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Re: Rutlandshire
Posted by: Andrey (IP Logged)
Date: January 07, 2002 05:49AM

Hello all
I also try to establish a real fate of Rutlandshire/Ubier and Cherusker.
See below a controversial data from well-known reference book “Die deutschen Kriegsschiffe 1815-1945” by E.Gröner.
In volume 8 part 2 page 312: Rutlandshire in August 1941 was raised by Kriegsmarine, repaired, became Ubier = NM 21, lost 1942.
In volume 8 part 1 pages 148-150: Ubier was built on Moss Vaerft & Dokk in Moss [Oslofjord], building No.99, complete on 30.12.40, 12.9.41 renamed NM 21, 6.12.42 20:25 lost on mine in 7056,5N / 2602E.
In volume 8 part 2 page 516: designation NM 21 had following ships: Wespe (ex Max); Franke (ex Larwood); Ubier (ex Rutlandshire); Ubier (new construction).
In addition, many sources give a designation of Ubier in moment of her lost as V 6116, not NM 21 (and Cherusker as V 6117, not NM 01). (See "Allied Submarine Attacks" by Rohwer, p.28. By the way, K-1 laid her mines on 19.11.42, not 09.11.42 as Rohwer wrote.)
It seems that were two Ubier in Kriegsmarine. But absence of exact data about loss of first Ubier (Rutlandshire) seems strange. It is also impossible an existence of two NM 21 Ubier in 1941-42 simultaneously.
Probably Řistein T. Berge can help.
Best regards,
Andrey Kuznetsov

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