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Re: Rutlandshire
Posted by: Forbes Wilson (IP Logged)
Date: January 07, 2002 07:12AM

Hi Axel

I too have been puzzled as to the exact fate of the Rutlandshire following her loss on the 20th April 1940. I too received the following response from Andrey Kuznetsov which tends to support Erlings conclusion that some how the Rutlandshire and the Ubier have become the same Trawler.

Based on my research, I believe the Rutlandshire was not salvaged, although I do believe she was raised and scrapped for the war effort. In my grandfathers report to the newspaper ( he stated that the boilers exploded with such a force as to suggest that the damage to the stern of the Rutlandshire would have been considerable and probably beyond salvageable repair. The attraction of raising her would have primarily due to the fact that according to a source (a crew member in April 1940) serving on the trawler Indian Star, the Rutlandshire was carrying certain Asdic spares for the 23rd A/S trawler group in her forward hold which at the time may have given the Kriegsmarine some insight into the workings of the British asdic.

Several of the Norwegians that I talked with in Andsnes, Hovika, Otter°y and Skomsvoll during my visit in May 2001 did not recall any salvage operations off Andsnes in August 1941, claiming she still lies in the fjord.

It appears I still have a mystery on my hands.

Forbes Wilson (grandson of Skipper Lieutenant and Commanding officer of the Rutlandshire)

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