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M/S Hai Lee
Updated Sept. 30-2011

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Pictures are available on this external page (click in them to make them larger).

Manager: Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co., Drammen
3616 gt

Built by Akers mek. Verksted, Oslo in 1934.

Captain: Johan L. A. Nilsen.

Used as Allied troopship from 1940.

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

Voyage Record
From Sept.-1939 to June-1945:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Errors may exist, and several voyages are missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1939 Sept. 16 Singapore Penang Sept. 17 Independent For 1940 voyages:
See Page 1 & Page 2
1941 Dec. 6 Hong Kong Manila Dec. 9 Independent Earlier 1941 voyages:
Page 2 above, Page 3 & Page 4
Dec. 20 Manila Balikpapan Independent
Dec. 22 Balikpapan Singapore Dec. 26 Independent
Dec. 30 Singapore Rangoon Jan. 7-1942 Independent
1942 Jan. 29 Rangoon Colombo Febr. 4 Independent
Febr. 5 Joined JS 1 Oosthaven Febr. 14 JS 1 A. Hague says:
Sailed from Colombo Febr. 4.
Joined at sea.
Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Febr. 16* Oosthaven Batavia Febr. 17 Independent *Page 5 gives departure Febr. 19
(stop at Batavia not mentioned).
Febr. 20 Batavia SJ 5 A. Hague says:
Dispersed independent, Febr. 22
(Page 5 gives arrival Colombo Febr. 27).
Convoy available via link above
March 11 Colombo Cochin March 12 Independent
Apr. 14 Cochin Bombay Apr. 16 Independent
Note that the majority of the next few voyages, until Dec.-1942, are not included on the archive document.
July 9 Bombay Durban July 25 Independent
Aug. 11 Durban Capetown Aug. 14 Independent
Aug. 21 Capetown Lagos Aug. 29 Independent
Sept. 2 Lagos Takoradi Sept. 4 Independent
Sept. 11 Takoradi Lagos Sept. 12 Independent
Sept. 16 Lagos Takoradi Sept. 17 Independent
Sept. 18 Takoradi Freetown Sept. 23 TS 19 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Sept. 30 Freetown Bathurst Oct. 2 Independent
Oct. 6 Bathurst Freetown Oct. 8 Escorted
Oct. 20 Freetown Takoradi Oct. 24 Independent
Oct. 29 Takoradi Freetown Nov. 2 TS 23 Convoy available via link above
Nov. 9 Freetown Takoradi Nov. 13 ST 41 Convoy available at ST convoys
(external link)
Nov. 17 Takoradi Freetown Nov. 21 Independent
Nov. 22 Takoradi Freetown Nov. 29 TS 25 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Dec. 2 Freetown Takoradi Dec. 7 ST 45 Convoy available at ST convoys
(external link)
Dec. 8 Takoradi Lagos Dec. 10 Independent
Dec. 10 Lagos Congo River Dec. 14 Independent Compare w/Page 5
Dec. 14 Congo River Matadi Dec. 15 Independent
Dec. 21* Matadi Takoradi Dec. 24 Escorted *Page 5 gives departure Dec. 18.
Dec. 25 Takoradi Bathurst Jan. 1-1943 Independent Compare w/Page 5
1943 Jan. 1 Bathurst Dakar Jan. 2 Escorted Again, compare w/Page 5.
Escorted by Birdlip.
Jan. 2 Dakar Bathurst Jan. 3 Independent Compare w/Page 5
Jan. 6 Bathurst Freetown Jan. 8 Escorted Escorted by Ilex & Holcombe.
Jan. 9 Freetown Bathurst Jan. 11 Independent
Jan. 12 Bathurst Freetown Jan. 14 Escorted Escorted by Woodruff.
Jan. 15 Freetown Takoradi Jan. 18 Escorted Escorted by Holcombe.
Jan. 24 Takoradi Lagos Jan. 25 Escorted Escorted by Commandant Drogou.
Jan. 26 Lagos Pointe Noire Jan. 30 Independent
Jan. 30 Pointe Noire Matadi Jan. 31 Independent
Febr. 7 Matadi Takoradi Febr. 11 Independent
Febr. 12 Takoradi Bathurst Febr. 19 Independent Via Dakar
(Page 5).
Febr. 21 Bathurst Freetown Febr. 23 Escorted Escorted by Hydrangea & Adrias.
Febr. 28 Freetown Takoradi March 4 ST 57 Convoy available at ST convoys
(external link)
March 5 Takoradi Freetown March 10 TS 32 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
March 14 Freetown Takoradi March 19 ST 59 Convoy available at ST convoys
(external link)
March 21 Takoradi Freetown March 24 Escorted
Apr. 2 Freetown Takoradi Apr. 7 ST 61 Convoy available at link above
Apr. 8 Takoradi Lagos Apr. 9 Escorted Escorted by Armeria & Cyclamen.
Apr. 12 Lagos Takoradi Apr. 13 Independent
Apr. 22 Takoradi Freetown Apr. 27 TS 36 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Apr. 29 Freetown Lagos May 5 ST 63 Convoy available at ST convoys
(external link)
May 9 Lagos Takoradi May 10 Independent
May 17 Takoradi Freetown May 21 TS 40F Convoy available via this page
(external link)
May 30 Freetown SL 130 Rendezvoused w/MKS 14, June 11.
Convoy available at SL 130
(external link)
June 11 SL 130 & MKS 14 joined up SL 130/MKS 14 Convoy available at SL 130/MKS 14
(external link)
Detached w/SL 130F, June 18
June 18 Detached from SL 130/MKS 14 Liverpool June 20 SL 130F 189 troops, 100 days refit & repair.
Convoy available at SL 130F
(external link)
Sept. 29 Liverpool Clyde Sept. 30 Independent Missing voyages, Page 6
Oct. 29(?) Clyde Philippeville Nov. 6 KMF 25A Convoy available at KMF convoys
(external link)
Nov. 29 Philippeville Naples Dec. 1 NSF 8 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Dec. 2 Naples Oran Dec. 5 SNF 8 Convoy available via link above
Dec. 6 Oran Naples Dec. 9 NSF 9 Convoy available via link above
Dec. 9 Naples Oran Dec. 13 SNF 9 Convoy available via link above
Dec. 16 Oran Naples Dec. 19 NSF 10 Convoy available via link above
Dec. 20 Naples Algiers Dec. 23 SNF 10 Convoy available via link above
Dec. 29 Algiers Malta Dec. 31 NSF 11 Convoy available via link above
Dec. 31 Malta Taranto Jan. 1-1944 Escorted
1944 Jan. 2 Taranto Philippeville Jan. 5 SNF 11 Convoy available via link above
It'll be noticed that no 1944 voyages, nor early 1945 voyages have been included on Page 6, so no comparison can be made and accuracy confirmed.
Jan. 7 Philippeville Naples Jan. 11 NSF 12 From Philipeville, via Augusta Jan. 10.
Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Jan. 12 Naples Philippeville Jan. 14 SNF 12 Convoy available via link above
Jan. 17 Philippeville Naples Jan. 19 NSF 13 Convoy available via link above
Jan. 20 Naples Algiers Jan. 23 SNF 13 Convoy available via link above
Jan. 25 Algiers Naples Jan. 27 NSF 13A Convoy available via link above
Febr. 7 Naples Philippeville Febr. 10 SNF 14 Convoy available via link above
Febr. 18 Philippeville Naples Febr. 20 NSF 15 Convoy available via link above
Febr. 21 Naples Algiers Febr. 23 SNF 15 Convoy available via link above
March 1 Algiers Naples March 3 NSF 16 Convoy available via link above
March 5 Naples Philippeville March 7 SNF 16 Convoy available via link above
March 12 Philippeville Naples March 14 NSF 17 Convoy available via link above
March 15 Naples Oran March 18 SNF 17 Convoy available via link above
March 23 Oran Naples March 27 NSF 18 Convoy available via link above
March 28 Naples Oran March 31 SNF 18 Convoy available via link above
Apr. 7 Oran Algiers Apr. 8 KMS 46 Oran to Algiers.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in KMS convoys
Apr. 18 Algiers Naples Apr. 20 NSF 20 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Apr. 21 Naples Algiers Apr. 23 SNF 20 Convoy available via link above
May 1 Algiers Naples May 4 NSF 21 Convoy available via link above
May 4 Naples Algiers May 7 SNF 21 Convoy available via link above
May 14 Algiers Naples May 16 NSF 22 Convoy available via link above
May 18 Naples Oran May 21 SNF 22 Convoy available via link above
May 24 Oran Naples May 27 NSF 23 Convoy available via link above
May 28 Naples Bizerta May 29 SNF 23 Convoy available via link above
June 8 Bizerta Naples June 9 NSF 24 A. Hague says:
Bizerta to Naples via Cagliari.
Convoy available via link above
June 10 Naples Bizerta June 11 SNF 24 Convoy available via link above
June 21 Bizerta Naples June 22 NSF 25 Convoy available via link above
June 24 Naples Bizerta June 25 SNF 25 Convoy available via link above
July 2 Bizerta Naples July 3 NSF 26 Convoy available via link above
July 4 Naples Bizerta July 5 SNF 26 Convoy available via link above
July 5 Bizerta Algiers July 6 Escorted
July 12 Algiers Bizerta July 14 UGS 46 Convoy available at UGS convoys
(external link)
July 13 Algiers Naples July 16 NSF 27 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
July 17 Naples Gibraltar July 21 SNF 27 Convoy available via link above
July 26 Gibraltar Naples July 29 KMF 33 Convoy available at KMF convoys
(external link)
July 31 Naples Algiers Aug. 2 SNF 28 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Aug. 4 Algiers Augusta Aug. 8 KMS 58 Algiers to Augusta.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in KMS convoys
Aug. 10 Augusta Naples Aug. 11 VN 58 Convoy available at VN convoys
(external link)
Aug. 15 Naples Augusta Aug. 16 NV 58 Convoy available at NV convoys
(external link)
Aug. 19 Malta Bari Aug. 23 Escorted
Aug. 23 Bari Brindisi Aug. 23 Escorted
Aug. 29 Brindisi Ancona Aug. 30 Escorted
Aug. 31 Ancona Barletta Sept. 1 Escorted
Sept. 4 Ancona Barletta Sept. 5 Escorted
Sept. 6 Barletta Ancona Sept. 7 Escorted
Sept. 10 Ancona Barletta Sept. 11 Escorted
Sept. 13 Barletta Ancona Sept. 14 Escorted
Sept. 14 Ancona Bari Sept. 14 Escorted
Sept. 15 Bari Taranto Sept. 17 HA 67 Convoy available at HA convoys
(external link)
Sept. 25 Taranto Brindisi Sept. 26 Escorted
Sept. 26 Brindisi Ancona Sept. 27 Escorted
Sept. 27 Ancona Brindisi Sept. 28 Escorted
Sept. 29 Brindisi Ancona Sept. 30 Escorted
Oct. 1 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 2 Escorted
Oct. 3 Brindisi Ancona Oct. 4 Escorted
Oct. 4 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 5 Escorted
Oct. 6 Brindisi Ancona Oct. 7 Escorted
Oct. 9 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 10 Escorted
Oct. 11 Brindisi Ancona Oct. 12 Escorted
Oct. 12 Ancona Bari Oct. 13 Escorted
Oct. 13 Bari Ancona Oct. 14 Escorted
Oct. 15 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 16 Escorted
Oct. 17 Brindisi Ancona Oct. 18 Escorted
Oct. 18 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 19 Escorted
Oct. 20 Brindisi Ancona Oct. 21 Escorted
Oct. 22 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 23 Escorted
Oct. 24 Brindisi Ancona Oct. 25 Escorted
Oct. 25 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 26 Escorted
Oct. 31 Ancona Brindisi Nov. 1 Escorted
Nov. 2 Brindisi Ancona Nov. 3 Escorted
Nov. 3 Ancona Brindisi Nov. 4 Escorted
Nov. 5 Brindisi Corfu Nov. 6 Escorted
Nov. 7 Corfu Bari Nov. 8 Escorted
Nov. 11 Brindisi Ancona Nov. 12 Escorted
Nov. 12 Ancona Brindisi Nov. 13 Escorted
Nov. 14 Brindisi Ancona Nov. 15 Escorted
Nov. 15 Ancona Brindisi Nov. 16 Escorted
Nov. 17 Brindisi Ancona Nov. 18 Escorted
Nov. 18 Ancona Brindisi Nov. 19 Escorted
Nov. 20 Brindisi Ancona Nov. 21 Escorted
Nov. 21 Ancona Brindisi Nov. 22 Escorted
Nov. 24 Brindisi Ancona Nov. 25 Escorted
Nov. 25 Ancona Bari Nov. 26 Escorted
Nov. 26 Bari Split Nov. 27 Escorted
Nov. 30 Split Brindisi Dec. 1 Escorted
Dec. 1 Brindisi Split Dec. 2 Escorted
Dec. 2 Split Brindisi Dec. 3 Escorted
Dec. 4 Brindisi Split Dec. 5 Escorted
Dec. 5 Split Taranto Dec. 8 Escorted
Dec. 10 Taranto Patras Dec. 11 Escorted
Dec. 13 Patras Taranto Dec. 14 Escorted
Dec. 17 Taranto Brindisi Dec. 19 Escorted
Dec. 19 Brindisi Ancona Dec. 20 Escorted
Dec. 20 Ancona Brindisi Dec. 21 Escorted
Dec. 23 Brindisi Ancona Dec. 24 Escorted
Dec. 28 Ancona Brindisi Dec. 29 Escorted
Dec. 30 Brindisi Ancona Dec. 31 Escorted
1945 Jan. 2 Ancona Brindisi Jan. 3 Escorted
Again, no 1945 voyages are listed on Page 6, until Sept.-1945.
Jan. 5 Brindisi Ancona Jan. 6 Escorted
Jan. 6 Ancona Brindisi Jan. 7 Escorted
Jan. 8 Brindisi Taranto Jan. 10 Independent
Jan. 13 Taranto Piraeus Jan. 16 Independent
Jan. 16 Piraeus Salonika Jan. 17 Independent
Jan. 19 Salonika Taranto Jan. 22 Independent
Jan. 22 Taranto Brindisi Jan. 23 Independent
Jan. 24 Brindisi Ancona Jan. 25 Escorted
Jan. 25 Ancona Brindisi Jan. 26 Escorted
Jan. 28 Brindisi Ancona Jan. 29 Independent
Jan. 29 Ancona Brindisi Jan. 30 Escorted
Jan. 31 Brindisi Ancona Febr. 1 Escorted
Febr. 1 Ancona Taranto Febr. 3 Escorted
Febr. 4 Taranto Haifa Febr. 8 Independent
Febr. 10 Haifa Taranto Febr. 14 Independent
Febr. 15 Taranto Brindisi Febr. 16 Independent
Febr. 18 Brindisi Ancona Febr. 19 Escorted
Febr. 19 Ancona Brindisi Febr. 20 Escorted
Febr. 21 Brindisi Ancona Febr. 22 Escorted
Febr. 22 Ancona Brindisi Febr. 23 Escorted
Febr. 25 Brindisi Ancona Febr. 26 Escorted
Febr. 26 Ancona Brindisi Febr. 27 Escorted
Febr. 28 Brindisi Ancona March 1 Escorted
March 2 Ancona Brindisi March 3 Escorted
March 5 Ancona Brindisi March 6 Escorted
March 7 Brindisi Ancona March 8 Escorted
March 8 Ancona Brindisi March 9 Escorted
March 11 Brindisi Ancona March 12 Escorted
March 12 Ancona Brindisi March 13 Escorted
March 14 Brindisi Ancona March 15 Escorted
March 15 Ancona Brindisi March 16 Escorted
March 18 Brindisi Ancona March 19 Escorted
March 19 Ancona Brindisi March 20 Escorted
March 21 Brindisi Ancona March 22 Escorted
March 23 Ancona Brindisi March 24 Escorted
March 25 Brindisi Malta March 26 Independent
March 26 Malta Tripoli, Libya March 27 Independent
March 27 Tripoli, Libya Malta March 28 Independent
March 29 Malta Brindisi March 30 Independent
Apr. 1 Brindisi Ancona Apr. 2 Escorted
Apr. 2 Ancona Brindisi Apr. 3 Escorted
Apr. 4 Brindisi Ancona Apr. 5 Escorted
Apr. 6 Ancona Brindisi Apr. 7 Escorted
Apr. 8 Brindisi Ancona Apr. 9 Escorted
Apr. 9 Ancona Brindisi Apr. 10 Escorted
Apr. 18 Brindisi Ancona Apr. 19 Escorted
Apr. 19 Ancona Brindisi Apr. 20 Escorted
Apr. 22 Brindisi Ancona Apr. 23 Escorted
Apr. 23 Ancona Brindisi Apr. 24 Escorted
Apr. 24 Brindisi Ancona Apr. 25 Escorted
Apr. 26 Ancona Brindisi Apr. 27 Escorted
Apr. 30 Ancona Brindisi May 1 Escorted
May 2 Brindisi Ancona May 3 Escorted
May 3 Ancona Brindisi May 4 Escorted
May 6 Brindisi Ancona May 7 Escorted
May 7 Ancona Bari May 8 Escorted A. Hague says:
Possibly via Ancona.
May 9 Bari Taranto May 11 Independent
May 13 Taranto Piraeus May 14 Independent
May 15 Piraeus Salonika May 16 Independent
May 17 Salonika Piraeus May 18 Independent
May 19 Piraeus Taranto May 21 Independent 9 days docking
June 6 Taranto Naples June 9 Independent 114 days overhaul
Later voyages:
Page 6 & Page 7

 Some Convoy Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above.

As can be seen when going to Page 1 of the archive documents, Hai Lee arrived Singapore from Hong Kong on Apr. 10-1940, the day after the German invasion of Norway. Her 1941 voyages start on Page 2 and continue on Page 3 and Page 4.

As soon as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (on Dec. 7-1941) was made known, Hai Lee quickly left Hong Kong and headed for Manila, but continued from there to Singapore as the Japanese bombardments of Manila had already begun.

In Febr.-1942, she' said to have transported 150 survivors from the battle cruisers Prince of Wales and Repulse from Singapore to Tanjong Priok, Batavia. The battle cruisers had been sunk in a massive Japanese air attack off the coast of Malaya on Dec. 10-1941. Over 2000 out of the about 2800 on board had been rescued by escorting destroyers. The external links provided below have more on these events.

In the spring of 1943, Hai Lee is listed in Convoy SL 130/MKS 14. The SL portion of this convoy, in which Hai Lee sailed, left Freetown on May 30, joined up with the MKS section from Gibraltar on June 11, the combined convoy arriving Liverpool on June 21. She was on a voyage from Lagos to Mersey - her voyages in this period are shown on Page 5. Several other Norwegian ships are also listed in this convoy; see the external link provided within the Voyage Record. A. Hague says she had 189 troops on board and detached from the convoy on June 18 in a fast portion designated SL 130F, which arrived Liverpool June 20, but according to the archive document, Hai Lee arrived on the 21st, subsequently spending a long time there for refit and repairs; departure is given as Sept. 29. See also Page 6, where we learn that she made a voyage to Thorshavn the following month.

In Apr.-1944, she made a voyage from Oran to Algiers with Convoy KMS 46*, according to A. Hague. Just for info, this convoy had started out in the U.K. on March 23 as part of the combined Convoy OS 72/KMS 46, which split up Apr. 5, the Gibraltar bound ships (KMS convoy) arriving there Apr. 6, while the OS convoy proceeded to Freetown, with arrival Apr. 14. Ships that were not bound for Gibraltar, including Hai Lee, then continued to their respective destinations, still in Convoy KMS 46, which arrived Port Said on Apr. 16. According to A. Hague, Hai Lee had sailed from Oran on Apr. 7 and arrived Algiers the next day. This voyage is not included on Page 6 (in fact, no 1944 voyages are listed).

Billy McGee, England has told me that Steward Donald Bunting is commemorated at Tower Hill, Panel 54. Further details on him can be found on this page on The Commonwealth War Graves Comm. website (external link), where he's said to have died on July 20-1944 - I have no information on what caused his death; going back to Hague's Voyage Record, we find that Hai Lee was on her way from Naples to Gibraltar on that date.

In Aug.-1944, she made a voyage from Algiers to Augusta, having joined Convoy KMS 58*. She left Algiers on Aug. 4 and arrived Augusta on the 8th. (This convoy had also originated in the U.K. as the combined Convoy OS 84/KMS 58 - ref. external link below).

Hai Lee's voyages to Apr.-1946 are shown on Page 7.

* The KMS convoys mentioned here will be added to individual pages in my Convoys section, but for now, the ships sailing in them are named in the section listing ships in all KMS convoys.


According to this this external page, she was returned to Bruusgaard, Kiøsterud & Co, Drammen in Oct.-1945. From Dec.-1966 she was owned by Lorinda Shipping S.A., Panama, renamed Rebecca. From 1972, by A/S Blue Marine (Far East Ltd.), Panama, renamed Selina. In Aug.-1973, to Tung Ho Steel Enterprises Co. Ltd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan for breaking up, arriving Aug. 26-1973.

Related external links:
The Pearl Harbor Attack - From the Naval Historical Center Home page.

Force Z Survivors Association - Includes the story of Prince of Wales and Repulse, as well as a Forum and a list of Prince of Wales Crew Members.

The sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse

The Fall of Malaya and Singapore

OS/KMS convoys - Convoy OS 72/KMS 46 and OS 84/KMS 58 are included, but Hai Lee is not listed, because she was not present from the U.K.

Back to Hai Lee on the "Ships starting with H" page.

There was later another ship by the name Hai Lee. This was the ex Wilh. Wilhelmsen ship Taiko, 12 546 gt, launched Sept. 18-1967 (Japan?) and completed in Jan.-1968. Sold on May 20-1985 to Thoresen & Co. (Bangkok) Ltd. (Brussgaard Kiøsteruds Skibs-A/S, managers), Thailand and renamed Hai Lee. Management ceased in 1986 and she was sold in 1993 to Indian shipbreakers. (Wilh. Wilhelmsen fleet list).

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, Roger W. Jordan - and misc. other as named in the text.


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