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D/S Strindheim

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Manager: Bjarne Isaksen, Trondheim
321 gt

Built in 1923 by Gebr. E & M. Coops, Hoogezand as Arbeit for Seeschiffahrts AG, Danzig. Sold in 1925 to Cie Nantaise de Navigation à Vapeur (Services des Messageries de l'Ouest), Nantes, renamed Guermor. Sold in 1938 to Strindheims Rederi A/S (Bj. Isaksen), Trondheim and renamed Strindheim. 3 cyl. Triple expansion steam engine. (Info from this thread on my Ship Forum).

 Final Fate - 1939 (Norway neutral): 

Struck a German mine and sank on Dec. 15-1939, 5 miles northeast of the Tyne north pier, voyage Murvik-Hull with a cargo of ferromanganese (Ron Young).

I found the following on this page in the 1939 section of a war time diary for the northeast of England (external site by Roy Ripley and Brian Pears):
"Friday, 15th December, 1939 - 'SS Strindheim' (321t) a Norwegian ship, struck a mine off the entrance to the Tyne and subsequently sank on a seabed of shale and colliery spoil, 155ft deep at 55 02'37"N - 01 17'35"W. She is upright, lying in an E to W direction and is intact except for the mine damage." As can be seen the Norwegian H.C. Flood and Ragni are named under the same date, as is the Belgian Rosa. Several Norwegian ships are mentioned in these diaries, as well as ships of other nationalities.

According to the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern, Norway, she had 13 on board, 9 of whom died, while the rest were picked up and taken to port by Finse (my previous information for Finse is that she rescued 2 men from Strindheim).

The following 9 are commemorated at the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern, Norway (link below):
Able Seaman Fredrik Andersen, Able Seaman Kristian Alfred Grøtting, 2nd Engineer Olaf Sefenias Krangnes, Stoker Martin Nikolai Lian, Mate Paul Løvø, Engineer Ingvald Kristian Olsen, Captain Karl Nikolay Refsnæs, Able Seaman Gustav Steen and Steward Ingbert Støbak.

Related external link:
Stavern Memorial commemorations

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Norway also had a Strindheim post war. This ship sailed as Fido during the war.


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