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M/S Tercero
Updated Aug. 24-2012

To Tercero on the "Ships starting with T" page.

All pictures kindly received from Historical Department, MAN B&W Diesel, Copenhagen.
They also sent me this picture, as well as this one from her launch
(size and quality of all pics have been reduced to save space).
Their representative has told me that their museum (external link) has models of some ships.

Owner: Skibs A/S Igadi
Manager: S. Holter-Sørensen, Oslo
4415 gt.

Completed in Jan.-1926 by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen (Yard No. 339) as Tercero for A/S Correct (Ivar An. Christensen), Oslo. 368.5' x 53.7', twin screw, 10 1/2 knots. Renamed Sud Cubano in 1928 (same owners), Tercero in 1930 (same owners). In 1934 manager became S. Holter-Sørensen, Oslo, owned from 1935 by Skibs A/S Igadi (S. Holter-Sørensen).

Captain: Simen Holme.

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Warsailor Stories - On this page, I've included the personal story of someone whose brother was on board Tercero at some point in the war (entitled "A Family at War" - there's also a link to the original, Norwegian version). While there are no details on this ship, it's an interesting story about 5 brothers and a sister who served outside of Norway during the war; the brothers on 17 different ships altogether. Another sister was involved in "illegal" activities in Norway, as was their father.
Forum posting
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Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

  Voyage Record
From Dec.-1941 to Dec.-1945:  

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each (where the "Convoy" column is left blank, it means that convoy is not known).

Errors may exist, and several voyages are missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1941 Dec. 3 Trinidad New York City Dec. 11 Independent A. Hague says:
Previously traded E Coast N & S America.
Earlier voyages:
Page 1 & Page 2
Dec. 17 New York City Hampton Roads Dec. 18 Independent
Dec. 20 Hampton Roads Buenos Aires Jan. 16-1942 Independent See also narrative below.
Missing voyages, Page 2.
1942 Febr. 2 Buenos Aires New York City March 1 Independent
Apr. 19 New York City Bermuda Apr. 22 Independent Again, see also narrative below
Apr. 23 Bermuda Buenos Aires May 18 Independent
June 2 Buenos Aires Bermuda June 26 Independent
June 26 Bermuda New York City July 1 Independent
July 15 New York City Hampton Roads Independent
July 23 Hampton Roads Key West July 31 KS 523 Convoy available at KS convoys
(external link)
Aug. 1 Key West Trinidad Aug. 11 WAT 11 Convoy available at WAT convoys
(external link)
Aug. 14 Trinidad Rio Aug. 30 Independent
Sept. 5 Rio Montevideo Sept. 10 Independent
Sept. 11 Montevideo Buenos Aires Sept. 12 Independent
Oct. 1 Buenos Aires Santos Oct. 6 Independent To Rio Oct. 9
(Page 2).
Oct. 11 Rio Pernambuco Independent
Oct. 18 Pernambuco Trinidad Oct. 31 Independent
Nov. 26 Trinidad Gitmo Dec. 1 TAG 24 Convoy available at TAG convoys
(external link)
Dec. 1 Gitmo New York City Dec. 8 GN 24 Convoy available at GN convoys
(external link)
1943 Jan. 11 New York City Gitmo Jan. 18 NG 336 Convoy available at NG convoys
(external link)
Jan. 18 Gitmo Trinidad Jan. 24 GAT 38 Convoy available at GAT convoys
(external link)
Febr. 3 Trinidad TB 4 Dispersed Febr. 20.
Convoy available at TB 4
(external link)
Febr. 20 Dispersed from TB 4 Montevideo Febr. 27 Independent
March 6 Montevideo Santos Independent Page 2 gives arrival March 11
March 16 Santos Rio March 17 Independent
March 29 Rio Santos March 31 Independent
Apr. 1 Santos Punta Arenas Apr. 12 Independent
Apr. 13 Punta Arenas Antofagasta Apr. 22 Independent
Apr. 23 Antofagasta Balboa May 2 Independent
May 4 Cristobal Gitmo May 8 ZG 30 Convoy available at ZG convoys
(external link)
May 9 Gitmo New York City May 17 GN 58 Convoy available at GN convoys
(external link)
June 21 New York City Boston Independent
June 22 Boston Halifax June 24 BX 59 Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
June 27 Halifax Liverpool July 11 SC 135
July 26 Liverpool ONS 14 For NYC.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ONS convoys
Aug. 9 From ONS 14 Cape Cod Canal Aug. 11 XB 68 Convoy available at XB convoys
(external link)
Aug. 11 Cape Cod Canal New York City Aug. 12 Independent
Aug. 28 New York City Boston Aug. 29 Independent
Aug. 30 Boston Halifax Sept. 1 BX 71 Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
Sept. 3 Halifax Milford Haven Sept. 17 SC 141
Sept. 18 Milford Haven Southampton Sept. 20 WP SP 1 Convoy available at WP convoys
(external link - incomplete)
Left S'hampton Oct. 3
(Page 3).
Oct. 4 Cowes Rds Milford Haven Oct. 6 PW 410 Convoy available at PW 410
(external link - incomplete)
Oct. 9 Milford Haven ONS 20 For NYC.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ONS convoys
Oct. 26 From ONS 20 Cape Cod Canal Oct. 28 XB 80 Convoy available at XB convoys
(external link)
Oct. 28 Cape Cod Canal New York City Oct. 29 Independent
Dec. 22 New York City Boston Independent Page 3 gives arrival Dec. 23.
Dec. 26 Boston Halifax Dec. 28 BX 89 Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
Dec. 30 Halifax Clyde Jan. 14-1944 SC 150 (See also Page 3).
1944 Febr. 13 Clyde ONS 29 Convoy will be added.
See ships in ONS convoys
Febr. 28 From ONS 29 Boston March 2 XB 98 Collision with Casimir Pulaski.
See narrative below.
Convoy available at XB convoys
(external link)
May 9 Boston BX 107 Detached May 11.
Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
May 11 Detached from BX 107 Sydney, C.B. May 12 Independent
May 13 Sydney, C.B. Loch Ewe May 26 HX 291
May 28 Loch Ewe Cromarty
June 1 Cromarty Methil Roads June 2
June 4 Methil Hull June 6 FS 1473 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
June 18 Hull Methil June 20 FN 1392 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
June 20 Methil Loch Ewe June 22 EN 399 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
June 25 Loch Ewe New York City July 11 ON 242 Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
July 25 New York City Santiago, Cuba Aug. 1 NG 449 Convoy available at NG convoys
(external link)
Aug. 2 Santiago, Cuba Baltimore Aug. 9
Aug. 12 Baltimore Santiago, Cuba Aug. 18
Aug. 26 Gitmo Baltimore Sept. 1 GN 153 Convoy available at GN convoys
(external link)
Later arrived New York Sept. 11
(Page 4).
Sept. 15 New York City Gitmo Sept. 22 NG 459 Convoy available at NG convoys
(external link)
Sept. 25 Gitmo Baltimore Oct. 2 GN 159 Convoy available at GN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 6 Baltimore New York City Oct. 7 Independent
Nov. 25 New York City Boston Independent Page 4 gives arrival Nov. 26.
Nov. 28 Boston Halifax Dec. 1 BX 135 Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
Dec. 2 Halifax Liverpool Dec. 17 SC 162
Dec. 28 Liverpool ONS 39 For NYC.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ONS convoys
1945 Jan. 12 From ONS 39 Cape Cod Canal Jan. 14 XB 142 Convoy available at XB convoys
(external link)
Jan. 14 Cape Cod Canal New York City Jan. 16 Independent
Febr. 20 New York City Hampton Roads Febr. 21 Independent
Febr. 23 Hampton Roads Boston Febr. 25 Independent
March 13 Boston Halifax March 15 BX 150 Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
March 17 Halifax Loch Ewe March 31 SC 170 Convoy will be added.
See ships in SC convoys
* Apr. 3 Loch Ewe Methil Apr. 6 WN 683 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
* Apr. 4 Loch Ewe Methil Roads
*Unclear if she sailed in convoy or made this voyage independently. See also Page 4.
Apr. 6 Methil Hull Apr. 8 FS 1777 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
Apr. 13 Hull Southend Apr. 14 FS 1781 Convoy available at link above
Apr. 16 Southend St. Helens Roads Apr. 17 TBC 130 Convoy available at TBC convoys
(external link)
Again, see also Page 4
Apr. 18 St. Helens Roads Cherbourg Apr. 19 WVC 126 Convoy available at WVC 126
(external link)
Apr. 28 Cherbourg St. Helens Roads Apr. 29 VWC 140 Convoy available at VWC 140
(external link)
Apr. 29 St. Helens Roads Southend May 1 BTC 142 Convoy available at BTC convoys
(external link)
May 1 Southend Hull May 2 FN 1700 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
May 7 Hull Southend May 8 FS 1798 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
May 9 Southend Port Talbot May 12 TBC 153 Convoy available at TBC convoys
(external link)
See also Page 4 & Page 5
May 24 Port Talbot Downs May 27 Independent
May 28 Southend Terneuzen May 29 TAM 182 For Ghent.
Convoy available at TAM convoys
(external link)
Again, see also Page 5
June 4 Ghent Rouen June 6 Independent
June 16 Rouen New York City July 3 Independent
Aug. 9 New York City Charleston, SC Aug. 12 Independent
Aug. 18 Charleston, SC Naples Sept. 7 Independent
Sept. 8 Naples Piombino Sept. 10 Independent
Sept. 18 Piombino Naples Sept. 19 Independent
Sept. 30 Naples Baltimore Oct. 18 Independent
Nov. 21 Baltimore Bergen Dec. 11 Independent See also Page 5

 Some Convoy Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above. Follow the links provided for more convoy information; several Norwegian ships took part.

As will be seen when going to Page 1 of the archive documents, Tercero was in Buenos Aires when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940, having arrived there from New York on Apr. 3. The document also shows most of her 1941 voyages, while the rest are listed on Page 2.

On Jan. 3-1942, Tercero was stopped by light cruiser Omaha (CL-4) and destroyer Somers (DD-381) in the Atlantic, after having failed to answer challenges, with the result that Omaha sent an armed boarding party on board (source: Robert Cressman - see link to "Hyperwar" at the end of this page). According to Page 2, she was en route from Hampton Roads to Buenos Aires on that date. It'll also be noticed that she spent several weeks in New York that spring.

Tercero rescued 33 survivors from the Swedish Agra early in the morning of Apr. 21-1942, about 200 n. miles northwest of Bermuda (torpedoed the night before - ref. external link at the end of this page), and took them to Bermuda the next day, then continued her own voyage to Rio(?) - (the archive document says she arrived Buenos Aires on May 18).

Her subsequent voyages are listed on Page 2; convoy information for some of them can be found in the Voyage Record (as can be seen, she had occasional long stays in port. She also remained in New York for over a month at the end of 1942/beginning of 1943 and again in the spring of 1943).

Skipping now to June 27-1943, when I have her in the slow Convoy SC 135 from Halifax, general cargo for Liverpool, where she arrived July 11. With Bestik, Acasta, Boreas, Karmt, Marie Bakke, Norhauk, Snar and Solstad, she now joined the westbound North Atlantic Convoy ONS 14*, departing Liverpool on July 26, arriving Halifax Aug. 9; Tercero, however, was bound for New York, where she arrived Aug. 12 - her voyages in this period are shown on Page 3. Having made a voyage to Boston and on to Halifax, she headed back to the U.K. again on Sept. 3 in Convoy SC 141, and the following month we find her, together with Arosa, Bestik, Cetus, Elg, Iron Baron, Snar, Solstad, Tropic Star and Vinland, in the westbound Convoy ONS 20*, which originated in Liverpool on Oct. 9 and arrived Halifax Oct. 26; Tercero was again bound for New York, and arrived there on Oct. 29, having started out from Milford Haven on the 9th. She remained in New York for about 3 weeks, before proceeding to Boston on Dec. 22, continuing to Halifax in order to join Convoy SC 150 from there on Dec. 30, general cargo for Glasgow, with arrival Jan. 14-1944.

In Febr.-1944, she's listed in Convoy ONS 29*, which left Liverpool Febr. 12 and arrived Halifax Febr. 29; Tercero arrived Boston on March 2, having sailed from Clyde Febr. 13. Atlantic, Geisha (Commodore Vessel), Heimgar, Iron Baron, Nordanger, Norfalk, Ruth I, Suderøy and Vav are a also included, while Acanthus, Eglantine and Rose are named among the escorts (see ONS convoy escorts). In the notes for the westbound Convoy ON 224 there's mention of Tercero, saying the following in connection with Casimir Pulaski, a ship in ON 224 (to avoid any misunderstandings, please note: Tercero was not part of this convoy herself):
"In collision Tercero (ONS 29), damage above waterline. Picked up one Tercero boat".
According to Arnold Hague, this collision took place on March 1 while both ships were in the Halifax to Boston Convoy XB 98 (external link), Tercero having joined this convoy from ONS 29. The Stavern Memorial (link at the end of this page) lists Cook Sverre Pettersen as having died at sea on March 1-1944 following an accident. He may have lost his life as a result of this collision with Casimir Pulaski?

It'll be noticed, when going back to Page 3, that Tercero subsequently remained in Boston for quite a long time; perhaps repairs had been necessary? She left Boston again for Sydney, C.B. on May 9 in order to join the Sydney portion of Convoy HX 291 on May 13, bound for Hull, carrying a general cargo and explosives. This convoy, for which Høyanger served as the Vice Commodore's ship, originated in New York on May 10. Tercero eventually arrived Hull, via various other ports, on June 6, and later that month, we find her in the westbound Convoy ON 242*, departing Liverpool on June 25 (Tercero sailed from Loch Ewe that day), arriving New York July 11. She had again been in the company of several other Norwegian ships, namely Ferncliff, Fernmoor, Fjordheim, Havkong, Marit II, Molda, Peik, Samuel Bakke (Vice Commodore), Skiensfjord, Solstad, Solsten, Stirlingville, Thorshov and Vera.

Her next few voyages are shown on Page 3, while the rest of her 1944 voyages are listed on Page 4 (as can be seen, she had another long stay in New York late that fall) - again, convoy information for some of them can be found in A. Hague's Voyage Record. With a general cargo for Liverpool, she headed across the Atlantic again on Dec. 2-1944 with the slow Halifax-U.K. Convoy SC 162, returning with Convoy ONS 39*, which departed Liverpool on Dec. 28 and arrived Halifax Jan. 13-1945, but Tercero was bound for New York, where she arrived on Jan. 16 (remaining there for over a month). Annik, Cetus, Ferncliff, Germa, Mui Hock and Novasli are also named in this convoy.

A. Hague has later included her, along with Askepot, Biscaya, Brønnøy, Brush, Chr. Th. Boe, Frontenac, Geisha (Commodore Vessel), Romulus and Titanian, in Convoy SC 170*, departing Halifax on March 17-1945, arriving Liverpool on the 31st; Tercero, carrying grain and gliders, stopped at Loch Ewe that day, continuing to Hull a few days later.

Again, see Page 4 for a listing of her subsequent voyages, with convoy information in the Voyage Record above. From Page 5, we learn that she went home to Norway in Dec.-1945; in fact, it looks like Christmas and New Years Eve were celebrated in Norway that year (the document shows voyages to Apr.-1946 - see also this Guestbook message).

* The ON and ONS convoys will be added to individual pages in my Convoys section in due course, along with further details on each. In the meantime, the ships sailing in them (and escorts) are named in the section listing ships in all ON convoys, and on the page for ships in all ONS convoys. The entire SC series will also be updated and completed (including the already existing convoys - some have already been updated), but for now, see ships in all SC convoys for the names of other ships in Convoy SC 170.

More information on the Norwegian ships mentioned here can be found via the alphabet index at the bottom of this page, or go to the Master Ship Index.


Renamed Milos in 1947, Rederi A/B Helsingborg (O. Hillerström), Helsingborg, Sweden. From 1949, owned by Rederibolaget Re-Be (Hans van Rettig), Åbo, Finland under the name Arabella. From 1954, Rederi A/B Ankaret (Arendt de Jounge), Slite, Sweden, renamed Koala. Sold in March-1960 to Carl Persson & Söner A/B. Broken up at Ystad, 1st quarter 1961.

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Hyperwar - Chapter IV of R. Cressman's book, scroll down to Jan. 3 to find the incident mentioned in the narrative above.

The attack on Agra

Stavern Memorial commemoration - Cook Sverre Pettersen is listed as having died at sea on March 1-1944 following an accident. Did he lose his life in the collision with Casimir Pulaski, mentioned above? Page 3 has Tercero's voyages in this period.

Back to Tercero on the "Ships starting with T" page.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, and misc. (ref. My sources). Pre war and post war details supplied by Terry Whalebone in a posting to my Ship Forum.


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