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CONVOY ON 17 – U.K.-Norway

Left Methil on March 3-1940 and arrived Norway on the 7th.
Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's research.

Stations are not known.

According to A. Hague, the following ships sailed in this convoy (in alphabetical order):

British Aina
Swedish Aspen
British Becheville
Norwegian Borgund
Swedish Brita
Swedish Carbonia
Swedish Drabant
Norwegian Edle
Swedish Falken
Finnish Finlandia
British Flimston
Swedish Frans
Norwegian Frode
British Greenawn
Swedish Helfrid
Norwegian Iron Baron
Norwegian Jacob Christensen
Danish Karen
Danish Knud Villemoes
Norwegian Kongshavn
Norwegian Kul
Danish Lily
Danish Marianne
Finnish Marita
Estonian Merkur
Norwegian Mimona
Swedish Nicke
Norwegian Nurgis
Norwegian Regin
Swedish Rolf
Norwegian Roy
Swedish Sirius
Swedish Sixten
Norwegian Skarv
Danish Sophie
Norwegian Svanholm
Norwegian Thore Hafte
Norwegian Torafire
British Trewellard
Norwegian Varangnes
Norwegian Vim

A document listing all the ON convoys states that ON 17 had a total of 40 ships; 3 British, 16 Norwegian, 12 Swedish, 5 Danish, 2 Finnish, 2 Estonian - 1 detached, namely Greenawn (not for Norway).

For information on the Norwegian ships in this convoy, see the Master Ship Index.

See this document (from Public Records Office, Kew ), listing escorts for all HN and ON convoys, as well as this external page (scroll down to text under March 3), which says that when the convoy left Methil it was escorted by the destroyers Nubian, Delight (S.O.), Diana, Ilex, and Gurkha. Anti-aircraft support was provided by the anti-aircraft cruiser Calcutta. The destroyer Cossack was also assigned to this convoy, but was held back as unseaworthy for repairs to leaking seams. Gurkha arrived at Scapa Flow from Rosyth on the 2nd as a replacement for Cossack. Diana and the submarine Narwhal, escorting fleet auxiliary Greenawn, were detached on the 4th abreast of Scapa Flow for that port, the former 2 arriving on the 5th, while Narwhal arrived on the 6th, having been delayed by gales. Light cruisers Edinburgh and Arethusa, which left Rosyth on the 3rd, gave close support to the convoy (as well as to ON 17A and HN 17). The document from PRO adds that Hood and Valiant provided distant cover for ON 17, ON 17A and HN 17.

The increasing demand by neutrals to be included in outward convoys resulted in a congestion of shipping at Methil and Kirkwall, and an extra ON convoy, ON 17A was formed on March 4-1940, the day after ON 17 had departed.

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