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Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

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Aa - Ak
Name of Ship
Managed By
  • M/S Aakre
Thoralf Holta, Porsgrunn (until 1939)
4138 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1926. Previous name: Childar until 1935.

Pre war: Delivered from Kockums mek. Verkstad A/B, Malmö (148) in Febr.-1926 as Childar to Wiel & Amundsens Rederi A/S (Wiel & Amundsen), Halden, 4138 gt, 2336 net, 7780 tdwt, 377.6' x 54' x 22.9', 6 cyl. 4t single acting Compound (yard), 2000 bhp. Childar was involved in a dramatic rescue at sea in 1934 when she ran aground on the Columbia River bar off Washington State on May 7-1934, 4 died. Towed to Vancouver and initially condemned, but sold and repaired, reentering service as Aakre for Rederi-A/S Henneseid (Thoralf Holta), Porsgrunn in May-1935.

SOLD IN 1939 to Apvienota Kugniecibas Akciju Sabiedriba, Riga, Latvia and renamed Hercogs Jekabs. Seized in 1942 by USSR and renamed Sovietskaya Latvia.

Picture of Childar - Aakre's previous name
Picture of Aakre - Received from Bjørn Milde, Norway (from his own postcard collection).
Picture of Sovietskaya Latvia - Aakre's later name. Picture 1 & 3 were sent to me by a visitor to my site, Marty Bollinger.

Here's what he says:
"I am preparing a book ("Stalin's Slave Ships") on the ships used by the NKVD (KGB) to move prisoners to the Kolyma Gulag, which was accessible only by sea. Sovietskaya Latvia was one of the five ships in the NKVD fleet. The others were three Dutch ships: Dalstroi (ex-Almelo), Dzhurma (ex-Brielle) and Kulu (ex-Batoe) and one British ship: Felix Dzerzhinsky (ex-Dominia). Other ships were used from time to time as well. No other Norwegian ships were involved, to the best of my knowledge. The trips were pretty horrific and many died. It turns out the ships were also maintained free of charge by the US during World War II, at the midpoint of their Gulag careers.

In 1943, a disgruntled crewman tried to blow up the ship Magadan while in Vancouver. His plan was intercepted by Soviet intelligence agents in the US. We know about this because the message sent back to Moscow about the incident was intercepted by US intelligence officials as part of the Venona project".

Sovietskaya Latvia was deleted from register in 1967.

Marty sent me the above pictures and mail in 2001. I've since run a quick search for his book "Stalin's Slave Ships", and found it available from and several other places.

  • M/S Abraham Lincoln NS
Fred Olsen & Co., Oslo
5740 gt
Built in Odense, Denmark, delivered in 1929.

My page M/S Abraham Lincoln has a picture and more information on this ship (including Voyage Record).

  • M/S Acadia NS
Sigurd Bruusgaard, Drammen
5002 gt
Built in Flensburg, Germany, delivered 1938.

My page M/S Acadia has some information on her war voyages.

  • Acanthus (Andenes)
900 925? displ. t.
Built Troon, Scotland 1941.

Find out more about this corvette.

  • D/T Acasta NS
Martin Mosvold, Farsund
5229 gt
Built in Sunderland 1918. Previous names: War Matron until 1921.

Please continue to D/T Acasta for information on her war voyages (and a picture).

  • D/S Ada NS
Finn Røgenæs, Haugesund
2456 gt
Built in Greenock 1921.

Please continue to D/S Ada (includes Voyage Record).

  • D/S Agnes NS
Einar Saanum, Mandal
1311 gt
Built in Papendrecht, Netherlands 1919. Previous names: Ostzee until 1923, Herbert Siemers until 1925, Per Gynt until 1930, September, Solør.

A separate page about D/S Agnes has her WW II Voyage Record.

  • D/S Akabahra NS *
H. Hannevig, Horten
1524 gt
Built in Porsgrund, Norway, delivered in 1929. Previous name: Ørnefjell until 1937.

Sunk by aircraft on Jan. 7-1943. Read more about her loss, incl. crew list (no casualties) and information on her war voyages.

  • D/T Akera *
Prebensen & Blakstad, Risør
5248 gt
Built in Glasgow 1918: Previous name: War Singer until 1921.

Pre war: Built as War Singer for Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. Renamed Akera for same owner in 1921. Sold in 1927 to Prebensen & Blakstad, Risør.

SOLD in 1939 to Ditta Marino Querci, Genoa, converted to cargo ship and renamed Mediceo (Italian flag). Seized by Germans in Sept.-1943 and handed over to Mittelmeer Reederei GmbH. Bombed by British aircraft Jan. 31-1945 and sunk off Tagliamento, Italy.

  • D/S Akershus NS
Fred. Olsen & Co., Oslo
832 gt
Built Oslo 1914, purchased in 1923.

My page about D/S Akershus has some information on her voyages.

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  • D/S Ala NS *
E. B. Aaby, Oslo
933 gt
Built Jarlsö 1916.

More information can be found on my page D/S Ala.

  • M/T Alar NS
Prebensen & Blakstad, Risør
9430 gt
Built in Sunderland 1939.

A Voyage Record is available on my page about M/T Alar.

  • D/S Alaska NS
Christian Haaland, Haugesund
5681 gt
Built in Vancouver, Canada 1918.

My page D/S Alaska has more information on this ship. Includes a Voyage Record, crew list, details on a torpedoing incident and a summary of Anglo Maersk's captain's report (this ship was sunk in Convoy SL 125 in which Alaska was torpedoed, and had a Norwegian captain and 1st. mate).

  • M/T Albert L. Ellsworth NS *
Onstad Shipping A/S, Oslo
8309 gt
Built in Gothenburg, Sweden, 1937.

Sunk January 8-1943 by U-436 when on a voyage from Curaçao to Gibraltar with a cargo of 11 473 tons fuel oil in Convoy TM 1. Continue reading about the loss of this ship (includes crew list and a link to more information on this convoy, as well as a WW II Voyage Record).

  • M/T Alcides NS *
I. M. Skaugen, Oslo
7634 gt
Built in Glasgow 1930.

In Admiralty service from 1941 (Royal Fleet Auxiliary).

Torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-10 in July-1943. My page about M/T Alcides has details on her fate, as well as complete crew list at the time of loss, and a WW II Voyage Record.

  • M/T Alexandra Høegh NS *
Leif Høegh & Co. A/S, Oslo
8248 gt
Built in Gothenburg, Sweden 1935.

Sunk by U-130 on Jan. 21-1942. M/T Alexandra Høegh has a picture, crew list and details on her final fate.

  • M/S Alf Lindeberg NS
5158 gt
Built by Consolidated Steel Corporation 1943. Previous name Cape North until 1943.

Taken over by Nortraship on Oct. 23-1943 in Beaumont, Texas, on bareboat charter from the US War Shipping Administration to Nortraship. Continue to M/S Alf Lindeberg for more info (includes information on her WW II voyages.

  • M/T Alfred Olsen NS *
Per Gjerding, Bergen
8817 gt
Built Port Glasgow 1934. Previous name Valverda until 1937.

Sunk by the Italian submarine Enrico Tazzoli on May 9-1941. Read more about her final fate (incl. crew list and information on her WW II voyages).

  • D/S Altair NS *
Henrik Østervold, Bergen
1522 gt
Built Haverton Hill, Tees 1923.

Sunk June 18-1940 by U-32. See D/S Altair for further details, incl. crew list and info on WW II voyages.

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