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Re: Loch Ewe
Posted by: Siri (IP Logged)
Date: January 01, 2002 06:33AM

> Earlier on this site I read a report that Loch Ewe was closed
> down in 1945? - How was this information known to people on
> the web site?

Personally, I learnt this from the book "Convoys to Russia" (Bob Ruegg/Arnold Hague) when I was writing about Convoy JW 64, which sailed directly from the Clyde anchorage, as the Loch Ewe anchorage had been dispensed with. I would imagine Bill Watt, who replied to a query and stated the same on this forum on 10-31-01 would also have learnt it from a book.

> One question I would like to ask everybody is "How important, or, how many times does Loch Ewe come up in your questions, answers, observations about WW II convoys. Obviously I am not after numbers, but is it frequent, many, occasional, regular and so on.

I ran a quick search on this forum using the search feature provided and came up with 11 mentions of Loch Ewe for the last 90 days (most of them from the same thread). This is obviously not very representative of how often Loch Ewe comes up when researching convoys in WW II, as most of the questions here are related to ships. I can't speak for everyone else, but since this spring (2001 that is) when I started compiling my Norwegian WW II ship lists, I would say Loch Ewe has 'regularly' come up, along with Halifax, Oban etc.

(from the sunny, but cold Oklahoma prairie)

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