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Mission Impossible - HMS Queen
Posted by: David Weaver (IP Logged)
Date: December 29, 2001 04:07PM

Thanks to everybody so far on helping with the detective work on the Kilbotn strike on 4th May 1945. I did not realise how many other sites from Norway and Germany have some information on this attack.

I think I have a few questions left which actually come from another Norwegian web site. Apparently during the attack a barge was in transit and beached itself - M.W.6. Does it have any name or identifying clues like a photograph? I doubt it.

The most interesting question is how did the "Senja" sink during the attack and who were the crew? Were the crew Norwegian, or, German, or both? Did the ship sink due to direct bomb hit, or, close-by bomb explosion causing capsize, indirect blast from Black Watch, or, conceivably if manned by Norwegian personnel, a direct ramming of the U 711?

Pilot Jim Spencer of 853 Squadron mentions a "tug" type vessel moving in the Kilbotn harbour just as he began his bombing dive. Did submarines move alongside a depot ship like Black Watch under their own power or with tug assistance?

Thanks from a nice warm Hong Kong - mid-day temperature around 16C with pure blue skies and nice sunshine. T shirt and jeans weather!

Dave Weaver

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