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Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939 - 1945
Ships starting with Sa through Sc

Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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= the ship was in Nortraship's Fleet
= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

= steam ship
= steam tanker
= motor vessel
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  Se - Sj

Sad - Sal

Name of Ship
Managed By
  • D/S Sado NS
Hartvig Larsen, Haugesund
925 gt
Built in Tønsberg 1917. Previous name: Pan.

A separate page about D/S Sado has more information.

  • M/T Sagona NS
H. E. Hansen-Tangen, Kristiansand
7554 gt
Built in Krimpen, Holland 1929. Previous name: Lion until 1931.

M/T Sagona has some war details.

  • M/T Salamis NS
I. M. Skaugen, Oslo
8286 gt
Built in in Gothenburg 1939.

Please see M/T Salamis for details on some of her war voyages (incl. a picture).

  • D/S Salamis
I. M. Skaugen, Oslo
1945 gt
Built in Trondheim 1923. Previous name: Oddvar until 1937.

SOLD IN 1939 to Finland and renamed Karl-Erik (Lovisa Rederi A/B - Aktiebolag R. Nordström & Co. O/Y mngrs.). To be handed over to USSR on Jan. 3-1945, refused, returned to owner. Became the Russian Strelma in 1947.

  • D/S Salonica NS *
Brummenæs & Torgersen, Haugesund
2694 gt
Built in Newcastle 1912.

Please see D/S Salonica for more information, including details on her loss and crew list at the time.

  • M/T Salsaas
Iver Bugge, Larvik
8200 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1940, launched May 20.

Laid up in Sweden under allied control, released in Apr.-1945.

This comapny had another Salsaas before the war (ex Absia, built 1918).

  • D/S Salt
Kragerø Saltkompani A/S, Kragerø
1854 gt
Built in Wyandotte, Michigan 1918. Previous names: Launched as War Swift, completed as Lake Weston, then Panaghis Vergottis until 1925, Strand until 1935, Rondo until 1938.

SOLD IN 1939 to Finland and renamed Solbritt. Taken over at Kirkwall on June 17-1941 by Gt. Britain, Ministry of War Transport, returned to Finland in 1946.

Note also that Solbritt is listed in a few of the RU convoys on this site - they are available from the Arctic Convoys page.

Related external link:
More info on this ship - Scroll down on the page to War Swift (I).

  • M/S Salta NS
A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen
3907 gt
Built at Kinderdijk, Holland 1920. Previous name: Salerno until 1921.

This was one of the 26 Norwegian ships interned in North and West Africa 1940-1942. My page Interned Ships has a list of all of them. See also my page M/S Salta.

  • M/S Sama NS *
Chr. Gundersen & Co., Oslo
1799 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1937.

All available information on this ship, incl. convoy voyages, final fate and a crew/passenger list have been assembled on a separate page - follow this link to M/S Sama.

  • D/S Samlanes NS *
Hans Storaas, Bergen
842 gt
Built in Stettin 1908. Previous names: Hansa, Praeces, according to a visitor to my website (his source: "Shipwreck Index of the British Isles").

Please go to D/S Samlanes for more info (w/crew list).

  • D/S Samnanger NS *
Westfal-Larsen & Co. A/S, Bergen
4276 gt
Built in Montreal, Canada 1918.

For more details on some of her war voyages as well as on her final fate, please continue to D/S Samnanger (includes a crew list).

  • M/S Samuel Bakke NS
Knut Knutsen O. A. S., Haugesund
4719 (4744?) gt
Built in Gothenburg 1929.

M/S Samuel Bakke has details on some of her convoy voyages, with technical data, a link to a report on Convoy OB 290, and a (post war) picture of the ship.

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  • M/S San Andres NS
Fred Olsen & Co., Oslo
1975 gt
Built at Kinderdijk, Holland 1921.

See M/S San Andres (includes a picture).

  • D/S San Antonio
Wallem & Co., Hong Kong
(Panamanian flag)
3451 gt
Built in Lübeck, Germany 1912. Previous names: Horncap until 1921, Maid of Syra until 1931, Nea Tyhi until 1939.

Please continue to D/S San Antonio.

  • D/S San José *
Fred Olsen & Co., Oslo
1995 gt
Built in Newcastle 1920, purchased in 1921.

San José in Santa Cruz - Source: Bjørn Milde's postcard collection.

SOLD IN 1939 to Argonaut Shipping Co. Ltd. (Eugene Eugenides, manager), Greece and renamed Argo. Torpedoed and sunk by the Italian submarine Ammiraglio Cagni on November 29-1942, and sunk in position 34 53S 17 54E. 18 died, 18 survived. (R. W. Jordan). Charles Hocking disagrees with this, saying she was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat on that date, off the Cape of Good Hope, with the loss of 12 crew and 6 passengers.

Related external link:
Italian Submarine Operations in the Indian Ocean

Norway had lost a ship by this name to WW II, built 1912 for Otto Thoresens Linie, 1586 gt. Sunk by a German U-boat on Aug. 17-1918, voyage Bergen-New York.

Fred Olsen & Co., Oslo
2380 gt
Built at Kinderdijk, Holland 1920.
This ship was in foreign trade, but I've chosen to include her in the Homefleet section, because she was in Norway at the time of invasion, and was sunk there. Follow the link above.

  • M/T Sandanger NS *
Westfal-Larsen & Co. A/S, Bergen
9432 gt
Built in Sunderland 1938.

M/T Sandanger has information on some of her convoy voyages during the war, her final fate and a crew list.

  • M/T Sandar NS *
Halvor Virik, Sandefjord
7624 gt
Built in Copenhagen, Denmark 1928.

M/T Sandar has more information, including details on her final fate, a crew list and a picture.

  • M/T Sandefjord NS * raised
Halvor Virik, Sandefjord
8038 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1929. Previous name: Herbjørn until 1937.

Please continue toM/T Sandefjord for more - includes details on her capture by Admiral Scheer and a crew list at the time.

  • D/S Sandviken NS
Haakon J. Wallem, Bergen
2916 gt
Built Port Glasgow 1926.

More information is available at D/S Sandviken.

  • M/S Sangstad * neutral
A. F. Klaveness & Co. A/S, Oslo
4297 gt
Built in Hamburg 1925.

Torpedoed on Febr. 18-1940 by U-61 (Oesten) and sunk 59 03N 01 08E, when on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Stavanger with a cargo of grain. Please continue to M/S Sangstad for more details.

  • M/S Santos NS *
S. Holter Sørensen, Oslo
4639 gt
Built in Copenhagen 1928. Previous names: Sud Africano until 1932, Paraguayo until 1939.

A separate page about M/S Santos has more information, incl. details on her loss and a crew list.

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Sar - Sc
  • D/T Sarita NS *
Johan M. Ugland, Grimstad
5824 gt
Built at Stockton-on-Tees 1914. Previous name: Melania until 1930.

See D/T Sarita for more on this ship (w/crew list).

  • D/S Sarpen NS
M. Thorvik, Oslo
1864 gt
Built in Fredrikstad, Norway 1912.

Please see my page about D/S Sarpen.

  • M/S Scebeli NS *
A/S Thor Dahl, Sandefjord
3025 gt
Built in Copenhagen, Denmark 1937.

My text under M/S Scebeli has more details on this ship and its final fate - includes a picture and the captain's report, as well as a crew list.

  • M/T Scotia NS *
Lorentzens Rederi Co.,Oslo
9972 gt
Built in Vegesack, Germany 1939.

Please go to M/T Scotia for a harrowing account of the fate of this ship, incl. crew list.

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