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Re: Rutlandshire
Posted by: Forbes Wilson (IP Logged)
Date: December 27, 2004 05:20AM


Have just finished watching film footage taken in November 2004 250m - 300m off Andsnes, Namsen fjord, Namsos at a depth of 304m. The footage is of large sections of hull plating with internal framework attached plus sections of upper decking. The extent of the damage suggests an explosion probably due to rupturing boilers. Both my grandfather and the Norwegian pilot confirmed a large explosion as the Rutlandshire foundered. Certain super structure and lighting fixtures, cabling etc. can also clearly be seen but as yet nothing to positively identify which ship this may be. The location is precisely where the Rutlandshire sunk which tends to support the view that the Rutlandshire was not salvaged. Hoping to mount a more detailed exploration in spring which might confirm that this is the wreckage of the Rutlandshire.

Forbes (

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