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Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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Bea - Bel
Name of Ship
Managed By
  • M/T Beau NS
Biørn Biørnstad & Co., Oslo
9475 gt
Built in Malmö 1938.

A separate page about M/T Beau has a picture and information on her war voyages.

  • D/T Beaufort NS * later raised
Biørn Biørnstad & Co., Oslo
5053 gt
Built in Glasgow 1929.

See D/T Beaufort.

  • M/T Beaulieu NS *
Biørn Biørnstad & Co., Oslo
6114 gt
Built in Newcastle upon Tyne 1930.

Pre war: Delivered from Armstrong, Whitworth & Co. Ltd., Newcastle (1063) in Aug.-1930 as Beaulieu to Skibs-A/S Beaulieu (Biørn Biørnstad), Oslo. 6114 gt, 3552 net, 9431 tdwt, 396.2' x 55.1' x 32.3', 6 cyl. 2 TEV DM (builders), 583 nhp.

WW II: Captain Olaf L. Øien. In 1973 a book written by 3rd Mate Peder Kr. Nilsen (see Ravnefjell) was published, entitled "Ravnefjell". The first chapter is devoted to Beaulieu, which was at Southampton discharging oil when the 2nd World War was a fact on Sept. 3-1939. He says that when Norway was invaded on Apr. 9 the following year they were en route from Jacksonville with another cargo of oil.

This original document from the National Archives of Norway has information on some of her war voyages.

Beaulieu was shelled without warning by the auxiliary cruiser Widder (Helmut von Ruckteschell) on August 4-1940. Please continue to my page Norwegian Victims of Widder for a detailed account of this incident, as well as a complete crew list at the time

Related external link:
3 who died / Beaulieu - the 3 Norwegian casualties are commemorated at this memorial for seamen in Stavern, Norway.

Other ships by this name: This company managed another Beaulieu after the war, originally delivered in Jan-1957 as Alby, built in Amsterdam, 20 458 gt, renamed Beaulieu in 1965. Sold to Monrovia in 1966, renamed Penguin, then Desert Leader in 1967. Sailed as Corona Energy for new owners in Monrovia from 1974. Broken up in 1978. In 1957 another tanker by this name was delivered, built in Horten, Norway, 12 111 gt. Sold in 1964 to owners in Farsund, managed by Th. Brøvig, renamed Gunnvor Brøvig. Broken up in Blyth in 1976?

  • M/T Beauregard
Biørn Biørnstad & Co., Oslo
8539 gt
Built Malmö, ordered 1939.

Built by Kockums Mek. Verkstads A/B, Malmö (222), launched Jan. 17-1942. 5060 net, 13 510 tdwt, 476.5' x 62.2' x 27.2', 7 cyl. 2 TDV MAN DM (builders), 4000 bhp. This was one of the many Norwegian ships laid up in Sweden for the duration of the war.

POST WAR: Delivered in Sept.-1945 as Beauregard to Skibs-A/S Beaumont (Biørn Biørnstad & Co.), Oslo. Sold in 1957 to Cia. Mar. Transatlantica S/A, Panama and renamed Kasprowy. Owned from Apr.-1957 by Polskie Linie Oceaniczvie, Gdynia, Poland. Broken up in Gdansk in 1969.

The company's 2nd tanker by this name was delivered in Sept.-1965, built in Gothenburg, 41 277 gt. Sold to China in 1974 and renamed Tai Hu. Broken up in 1986.

  • M/T Beduin NS *
A. O. Andersen Shipping Co., A/S, Oslo
8136 gt
Built in Gothenburg, Sweden 1936.

M/T Beduin has information on some of her war voyages, as well as a detailed account of her final fate, based on statements given at the subsequent maritime hearings. There's also a survivors and casualties list.

  • M/T Belinda NS
Arth. H. Mathiesen, Oslo
8325 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1939.

See my page about M/T Belinda (has information on her war voyages).

  • M/T Belita NS *
Reidar Rød, Tønsberg
6323 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1933.

M/T Belita has information on her war voyages, as well as details on her final fate and a crew list.

  • D/S Belize NS *
Krogstad Shipping Agencies Ltd. A/S
(Geo. Hansen, Oslo)
2153 gt
Built in Wisconsin, U.S.A. 1919. Previous names: Cornucopia until 1929, Cornore until 1936.
Owner: Rederi-A/S Nidaros.

Please continue to D/S Belize for info on her fate and a casualty list.

  • M/T Bello NS *
Hans H. Torgersen & Co. A/S, Tønsberg
6125 gt
Built in Sunderland 1930.

More information on this ship and its war voyages can be found at M/T Bello. There's also a crew list

  • M/S Belmoira NS *
Christen Smith, Oslo
3214 gt
Built in Newcastle upon Tyne 1928.

Please see M/T Belmoira for more; includes details on her fate and a crew list.

  • M/S Belnor NS
Christen Smith, Oslo
2871 gt
Built in Newcastle upon Tyne 1926.

For WW II voyage details, please continue to M/S Belnor.

  • M/S Belpareil NS
Christen Smith, Oslo
7203 gt
Built Newcastle upon Tyne 1926.

Please continue to M/S Belpareil (incl. pictures, and information on her war voyages).

  • M/S Belray NS
Christen Smith, Oslo
2888 gt
Built in Newcastle upon Tyne 1926.

See my page about M/S Belray (includes a picture of the ship, and information on her war voyages).

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Ben - Ber
  • D/S Bencas NS
F. B. Bendixen, Oslo
1445 gt
Built in Fredrikstad, Norway 1934.

Please continue to D/S Bencas.

  • M/S Benjamin Franklin NS *
Fred. Olsen & Co., Oslo
7034 gt
Built in St. Nazaire, France 1927.

M/S Benjamin Franklin has details on some of her war voyages, as well as her final fate, a picture and a survivors and casualties list.

  • D/S Bennestvet NS *
Th. Brøvig, Farsund
2438 gt
Built in Moss, Norway 1937.

My page D/S Bennestvet has the details on her fate and a survivors/casualty list.

  • D/S Benwood NS *
Skjeldbred's Rederi A/S, Kristiansand
3931 gt
Built in Stockton-on-Tees 1910.

More details are available on my page about D/S Benwood.

  • M/S Berganger NS *
Westfal-Larsen & Co., Bergen
6826 gt
Built in Amsterdam 1932.

M/S Berganger has some details on her final fate, as well as a crew list and a picture.

  • D/S Bergensfjord NS
Den norske Amerikalinje A/S, Oslo
11 015 gt
Launched in Birkenhead on April 8-1913 for NAL and delivered in September that year.

Originally a passenger liner used as troop transport during the war. Read about some of her war voyages on my page D/S Bergensfjord (includes technical data and 4 pictures).

  • M/S Bernhard NS
Leif Rød, Tønsberg
3563 gt
Built in Fevig, Norway 1924. Previous name: Innaren until 1937.

My page about M/S Bernhard has information on her war voyages.

  • D/S Bertha Brøvig NS
Th. Brøvig, Farsund
2415 gt
Built in Moss, Norway 1938.

Links to documents showing her war voyages are available at D/S Bertha Brøvig.

  • D/S Berto NS *
Tom Jentoft Berge, Oslo
1493 gt
Built in Bergen 1918.

Follow this link to D/S Berto for information on her war voyages, as well as details on her final fate and a crew list.

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Bes - Bev
  • M/S Besholt NS *
S. Holter-Sørensen, Oslo
4977 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1936.

Captain Leif Langefoss. Besholt was torpedoed on December 2-1942 by U-174 (Thilo). For details of events, please see M/S Besholt - includes a crew/passenger list and summaries of various reports on the sinking (as well as information on some of her prior voyages).

  • D/S Bestik NS
K. Th. Einersen, Oslo
2684 gt
Built in Bristol 1920. Previous names: Annik until 1933, Bestik 2 until 1935.

My page about D/S Bestik has details on her war voyages.

  • D/S Bestum NS
K. Th. Einersen, Oslo
2215 gt
Built in Toronto 1919. Previous name: Hessa until 1934.

Please continue to D/S Bestum.

  • M/S Betancuria NS
Fred. Olsen & Co., Oslo
2696 gt
Built in Oslo 1933.

See M/S Betancuria.

  • M/T Beth NS *
L. Gill Johannesen, Oslo
6852 gt
Built in Sunderland, England 1930.

Follow this link to M/T Beth for info on some convoy voyages, as well as details on her final fate and a crew list.

  • D/S Betta
Dagfinn Henriksen and Haakon Kierulf, Oslo
1570 gt
Built in Porsgrunn 1935. Must have been sold to Hilmar Reksten in 1939 or '40 and renamed Vespasian

See Vespasian for wartime history.

There was also a Danish ship named Betta, built in Denmark 1931, with the previous name of Betty until 1937 (J. Lauritzen, Copenhagen).

  • D/S Bever NS *
A/S Thor Dahl, Sandefjord
252 gt
Built in Oslo 1930. Previous name: Hektor 10 until 1934.

Whaler (A/S Ørnen, Sandefjord). Hired by South African Navy in Oct.-1941 for use as a minesweeper. Struck a mine and sunk off Piraeus on Nov. 30-1944.

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