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D/S Ulsnes

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A picture, showing her as Jelø, is available on this external page (click in it to enlarge).

Manager: Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab, Stavanger
784 gt

Delivered in July-1907 from Akers Mek. Verksted, Oslo as Jelø to A/S Nordsjøen (Rich.Peterson), Oslo. Steel hull, 197.7’ x 28.4’ x 14.1’, Tripple Expansion (Akers) 92nhp, 10 knots, 654 gt, 875 tdwt. Taken over by A/S Jelølinjen (Fred. Olsen & Co.), Oslo in July-1923. Sold in May-1925 to Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab, Stavanger, renamed Ulsnes. In service Trondheim/Western part of Norway – Stettin / Lübeck.

 WW II: 

When war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940 she was in Malmö, Sweden on a voyage to Stettin. Registered in Nortraship's fleet in the summer/early fall of 1940, then requisitioned by the Swedish Government on October 25-1940, and traded for the Swedish State traffic commission (Stockholms Rederi-AB Svea, Stockholm). My page about Ships in Sweden has a list of, and information on the Norwegian ships there at the outbreak of war in Norway.


Returned to owners in May-1945 and into Hurtigruten service Stavanger-Sandnes-Oslo. Later (possibly 1946?) she returned to the Baltic trade. Sold in Oct.-1952 to Mustafa ve Ahmed ve Vehbi Aldikacti Vapurculuk Kollektif Sirketi, Istanbul, Turkey, renamed Calti. Sold in 1959 to Saban Kasaroglu Mehmet Kasar ve Ortaklari, Istanbul, rebuilt, 683 gt, (a 6cyl 4tev Burmeister & Wain [Akers] 550 bhp [1926] engine was installed). Trading as Gerze 1960. Sold in 1963 to Mehmet Kaptanoglu, Istanbul, renamed Mehmet Kaptanoglu. Extensively rebuilt in 1964, became 498 gt, 1150 tdwt, 8cyl 4tev Liebknecht 720bhp, 8 knots. Still in service in 1990. See also this external page.

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The text on this page was compiled with the help of: Pre war and post war info received from T. Eriksen - his source: Articles about Stavangerske D/S in the Norwegian magazine "Skipet" 2.90 and 1.91 by Alf Johan Kristiansen.


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