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D/S Telnes
Updated Febr. 4-2011

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Owner: D/S A/S Nor
Manager: Kristian Jebsen Jr., Bergen
1694 gt

Built by Rosenberg Mekaniske Verksted, Stavanger, Norway in 1936.

 Final Fate - 1940 (Norway still neutral): 

Believed to have been torpedoed and sunk by U-55 (Heidel) on Jan. 19-1940, northwest of the Orkneys, when on a voyage from New York with general cargo for Rotterdam and Antwerp, having left New York on Jan. 9. All 18 on board died.

This posting to my Ship Forum indicates that Telnes had previously loaded a cargo near Sundsvall, then left for Trelleborg at midnight around Dec. 10-1939, later heading to Malmø (and on to the U.S.). There's also mention of a German U-boat following them all night from Sundsvall.

U-55 was sunk on Jan. 30 and Book 1 of "Handelsflåten i krig" by Atle Thowsen says that one of the survivors from the boat, Oberbootsmaat Friedrich Jacobi indicated that the U-boat had sunk 4 ships in the days leading up to her own sinking, the times and positions pointing to the Telnes having been sunk on Jan. 19 and the Norwegian Segovia in the morning of Jan. 21. The other 2 ships were the Swedish D/S Foxen and D/S Andalusia (see external links at the end of this page).

My Ship Forum has a thread about this ship, with several postings. One of them (by Jan-Olof, Sweden), gives some information from an article in the newspaper "Arbeiderbladet" dated Febr. 23-1940, which names the following casualties:

Captain Ingvald Thomassen, Bergen
1st Mate Knut Norman Pedersen, Bergen
2nd Mate/Radi Opeartor Arne Hofseth, Vatne pr. Ålesund
Chief Engineer Karl Holtan, Bergen
2nd Engineer Edvard Olsen, Laksevåg
Steward Magnus Elias Voldsund, Bergen
Galleyboy Ludvig Irvin Pedersen, Øksnes in Vesterålen
Helper Olav Madsen, Bergen
Able Seaman Erling Smith Jahnsen, Bergen
Able Seaman Olai Steinseth, Kalvåg in Bremanger
Ordinary Seaman Martin Løkaas, Bodø
Ordinary Seaman Martin Olsen, Bergen
Jr. Ordinary Seaman Ingvald Myreng, Bergen
Deckboy Daniel Løgevik, Rekefjord
Donkeyman Hjalmar Eriksen, Bergen
Stoker Sigvard Johannes Lie, Bergen
Stoker Einar Vig, Strandvik in Fusa
Stoker Finn Willmann Dagsvik, Bergen.

Another posting (by Mark McShane) states:
I have something to add to the story of the Telnes. In doing some research I came across a small story from an Irish newspaper called the Cork Examiner. The story is dated16th April 1940. The story reports that a large amount of wreckage was washed ashore on the coast of Donegal. The articles inclued mineral water barrels, all empty but one, motor tubes made in the USA, tins of coffee, electric bulbs, two rafts, on one of which was the following inscription "20 Personen, Telnes, Bergen".

He adds:
Now I think this is very interesting, I don't think there has been anything reported that was found from the Telnes apart from this. The liferafts and the water barrels is also a very interesting story, especially as the water barrels were empty, except one. Did some of the crew survive the sinking and spend some time in the liferaft? We'll probablly never know.

The following are commemorated at the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern, Norway:
(listed in alphabetical order)

Ingvald Berg Thomassen

Finn William Dagsvik

Hjalmar Eriksen

Mate/Radio Operator
Arne Hofseth

Chief Engineer
Karl Holtan

Sigvard Johannes Lie

Deck Boy
Daniel Løgevik

Able Seaman
Martin Vilhelm Løkås

Deck Boy
Olaf Madsen

Jr. Ordinary Seaman
Ingvald Johan A. Myreng

Edvar Johan Olsen

Ordinary Seaman
Martin Olsen

Einar Olsen Vik

Irvin Ludvig Pedersen

Knut Normann Pedersen

Able Seaman
Erling Smith Jahnsen

Able Seaman
Olai Johannes Steinset

Magnus Elias Voldsund

*My ship Forum has a posting by the nephew of Finn William Dagsvik. There's also a posting by a relative(?) of Anfinn Hopland, who had served on this ship prior to her being sunk (Olaf Madsen is also mentioned). Anfinn Hopland later joined Haakon Hauan. Another posting is with regard to Magnus Voldsund.

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