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Re: Rutlandshire
Posted by: Forbes Wilson (IP Logged)
Date: January 09, 2002 02:32AM

Great - since I have a personal interest in this thread I have been watching and reading the replies with great interest. From the above, I now believe we have agreed that:

1. The Rutlandshire was NOT salvaged – perhaps raised and scrapped or left in the Namsen fjord
2. The Ubier NM-21 yard number 99 from Moss Verft was mined and sunk on 6/12/42 – she was not previously the Rutlandshire
3. Erling – The Rutlandshire was attacked and bombed by HE-111s from Staffel 3 KG26 bomber wing based at Trondheim – not JU-88’s as I state in my web (will correct during next update)
4. The confusion with the Rutlandshire and Ubier NM-21 is that the Germans may have had plans to use the name Ubier after having salvaged the Rutlandshire (?). Perhaps the damage was to great.
5. Řistein: The building plan yard number for the Rutlandshire was 1007-8, built at Smiths Dock, Middlesbrough. Also, what do you mean “After my meaning is Rutlandshire salvage and scrapped (Br.Anda)”

Thanks to you all – I believe you have confirmed my belief that contrary to the original info. supplied to me by the Imperial War Museum, the Rutlandshire did not become the Ubier – so what was her fate after 20th April 1940?.


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