 1930.

Please continue to M/T James Hawson for info on some of her war voayges.

  • M/T James Stove NS *
Lorentzen's Rederi Co., Oslo
8215 gt
Built in Dundee, Scotland 1931. Previous name: Bralanta until 1935.

Sunk by the Italian submarine Galieleo Galilei (Corrado Nardi) in June-1940. Please continue to M/T James Stove for more details.

  • D/S Jan NS
Johan Eliassen, Bergen
1946 gt
Built in Lekkerkerk, Holland 1920 (possibly 1921). Previous names Ledaal 1922, Targis until 1922, Albert Sauber until 1926, Torsol until 1936.

Please continue to D/S Jan.

  • D/S Jan Mayen NS *
Johan Koppernæs, Ålesund
399 gt
Buillt in Bergen 1915 (1914?). Previous name: Rikard Kaarbö.

See D/S Jan Mayen.

  • D/S Janna NS *
Pehrson & Wessel, Drammen
2197 gt
Built in Portland, Oregon, USA 1919. Previous names: Glendola until 1929, Sveigen until 1936.

An individual page about D/S Janna has more information, incl. details on her loss and a crew list at the time.

  • M/S Jasmin *
Anders Jahre, Sandefjord
2956 gt
Built in Sandefjord, Norway, 1939

Built at Framnes mek. Verksted, Sandefjord (124), 2956 gt, 2357 tdwt.

SOLD to France in Febr.-1940 and renamed Bélain d'Esnambuc. Seized in Marseilles by the Germans on Dec. 16-1942 and used by the Kriegsmarine as minelayer under the name Pommern. Struck a mine and sank on Oct. 5-1944 off Toulon. The explosion detonated her own mines and she blew up with the loss of almost her entire crew. (R. W. Jordan).

Related external link:
Picture of Jasmin - This site also lists a tanker named Jasmin, with a lovely picture (built 1942), saying it was seized by the Germans and converted to mothership for U-boats. Torpedoed in 1944. Repaired in Sandefjord after the war and re-entered service. Here's yet another Jasmin, built in 1950 (as Solør?).

I believe Anders Jahre also had a large tanker by this name which was seized in Denmark by the Germans in 1942 while being built (renamed Holstein), then returned to owners after the war. If I can find more info on it I'll list it in my Homefleet section.

  • M/T Jaspis NS
Anders Jahre, Sandefjord
6094 gt
Built in Sunderland 1930. Previous name: Vigdis until 1939.

Please see M/T Jaspis for more details.

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  • M/T Jenny NS
Jørgen Bang, Kristiansand
4706 gt
Built in Sunderland 1928

Please continue to M/T Jenny.

  • D/S Jern * neutral
Olav Østensjø, Haugesund
876 gt
Built Newcastle 1883. Previous names: Tyneside, Quarnero, Rebekka, Welsh Prince.

See D/S Jern.

  • D/S Jernfjeld NS
Harald Grieg Martens, Bergen
1369 gt
Built in Krimpen ann de Ijsel, Holland 1917. Previous name Troldtind.

Please go to D/S Jernfjeld.

  • D/S Jernland NS
Thv. Halvorsen, Bergen
1289 gt
Built in Sunderland 1905. Previous name: Collingwood.

My page about D/S Jernland has more information.

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Jo - Ju
  • M/S John Bakke NS
Knut Knutsen O.A.S., Haugesund
4746 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1929.

All my information on this ship has been assembled at M/S John Bakke. Includes 2 pictures.

  • M/T John Knudsen NS *
Knut Knutsen O.A.S., Haugesund
9071 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1934.

M/T John Knudsen has more details.

  • M/T John P. Pedersen NS *
Helmer Staubo & Co., Oslo
6128 gt
Built in Sunderland 1930.

My page M/T John P. Pedersen has an account of her sinking. Includes crew list, statements given at the maritime hearings and the Canadian radio operator's personal story, which also has details on the sinking. Additionally, the page names the ships in the convoy she was in at the time, Convoy HX 126.

  • M/T Jotunfjell NS
Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo
8264 gt
Built in Gothenburg, Sweden 1937.

Please continue to M/T Jotunfjell.

  • M/T Julian
Hilmar Reksten, Bergen
8511 gt
Built Malmö, launched Dec. 3-1942, commissioned Aug.-1945 (A/S Rederiet Julian).

1 of a total of 23 new ships held back in Sweden until the war was over in1945.

POST WAR: Sold by Hilmar Reksten to German breakers and arrived at Hamburg on Febr.13-1965 to be broken up.

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