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M/S Tai Yin
Updated Aug. 10-2012

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Received from (and taken by) Kent Malo, Quebec in the fall of 1957. He was on the Canadian destroyer HMCS Micmac at the time.

Photo by Herbert Baasch, author of "Handelsschiffe im Kriegseinsatz".
The picture was taken in 1961 off Cuxhaven (Germany).
Received from the owner of Baasch's photo collection.

Received from, and painted by, Jan Goedhart, Holland

The Australian War Memorial has another picture of this ship, from Oct.-1941. I also came across this page re. A. L. Bergdahl, who had survived the attack on Scotia - later served on Tai Yin from Dec.-1943 to Jan.-1944 (all links are external). My page about Scotia has the names of other ships he served on.
See also this external page (click in the photo to enlarge).

Manager: Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tønsberg
7077 gt, 3891 net, 12 340 tdwt
Dimensions: 461.4' x 60.6' x 29.0'.
Machinery: 1929-1951: 2 x 8 cyl. 4 scsa oil engines totalling 7000 ihp by shipbuilders driving twin screws. Service speed, 14.5 knots. 1951 and onwards: 2 x 7 cyl. 2 scsa oil engines totalling 8000 ihp by Howaldtswerke A.G., Kiel, driving twin screws. Service speed, 15 knots. 8 passengers.

Launched Febr. 27-1929 by Deutsche Werke A.G., Kiel (Yard No. 222), completed June 5. First ship on the Barber Wilhelmsen Line. (A visitor to my website has told me that according to "Brothers and Friends", the abridged diaries of Warren H. Lewis, the brother of C. S. Lewis, he travelled on the Tai Yin from Shanghai to Japan and the U.S., disembarking at New York, in February/March/April 1930).

See also:
A Guestbook message - re Tai Yin's bell (it appears that this is, in fact, not Tai Yin's bell).

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

á Voyage Record
From Apr.-1940 to June-1945:  

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Errors may exist, and some voyages may be missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 Apr. 3 Melbourne Fremantle Independent Page 1 gives arrival Apr. 8
Apr. 20 Fremantle Aden May 5 Independent
May 7 Aden Suez May 20 Independent A. Hague says:
Voyage data unknown
May 28 Port Said Malta May 31 Independent Later arrived Marseilles June 3
(Page 1).
May 30(?) Marseilles Gibraltar June 9 Independent Voyage data unknown
June 10 Gibraltar Falmouth June 21 KF 5 A. Hague says:
Probably via Brest.
Convoy available at KF 5
(external link)
June 21* Falmouth Weymouth Bay June 24 Independent *Page 1 gives departure June 23
June 26 Weymouth Bay Southend June 27 Independent Again, see also Page 1
Aug. 5 Southend Methil Aug. 7 FN 243 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Aug. 9 Methil OA 196 For Trinidad.
Dispersed Aug. 15.
Convoy available at OA 196
(external link)
Aug. 15 Dispersed from OA 196 Trinidad Aug. 24 Independent
Aug. 28 Trinidad Curacao Aug. 30 Independent
Aug. 31 Curacao Cristobal Sept. 2 Independent
Sept. 4 Balboa Brisbane Sept. 26 Independent
Sept. 28 Brisbane Sydney, N.S.W. Independent Page 1 gives arrival Oct. 1
Oct. 13 Sydney, N.S.W. Balboa Nov. 6 Independent
Nov. 8 Cristobal Bermuda Nov. 14 Independent
Nov. 16 Bermuda Bermuda Nov. 16 Independent Put back
Nov. 19 Bermuda BHX 90 See link to HX 90
Nov. 24 Bermuda portion joined main convoy Halifax Dec. 1 HX 90 Returned to Halifax.
See also narrative below
1941 Jan. 5 Halifax Liverpool Jan. 15 Independent
Febr. 17 Liverpool Baltimore March 4 Independent
March 13 Baltimore Philadelphia March 14 Independent
March 19 Philadelphia New York City March 20 Independent
March 27 New York City Capetown Apr. 20 Independent
Apr. 27 Capetown Port Elizabeth Apr. 29 Independent
Apr. 29 Port Elizabeth Durban May 1 Independent
May 7 Durban Lourenšo Marques May 8 Independent
May 10 Lourenšo Marques Mombasa May 15 Independent
May 21 Mombasa Beira May 25 Independent
May 31 Beira Fremantle June 14 Independent
June 14 Fremantle Newcastle, N.S.W. June 21 Independent
July 7 Newcastle, N.S.W. Sydney, N.S.W. July 7 Independent
July 13 Sydney, N.S.W. Melbourne July 15 Independent
July 21 Melbourne Aden Aug. 18 Independent
Aug. 23 Aden Suez Aug. 27 Independent Missing movements, Page 2
Sept. 16 Suez Calcutta Sept. 30 Independent
Oct. 10 Calcutta Madras Oct. 14 Independent Notional sailing date
Oct. 14 Madras Colombo Oct. 16 Independent
Oct. 17 Colombo Fremantle Oct. 27 Independent
Oct. 27 Fremantle Melbourne Nov. 2 Independent
Nov. 6 Melbourne Sydney, N.S.W. Nov. 8 Independent
Nov. 29 Sydney, N.S.W. Melbourne Dec. 1 Independent
Dec. 10 Melbourne Colombo Dec. 26 Independent
1942 Jan. 8 Colombo Aden Jan. 15 Independent
Jan. 16 Aden Suez Jan. 21 Independent Missing movements, Page 2
Febr. 12 Suez Aden Febr. 16 Independent
Febr. 18 Aden Cochin Febr. 24 Independent
Febr. 26(?) Cochin Fremantle March 12 C 4X A. Hague says:
228 troops, probably independent from Febr. 28.
Convoy available at C 4X
(external link)
March 13 Fremantle Adelaide March 18 Independent
March 21 Adelaide Wallaroo Independent Page 2 gives arrival March 23
March 25 Wallaroo Melbourne March 29 Independent
Apr. 22 Melbourne Aden May 16 Independent
May 16 Aden Suez May 20 Independent Later Port Said, May 23
(Page 2)
May 26 Port Said Beirut May 27 Independent
June 7 Beirut Port Said June 8 Independent See also Page 2
June 16 Kosseir Aden June 21 Independent
June 23 Aden Melbourne July 16 Independent
July 20 Melbourne Geelong July 20 Independent
July 26 Geelong Melbourne July 26 Independent
Aug. 6 Melbourne Sydney, N.S.W. Aug. 8 Independent
1943 March 1 Sydney, N.S.W. Newcastle, N.S.W. March 2 Independent
Apr. 3 Newcastle, N.S.W. Melbourne Apr. 6 CO 85 Convoy available at CO 85
(external link)
Apr. 12 Melbourne Colombo Apr. 29 Independent
May 6 Colombo Calcutta May 12 JC 11 Convoy available at JC 11
(external link)
May 21 Calcutta Madras May 26 Independent See also Page 3
May 27 Madras Colombo May 29 Independent
June 2 Colombo Durban June 15 Independent
July 4 Durban DN 50A Dispersed July 7.
Convoy available at DN 50A
(external link)
July 7 Dispersed from DN 50A Beira July 8 Independent
July 18 Beira Dar-es-Salaam July 22 Independent
July 28 Dar-es-Salaam Mombasa July 29 Independent
July 30 Mombasa Melbourne Aug. 19 Independent
Aug. 24 Melbourne Sydney, N.S.W. Aug. 27 Independent
Sept. 3 Sydney, N.S.W. Newcastle, N.S.W. Sept. 4 Independent
Sept. 14 Newcastle, N.S.W. Sydney, N.S.W. Sept. 14 Independent
Oct. 8 Sydney, N.S.W. Melbourne Oct. 11 Independent
Oct. 18 Melbourne Colombo Nov. 4 Independent
Nov. 15 Colombo Calcutta Nov. 20 Independent
Dec. 20 Calcutta Colombo Dec. 25 Independent
Dec. 27 Colombo Melbourne Jan. 11-1944 Independent
1944 Jan. 16 Melbourne Sydney, N.S.W. Jan. 17 Independent
Febr. 20 Sydney, N.S.W. Melbourne March 23* Independent *Should be Febr. 23
March 2 Melbourne Aden March 25 Independent
March 27 Aden Suez March 31 Independent Missing movements, Page 3
Apr. 18 Kosseir Aden Independent Page 3 gives arrival Apr. 22
Apr. 23 Aden Fremantle May 11 Independent
June 8 Fremantle Colombo June 20 Independent
July 14 Colombo Fremantle July 26 Independent
July 26 Fremantle Melbourne Aug. 2 Independent
Sept. 5 Melbourne Fremantle Sept. 11 Independent
Sept. 15 Fremantle Colombo Sept. 27 Independent
Oct. 11* Colombo Calcutta Oct. 28 Independent *Page 4 gives departure Oct. 23
Nov. 15 Calcutta Colombo Nov. 19 Independent
Nov. 21 Colombo Sydney, N.S.W. Dec. 8 Independent
1945 Jan. 1* Sydney, N.S.W. Port Kembla Jan. 4 Independent *Jan. 4?
(see Page 4)
Jan. 16 Port Kembla Sydney, N.S.W. Jan. 16 Independent
Jan. 29 Sydney, N.S.W. Melbourne Jan. 31 Independent
Febr. 6 Melbourne Colombo Febr. 24 Independent
March 8 Colombo Vizag March 13 Independent
March 18 Vizag Calcutta March 26 Independent
Apr. 19 Calcutta Colombo Apr. 25 Independent
Apr. 26 Colombo Aden May 4 Independent
May 5 Aden Suez May 10 Independent On to Port said, May 11
(Page 4).
May 12 Port Said Gibraltar May 20 Independent
May 20 Gibraltar Thames May 28 MKS 102G Convoy will be added.
See ships in MKS convoys
May 31 Southend Humber June 1 FN 1722 A. Hague says:
Onward indep to Dundee, arr June 2.
Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
June 19 Dundee Methil Roads June 19 Independent
June 20 Methil Roads Oslo Independent See also Page 4

 Some War Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above.

As will be seen when going to Page 1 of the archive documents, Tai Yin was in Fremantle when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940. She had arrived there from Melbourne the day before and it looks like her original destination was Oslo, Norway, but she was diverted to London.

A French visitor to my website has told me that Tai Yin sailed from Casablanca on June 11-1940 in Convoy 5 KF under French escort, and was at Brest on June 15. Later that month she was at Le Verdon, France (Gironde Inlet). The captains of the allied ships at La Verdon were called on board the British cruiser Arethusa on June 18 to be told that the city was being evacuated and were instructed to sail to Falmouth as soon as possible. Tai Yin and Thermopylæ departed without passengers as they were unable to get water. These stops at Brest and Le Verdon are not mentioned on Page 1 (nor is Casablanca), which simply states she had left Gibraltar on June 10 and arrived Falmouth on the 21st. She is, however, listed in Convoy 5 KF at the external website that I've linked to in the Voyage Record above (as is Thermopylæ and Braga). From Falmouth, Tai Yin proceeded to Weymouth Bay and London (remaining there for quite a long time).

In Aug.-1940, she's listed in Convoy OA 196, which left Methil on Aug. 9 and dispersed on the 15th. Akabahra, Fidelio, Gulhaug, Isbjørn, Slemmestad and Sommerstad are also listed; again, see the external link provided in the table above. Tai Yin was bound for Trinidad in ballast, station 41, arriving that destination on Aug. 24, later continuing to Curacao and Cristobal, then on to Australia.

With a cargo of steel, wool, wheat and general for Clyde and Hull, she joined the Bermuda portion of Convoy HX 90 in Nov.-1940, but lost touch with the convoy and put into Halifax on Dec. 1 - this convoy lost several ships; follow the link for details. See also the Commodore's reports and various other reports (where Tai Yin is mentioned). She was scheduled for Convoy HX 99 from Halifax on Dec. 26, but did not sail (the Commodore's narrative is also available). As will be seen when going back to Page 1, she did make a voyage to the U.K. from Halifax in Jan.-1941; according to A. Hague, this voyage was made independently. She left Halifax on Jan. 6 and arrived Liverpool on the 15th, remaining there for a month, before proceeding to Baltimore.

According to J. R. Hegland's "Nortraships flåte", Tai Yin was in Liverpool during the intense air attacks there at the beginning of May-1941, but escaped with minor damages (as did Temeraire, according to Hegland), however, I can't get this to fit with the information found on Page 1, which shows that Tai Yin was in a different part of the world at that time, namely Durban. Temeraire was also in another part of the world. It's possible Hegland has gotten the ship's name mixed up with Tai Shan(?). (Norwegian ships in Liverpool during the 5 days attacks were D/S Sollund, M/S Bra-Kar, M/S Mosdale and D/S Stromboli - follow the links for more details).

Skipping now to Febr.-1942, when A. Hague has included her, together with Tarifa, in Convoy C 4X, departing Cochin on Febr. 28. She had 228 troops on board, and there's a note saying "prob indep from 28.2". Tai Yin arrived Fremantle on March 12. From Page 2, we learn that she had arrived Cochin from Aden on Febr. 24 (it'll also be noticed that she later spent about 3 weeks in Melbourne).

Page 3 of the archive documents also reveals a big gap in her voyages, from Aug. 8-1942, when she arrived Sydney from Melbourne, to March 1-1943, when she left Sydney for Newcastle N.S.W., where she arrived the next day, also spending a month there. We now find her in Convoy CO 85, departing Newcastle N.S.W. on Apr. 2, arriving Melbourne Apr. 6. From Melbourne, she proceeded to Colombo on Apr. 12, arriving Apr. 29, leaving again on May 6, joining Convoy JC 11, which arrived Calcutta on May 12. She later made voyages to Madras, Colombo and Durban, and in July, she's listed in Convoy DN 50A, departing Durban on July 4, dispersed July 7, Tai Yin arriving Beira the next day. (All these convoys are available via the external links provided within the Voyage Record).

That fall, she spent a few weeks in Sydney, with another long stay in Calcutta at the end of that year - again see Page 3, which also shows some of her 1944 voyages and as can be seen, she spent another month in Sydney at the beginning of the year and again in Fremantle that spring, before proceeding to Colombo, where she also stayed for over 3 weeks. Another month was spent in Melbourne in the fall of 1944, with several more long stays in port later on, as will be see when going to Page 4.

In May-1945 she's listed, along with Bestik and Ragnhild, in Convoy MKS 102, which left Gibraltar on May 20 and arrived Liverpool on the 28th. This convoy will be added to an individual page in my Convoys section, in the meantime, the ships sailing in it are named in the section listing ships in all MKS convoys.

Page 4 also shows that she got to go home to Norway already in June-1945; arrival Oslo looks like June 23(?).

More information on the other Norwegian ships mentioned on this page can be found via the alphabet index below, or go to the Master Ship Index.


Re-engined in 1951 - 2 x 7 cyl. 2 scsa oil engines totalling 8000 ihp by Howaldtswerke A.G., Kiel, driving twin screws. Service speed, 15 knots. 8 passengers. Sold in 1961 to Hanwa Co., Osaka, Japan for scrapping. Delivered at Osaka on Aug. 11-1961 and demolition commenced at Sakurajima on Aug. 25.

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(Tai Yin is Chinese for "the moon").

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, Wilh. Wilhelmsen fleet list and misc. (ref. My sources).


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