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Re: Mission Impossible - HMS Queen
Posted by: Hans Jehee (IP Logged)
Date: January 02, 2002 11:49AM

Dear friends

I do not have to add much to the answer given by Theo.
Below is all the information I have.

This information comes from the book “Carebeka 1939-1983”, already mentioned by Theo.
The information in the other book (“Wagenborg 100 jaar, De schepen van 1898 tot 1998) mentioned by Theo is the same.

CARPE DIEM (I) L. Bolhuis, Groningen 1940 Call sign: PDJD 111g 73n 155d Ibp: 27.87 x 5.01 x 2.06 m. 1927: Oil engine 2-cyl. 2S.C.S.A. by Schiffswerft Linz (Climax), Linz, Austria, 50 b.h.p., 6 knots.
18.4.1908.' Launched by W. de Jong, Ruischerbrug for D. Vellinga, Groningen as ONDERNEMING. 10.6.1908: Completed as an inland waterway barge. 5.1924: Rebuilt by Firma Gebr. Niestern & Co., Delfzijl as a sailing coaster. 11.1927: Fitted with an engine by C. Cassens, Emden, Germany. 18.2.1928: Ran trials and Firma J.J. Onnes, Cargadoors, Scheepvaart- & Bevrachtingsbedrijf, Groningen, became managers. 2.1940: Sold to L. Bolhuis, (N.V. "Carebeka," managers) Groningen and renamed CARPE DIEM. 29.8.1940: Requisitioned by Germany when al Kiel following an engine breakdown. Repaired and placed under the management of Harald & Johann Schmidt, Rendsburg, Germany, who were resident in Oslo, Norway. Found stranded and damaged at the end of the war near Trondheim, Norway with the bodies of 31 soldiers from a nearby German base on board. 8.5.1945: Refloated and taken to Trondheim, Norway. 12- 13.12.1945: Shortly after departure from Trondheim in tow of the Norwegian tug MURON (156/ 34) the towline parted and she sank with the lass of tour members of the Norwegian running crew. She was bound tor Kristiansund, Norway where another tug was waiting to take her to Holland tor repairs. 26.2.1946: Raised and following inspection and temporary repairs towed to the yard of Machinefabriek & Scheepswerf van P. Smit Jr. N.V., Rotterdam by the Swedish tug CARL (259/40). 1946: In use as an barge on inland waterways. 1.1948: Sold to H. J. Vos, Rotterdam, renamed Nr. 24, engine removed and used as a sand barge. 1952: Broken up by Franks Rijsdijk's Industrieeie Ondernemingen N. V. at Hendrik- Ido-Ambacht.

The only addition I have comes from the Dutch Call Sign List 1939

1- 1-1939: "Lijst Roepnamen" Onderneming (Motoraak, 110,89 Brt, 72,82
Nrt, Groningen, Roepnaam: PGMS)
4-1939: "Lijst Roepnamen, wijzigingen april 1939":
"In Nederland verkocht"
5-1939: "Lijst Roepnamen, wijzigingen mei 1939":
Carpe Diem (Motoraak, 110,89 Brt, 72,82 Nrt, Groningen,
Roepnaam: PDJD)

This indicates that the vessel changed names (and owner?) in april/mai 1939 and not in 1940.

Theo you are talking about “Det Norske Veritas 12, Supplement (10 – 12.1943). This says a Carpe Diem (call sign PSMS) changed flag from Dutch to Norwegian (call sign LKZJ). This raises some doubt because call sign PSMS is not Dutch. All Duitch call sign were between PCxx and PIxx

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