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M/S Nordnes
Updated July 23-2010

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(not to be confused with Norness)

When named Gudveig, post war (see post war details below).
Source: Sverre Johansen's postcard collection

The Australian War Memorial has a picture of Nordnes, taken in 1941 (external links).
More pictures are available on this external page - see also the picture of Gudveig (click in them to enlarge).

Manager: Halfdan Kuhnle, Bergen
4059 gt.

Built in Gothenburg in 1932. Previous name: Aurora until 1936.
According to the external page that I've linked to above, she was delievered in Dec.-1932 to Rederi A/B Zenith (T. Pettersson), Gothenburg. Owned from June-1936 by Skibs A/S Norden (H. Kuhnle), Bergen and renamed Nordnes. From July-1937 by H. Kuhnles Rederi A/S (H. Kuhnle), Bergen.

The mate on this ship, Olav Bruaasdal had been on board for 10 years, with no leave during the war years, until he could finally go home in Sept.-1946.

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

Voyage Record
From Dec.-1941 to Sept.-1945:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Errors may exist, and voyages are missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1941 Dec. 4 Fremantle Melbourne Independent A. Hague says:
Previously traded Pacific/NZ & Australian Coast
Earlier voyages:
Page 1 & Page 2
Dec. 21 Melbourne Whyalla Independent
Dec. 24 Whyalla Port Kembla Dec. 30 Independent
Dec. 31 Port Kembla Newcastle, N.S.W. Dec. 31 Independent
1942 Jan. 6 Newcastle, N.S.W. Adelaide Jan. 12 Independent
Jan. 14 Adelaide Fremantle Jan. 23 Independent
Febr. 2 Fremantle Whyalla Febr. 9 Independent
Febr. 10 Whyalla Newcastle, N.S.W. Febr. 16 Independent
Febr. 19 Newcastle, N.S.W. Melbourne Febr. 22 Independent
March 3 Melbourne Townsville March 10 Independent
March 17 Townsville Cairns March 17 Independent
March 23 Cairns Sydney, N.S.W. March 28 Independent
Apr. 21 Sydney, N.S.W. San Francisco May 25 Independent
June 18 San Francisco Melbourne July 24 Independent
July 29 Melbourne Sydney, N.S.W. Aug. 1 OC 13 Convoy available at OC convoys
(external link)
Aug. 6 Sydney, N.S.W. Newcastle, N.S.W. Aug. 7 Independent
Aug. 9 Newcastle, N.S.W. Melbourne Aug. 13 CO 17 Convoy available at CO convoys
(external link)
Aug. 17 Melbourne Whyalla Aug. 21 Independent
Aug. 23 Whyalla Melbourne Aug. 26 Independent
Aug. 26 Melbourne Port Kembla Aug. 29 OC 21 Convoy available at OC convoys
(external link)
Sept. 1 Port Kembla Sydney, N.S.W. Sept. 1 Independent
Sept. 7 Sydney, N.S.W. Brisbane Sept. 10 GP 12/1 Convoy available at GP 12
(external link)
Sept. 15 Brisbane Townsville Sept. 18 S Convoy info not available
(see this external page)
?? Oct. 5 Townsville Port Moresby Oct. 7 ZA/A Convoy available at ZA
(external link)
Voyage not included, Page 2
Oct. 25 Townsville Brisbane Oct. 28 Independent
Nov. 2 Brisbane Townsville Nov. 5 BT 15/1 Convoy available at BT 15
(external link)
?? Nov. 14 Townsville Port Moresby Nov. 17 L Convoy available at Convoy L
(external link)
Voyage not included, Page 2
Nov. 23 Townsville Cairns Nov. 24 Independent
Nov. 25 Cairns Bowen Nov. 26 Independent
Dec. 3 Bowen Mackay Dec. 4 Independent
Dec. 8 Sydney, N.S.W. Melbourne Dec. 11 Independent
Dec. 31 Melbourne Fremantle Jan. 10-1943 Independent
1943 Jan. 10 Fremantle Colombo Jan. 26 Independent
Febr. 2 Colombo Calcutta Febr. 8 Independent
Febr. 18 Calcutta Colombo Febr. 26 Independent
Febr. 28 Colombo Fremantle March 14 Independent
March 17 Fremantle Melbourne March 25 Independent
March 26 Melbourne Sydney, N.S.W. Apr. 3* OC 82 A. Hague says:
Voyage data unknown.
Convoy available at OC convoys
(external link)
*Page 3 says she arrived Sydney on March 29; another voyage to Sydney with arrival Apr. 3 is not shown. (Convoy OC 82 arrived Newcastle, N.S.W. on March 29).
Apr. 9 Sydney, N.S.W. Newcastle, N.S.W. Apr. 10 Independent
Apr. 14 Newcastle, N.S.W. CO 88 Dispersed Apr. 17.
Convoy available at CO convoys
(external link)
Apr. 17 Dispersed from CO 88 Whyalla Apr. 21 Independent
Apr. 25 Whyalla Port Pirie Apr. 25 Independent
Apr. 27 Port Pirie Adelaide Apr. 27 Independent
Apr. 29 Adelaide Hobart May 3 Independent
May 7 Hobart San Francisco June 8 Independent
June 27 San Francisco Sydney, N.S.W. July 26 Independent
Aug. 13 Sydney, N.S.W. Newcastle, N.S.W. Aug. 13 Independent
Aug. 16 Newcastle, N.S.W. Melbourne Aug. 20 CO 118 Convoy available at link above
Sept. 3 Melbourne Fremantle Sept. 10 Independent
Sept. 11 Fremantle Colombo Sept. 28 Independent
Oct. 10 Colombo Melbourne Oct. 29 Independent
Nov. 14 Melbourne Colombo Dec. 6 Independent
Dec. 12 Colombo Fremantle Dec. 24 Independent
1944 Jan. 13 Fremantle Bunbury Jan. 14 Independent
Jan. 23 Bunbury Fremantle Jan. 24 Independent
Febr. 1 Fremantle Cochin Febr. 17 Independent
March 7 Cochin Fremantle March 25 Independent
Apr. 1 Fremantle Geraldton Apr. 2 Independent
Apr. 7 Geraldton Aden Independent Page 3 gives arrival Apr. 29
Apr. 29 Aden Suez May 5 Independent On to Port Said, May 6
(Page 3)
May 6 Port Said Alexandria May 7 Independent
May 10 Alexandria Augusta May 15 MKS 49 Alexandria to Augusta.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in MKS convoys
May 17 Augusta Naples May 18 VN 40 Convoy available at VN convoys
(external link)
May 19 Naples Torre Annunzio May 21 Independent
May 27 Naples Augusta May 28 NV 41 Convoy available at NV convoys
(external link)
May 29 Augusta Bone June 1 GUS 41 Augusta to Bone.
Convoy available at GUS convoys
(external link)
June 9 Bone Port Said June 16 KMS 52 Bone to Port Said.
On to Suez, same day
(Page 4).
Convoy will be added.
See ships in KMS convoys
June 17 Suez Aden June 23 Independent
June 24 Aden Bunbury July 23* Independent *Page 4 gives July 25
Aug. 2 Bunbury Fremantle Aug. 2 Independent
Aug. 13 Fremantle Bunbury Aug. 14 Independent
Aug. 20 Bunbury Aden Sept. 16 Independent
Sept. 17 Aden Suez Sept. 24 Independent On to Port Said next day
(Page 4)
Sept. 26 Port Said Augusta Oct. 1 MKS 63 For Augusta.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in MKS convoys
Oct. 6 Augusta Castellamare Oct. 7 VN 69 Convoy available at VN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 18 Castellamare Naples Oct. 19 Independent See also Page 4
Oct. 19 Naples Augusta Independent
Oct. 21 Augusta Bizerta Oct. 23 MKS 65 Augusta to Bizerta.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in MKS convoys
Oct. 31 Bizerta Bone Nov. 1 Independent Notional sailing date
Nov. 5 Bone Port Said Nov. 12 KMS 67 Bone to Port Said
(on to Suez, same day - Page 4).
Convoy will be added.
See ships in KMS convoys
Nov. 13 Suez Aden Nov. 19 Independent
Nov. 20 Aden Melbourne Dec. 19 Independent
1945 Jan. 7 Melbourne Port Pirie Jan. 10 Independent
Jan. 20 Port Pirie Port Lincoln Jan. 21 Independent
Jan. 26 Port Lincoln Melbourne Jan. 29 Independent
Febr. 4 Melbourne Trevenard Febr. 8 Independent
Febr. 25 Trevenard Sydney, N.S.W. March 2 Independent
March 16 Sydney, N.S.W. Newcastle, N.S.W. March 16 Independent
March 17 Newcastle, N.S.W. Albany March 25 Independent
Apr. 6 Albany Fremantle Apr. 7 Independent
Apr. 17 Fremantle Melbourne Apr. 25 Independent
June 29 Melbourne Makatea Independent Page 4 gives arrival July 16
July 24 Makatea Port Lincoln Independent Page 4 gives arrival Aug. 12
Aug. 17 Port Lincoln Adelaide Aug. 18 Independent
Aug. 24 Adelaide Wallaroo Aug. 26 Independent
Aug. 30 Wallaroo Port Lincoln Aug. 31 Independent
Sept. 6 Port Lincoln Melbourne Sept. 8 Independent
Sept. 26 Melbourne Brisbane Sept. 30 Independent Subsequent voyages:
Page 4 & Page 5

 Notes & Some Convoy Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above.

As will be seen when going to Page 1 of the archive documents, Nordnes was on her way from Geraldton to Shanghai when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940. It'll also be noticed that she appears to have spent quite a while in Newcastle, NSW at the end of that year. Her 1941 voyages also start on this document and continue on Page 2.

According to this posting on my Ship Forum, Nordnes was involved in the search for survivors from HMAS Sydney in Nov.-1941. See also Hermion, Herstein, Ohio and Pan Europe, as well as the external links provided at the end of this page. From Page 2 above, we learn that Nordnes left Bunbury on Nov. 20 (the day after Sydney was sunk) and arrived Christmas Island on the 26th, proceeding to Fremantle the next day. The document also shows most of her 1942 voyages, while Page 3 has the rest, as well as her 1943 voyages; convoy information for some of them can be found in the table above.

Skipping now to May-1944, when she's listed in Convoy MKS 49*, voyage from Alexandria to Augusta. This convoy originated in Port Said on May 9 and arrived Gibraltar on the 20th; Nordnes sailed from Alexandria on May 10 and arrived her destination on the 15th. In June, she made a voyage from Bone to Port Said, having joined Convoy KMS 52*, which had sailed from Gibraltar on June 6 and arrived Port Said on the 16th; Nordnes had started out from Bone June 9, according to Page 4. In Sept.-1944 we find her in Convoy MKS 63*, departing Port Said Sept. 26, arriving Gibraltar Oct. 8, Nordnes, however, was bound for Augusta, arriving there on Oct. 2. She later shows up in Convoy MKS 65*, which left Port Said Oct. 16 and arrived Gibraltar on the 28th; Nordnes joined from Augusta and was bound for Bizerta, where she arrived Oct. 23, having sailed from Augusta on the 21st. The following month, she made a voyage from Bone to Port Said in Convoy KMS 67*, departing Gibraltar Nov. 2, arriving Port Said Nov. 12; Nordnes had started out from Bone Nov. 5.

Page 5 shows her voyages to Apr.-1946.

*All these convoys will be added to individual pages in my Convoys section; in the meantime, the ships sailing in them are named in the section listing ships in all KMS convoys and ships in all MKS convoys. As will be seen, other Norwegian ships are also listed in them.


Sold in 1954 to H. Gjerpen, Oslo, and renamed Gudveig. (See also this external page). On fire off Great Yarmouth on Febr. 24-1961. Towed in to Immingham on Febr. 25 and found to be beyond economical repair. (A message in my Guestbook indicates that the vessel towing her to Immingham may have been the Gudvor, and that she was taken into the pool where her cargo was discharged as water was poured into her engine room. She sank in the pool and was later refloated). Sold to NV Holland, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, for breaking up.

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This company had another Nordnes post war, built in Port Glagow in 1956. The Clydebuilt Ships website has more info.


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