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CONVOY HX 93 - Page 2

Received from Roger Griffiths - His source: Public Records Office, Kew.

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Report of Proceedings on Convoy HX 93
From The Commanding Officer, HMS Aurania
to The Secretary of the Admiralty
Dated Dec. 16-1940

The following report is submitted in accordance with C.B. 04024, Article 129.

a) - Reference Number of Convoy: HX 93

b) - Disposition of Ocean Escort: Between column 4 and 3 of the Convoy. One cable astern of leading ships.

c) - Speed Maintained by Convoy: Average 8.4 knots.

d) - Action taken as regards stragglers: M/V Bello ordered by Commodore to return to Sydney on 4th December owing to slow speed (Note: Advance Telegram says she returned to Halifax).
At 12:00 on 6th December, visibility was very poor and on clearing the following ships were missing and not sighted again: - S/S Eleni, S/S Anthea, S/S Dux.
On junction with the BHX portion the following were missing from the Bermuda Section: S/S Logician and S/S Titus.
When handing over to HMS Rodney, visibility was poor and only 19 ships could be seen, but 25 ships were in company at sunset the previous day.

e) - Remarks on the Commodore's handling of the Convoy: Good.

f) - Suggestions for Improvements: Nil.

The following items of interest are submitted:

17:26 3rd December - Convoy of 10 ships formed up in 9 columns.
18:00 - In Station between ships 41 and 51.

08:40 4th December - Sighted Air Escort.
11:15 - Tanker Bello unable to maintain speed of convoy and ordered to return to Sydney, C.B.(? this ship is listed in the Halifax section in the Advance Sailing Telegram.
According to her Voyage Record for this period, she returned to Halifax, then proceeded to Sydney, C.B. in order to join Convoy SC 15 on Dec. 8).
17:00 - Local Escort left convoy for return to Halifax.

07:20 5th December - Sighted ships of SHX 93 bearing 005 degrees. Left convoy to intercept them.
08:45 - SHX and HX portions joined up in position 44 37N 56 04W. Total number of ships 15.

07:00 6th December - Visibility poor, 12 ships seen to be in company at daylight.
08:34 - Sent signal to HMS Maloja, Ocean Escort of BHX 93, giving course of HX 93 to first new position in Admiralty Message 1652/5.
22:00 - Weather cleared and the following ships missing: S/S Eleni (Greek), S/S Anthea (Br), S/S Dux (Nor).

07:00 7th December - Left convoy to make contact with BHX 93.
08:50 - Sighted BHX 93 bearing 215 degrees.
13:25 - BHX and HX portions joiend up in position 47 14N 48 50W. Total of 25 ships.
14:00 - Received report by W/T that S/S Anthea was in collision with S/S Maasdam on night of 7/12/40.

07:00 11th December - Visibility 1 1/2 miles - 19 ships seen.
13:00 - Made rendezvous with HMS Rodney in position 57 27N 33 49W. Handed over escort of Convoy and set course to pass near position 54 34N 35 29W to search for HMCS St. Croix, in accordance with Rear Admiral Third Battle Squadron's Signal 1306/8/12.
22:15 - Discontinued search and set course for Halifax in accordance with Rear Admiral Third Battle Squadron's Signal 1952/11/12.

All times mentioned above are Zone plus 4.

(Signature illegible).

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