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All images have been reduced in size. They were sent to me by Espen F. Johansson, whose father, Wilfred Falch Johansson was a crew member of Ravnaas. My POW's page has the names of all the others. For more information about what happened to this ship and those among the crew who were not interned, please go to M/S Ravnaas. Wilfred died in 1986, and after his death Espen gave his papers to the Aust-Agder Museum, where they can be found today. Among the documetns he left behind there was also a "newspaper" from the camp. This has been included on the next few pages, starting with this page.

To a really super guy! Hoping you'll remember the three dopey sisters. Juanina(?).
P.S. No need to ask you to remember one of them.
(From room 54).

The Spanish text here says something like: To Willy. In memory of a friend who will always remember you and who wishes you all the luck and happiness in the world. From Marita. (Also from Cell No. 54)

This one is also from Marita

Meal Tickets:


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