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D/T Nordhav

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Manager: Trygve Lodding, Oslo
5574 gt.

Laid down as War Khan for The Shipping Controller (Stephens, Sutton & Stephens), delivered in March-1919 from Sir J. Laing & Sons Ltd., Sunderland (674). 400' x 52.4' x 25.6', Triple exp., 2500 ihp (G. Clark Ltd., Sunderland). Owned from 1919 by Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co, renamed Capsa in 1921 (same owners). Sold in 1927 to Skibs A/S Nordhav (Trygve Lodding), Oslo, renamed Nordhav.

 WW II: 

According to "The World's Merchant Fleets 1939" she was seized by the Japanese in Yokohama in 1940, where she had been laid up since 1938, renamed Daishin Maru in 1941 (Oiwa Tokujiro, Kobe). Torpedoed by the American submarine USS Harder (SS 257) on Sept. 23-1943 and sunk 34 15N 137E (south of Honshu).

Another source ("Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig") indicates she had been sold on Nov. 3-1941, while a document received from the National Archives of Norway says she was sold on Nov. 11-1940. This document confirms that she had been in port in Yokohama since 1938.

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Harder - SS 257 - the attack on Daishin Maru is mentioned briefly.

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Other ships by this name: There was later another ship by the name Nordhav, 12 656 gt, managed by Per Lodding, launched May 3-1958 at Bergen, completed July that year. This ship was purchased by Wilh. Wilhelmsen in Sept.-1966 and renamed Tobruk, but sold to Italy in Nov.-1968, renamed Cielo Azzurro, then Molara in 1974. Broken up in Chittagong in Aug.-1985. Another Nordhav was delivered in Apr.-1967, also managed by Per Lodding, Oslo, built in Denmark, 52 664 gt. This ship was sold in 1975 to Monrovia and renamed Fanari, broken up in 1985. Norway had also lost a sailing ship named Nordhav in WW I, built 1893, 2846 gt - sunk by a German U-boat in the western Atlantic on Aug. 17-1918.

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