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Dec. 21

From: Oda Larsen

Odd Larsen M/S Morviken

Hi! I'd like to get in touch with Ruth Palm Blomquist. My grandfather, Odd Larsen, is listed as crew member of M/S Morviken together with Ruth's dad, Gordon Palm. Ruth Palm Blomquist posted a message on 22 November 2004.
Thank you!

Address has been forwarded. See my info for Morviken

Dec. 13

From: Chris Wright

Norwegian ships to Newcastle

Hi Siri, I thought I would let you know that after posting messages on your site and finding further information from one of your correspondents I have been able to trace Simons son. We have exchanged letters and he has been able to tell me a little about his father's time in Tyneside during the war.

Many thanks for all your help


Chris is referring to the story found on this page.

Dec. 11

From: Frithjof Wiese

Frithjof Wiese RS#40

Frithjof Wiese was an original Norwegian Lifeboat and Shetland Bus during WW2. She will be returning to Lerwick for the first time since 1944 in 2012 and would like to make first contact with you and share some information and contacts. Please feel free to contact the ship:

Fritjof Wiese
This was a rescue vessel which was en route from Risør to Tromsø in order to enter German service together with other rescue vessels, but was stopped on the southern coast of Norway by people who felt the German order should not be followed, and shortly afterwards, on Oct. 23-1944 she headed out with 5 people, arriving Lerwick the next day.

On board were:
Skipper Ingvald Farstavoll, Johannes Eike, Harald Evensen, Gunvald
Garvik and Arthur Sundøy.

Here is Fritjof Wiese.

Dec. 6

From: Anne Kehlet Nielsen

Olav J. Olsen, M/T Minister Wedel

I don't know this saylor, but I just stumbled over the link and thought you might bee interested:

Mange hilsner fra Anne i Danmark

See also Minister Wedel

Dec. 2

From: John Neubauer

Sigurd Ingebretsen

I am looking for ancestors and relatives of Sigurd Ingebretsen. He was born in Norway 29 April 1922 and he died in Puerto Rico 11 August 2002. I beleive Sigurd was involved in merchant shipping his entire life. I think he was involved in tug boat and salvage operations for many years in Puerto Rico. I am building a family history for his daughter and any infomation about Sigurd Ingebretsen would be helpful. Thank you.

Dec. 1

From: Mike Gill


Looking through my late fathers papers, I came across a small book with AVREGNINGSBOK on the front cover. This I assume is a seamans book ? The date inside the book is for 27/12/1941. Could you possibly tell me where I could find more information regarding the time my father spent on this ship.
Best regards

I suggested the National Archives of Norway. My page about this ship can be found here.

Nov. 29

From: Lori Vedvik

D/S Hestmanden

Hello, I went with my father, a war sailor, to Kristieansand for the dedication of the war ship and lunch with the king. I want to write an article about the history of these young man. Were you at the event? There were 11,000 sailors still alive and invited. 240 attended.

(No, I wasn't invited - here's my page about Hestmanden).

Nov. 28

From: Michael Bernhard Haugland


Hi! I am writing this to let you know that my dad BERNHARD ELIAS HAUGLAND was on the SOLHEIM during World War II and was a steward, he ended up living in Australia he fathered 8 children of which I am the eldest, I was born in 1952 he died aged 39 in 1962 and helped build the Tasman Bridge was a postman at the Lindisfarne Post Office and also worked for a big department store. As a result of my heritage I have been to Norway once in 2009 and May 17th 2010 for the celebrations for Norways' National Day.

If you E-mail me I guarantee I will respond to you.


Here's my page about Solheim.

Nov. 26

From: Ragnar Bull Nielsen III

M/S Storsten

Thanks a lot for an informative site.
Being the grandson of the captain of M/S Storsten, Ragnar Bull Nielsen, whose name I proudly bear, I am very interested in the history of the "Kvarstad" ships and the fate of their sailors. Your site provided me with some info I haven't seen elsewhere.
Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Ragnar Bull Nielsen, Oslo

The page referred to in this message can be found here, with crew list for Storsten.

Nov. 13

From: Richard Calvin

Sandefjord Whalers

Dear Ase, congratulations on your very imformative website. I know that you must receive many requests from people asking for your help and I realise that it must be difficult to answer everyone. Sorry if I am using the wrong form but I wonder if you could perhaps help me narrow down my search? My Grandfather, Ole Gulliksen was a whaler from Sandefjord. All I know is that his boat docked in Liverpool and he joined a special British Commando force. He then married my English Grandmother and lived the rest of his life in England. I am trying to find a list of whaling boats that docked in Liverpool in the time shortly after Norway was invaded. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Richard

Nov. 12

From: Charles Pantaleo

MS William Penn

Hello! I am 42 and as long as I can remember my parents had a silk weaving of a Norwiegan Flag intertwined with an American flag and an eagle. I recently took it out of the frame and uncovered that it was a flag from the MS William Penn which was folded in order for the flags to be framed. I searched your site and could not find any information about the ship. (Maybe I overlooked it). The flag was dated 1924, it was a great find. Do you have any information on the MS? I recently purchased a painting of the Oslofjord that was seemingly owned by a manager from the shipping line which I researched on your site. I was born in Sellebakk Norway and currently live in the USA. I love your site!

Thanks for the help!

(William Penn was an American ship).

Nov. 11

From: Bill Brennan

Family member

Thank you. It is nice to see my Grandfather's name on your site. He was a POW, died in Japan and buried at the Yokohame War Cemetary - Robert Owen. He was on the SS Aust.

(See D/S Aust).

Nov. 7

From: Jos Rozenburg

Dutch sailors on ms Horda

Dear Siri,

Recently I found out some more information on the two Dutch sailors on ms Horda. One of them is STRUIJK, Theodorus, born in Den Haag (NL) on 15 May 1923. The other Dutch sailor is PONTELLO, Marcello Ernesto, born in Venlo (NL) on 2 October 1914. His father was an Italian by birth and married to a Dutch woman. Two older brothers were also sailors and served in the Dutch Merchant Navy. They both survived the war, as far as I can tell. Please note the slightly different spelling of the names of both sailors. I hope that it is possible to change this on the website. Supporting information can be provided if you would like to see it.


Jos Rozenburg

(Here's my page about Hørda).

Oct. 24

From: Kris Jacobsen

Source of D/T Mirlo crew list

Dear Siri,

Regarding Wilh. Wilhemsen's ship "Mirlo", I notice that you have included a list of the crew at the time of its loss in August 1942. Could you please tell me if there are any associated dates and places of birth for these men, in particular 2nd Engineer, John Kristiansen? If not, could you please provide me with your source for the list?

Kris Jacobsen

Here is my page about Mirlo (I've suggested the National Archives of Norway).

Oct. 22

From: Phil Wesby

MT Petter - Convoy OS 21 name of crewman

I still find this website amazing!

I noticed that you had listed the other crew members. After some reflection and to complete the record, I am sure it is OK to add that the sailor's name is John Corvin. He would have been a teenager at the time. The next time I see John, I will ask him the cook's name.

Please add his name to the list of the brave men who served.

See my page about Petter.

Oct. 18

From: Klaus Günther von Martinez


According to Miramar Ship Index there was a second "Storfjeld", 2021 GRT, completed in September 1941 by Nylands (# 350) for D/S A/S Storfjeld

Oct. 18

From: Peter Johnston

Commemorate 70th anniversary of the sinking of the 6 boats in QP13

My sister and I are planning to take a trip from Bolungarvik in Iceland on the 5th July 2012 to lay a wreath upon the waters where the ships were sunk (Our father was a Lieutenant on HMS Niger and was one of those lost) and we would be pleased to hear from any relatives of those men who were on those ships who might wish to join us. The website HMS Niger 1942 is an interesting account where extracts of my fathers letters can be read.

Peter's address can be provided via my contact address at the bottom of this page. (See also my page about Convoy QP 13).

Oct. 14

From: José Mateo


I have registered in Quequen port, Argentina in 1934 at the "Argentino" ship of Norwegian flag of 2771 gt. "Ankara" in 1935, Cubano in 1936 and "Cometa" in 1937 too.


Oct. 10

From: Lisa-Brit Wahlberg

Jens K Jensen

WOW! That is my grandfather you wrote about who was on board Ravnaas....I am struck with immense gratitude to read your carefully researched details about their years of POW. My grandfather died when I was 7. He apparently rarely discussed this painful time of his life and - of course - the post traumatic stress services were not available to survivors of such atrocities back then. If he had not been interned by the US Army - our family probably would never have come to America..... His dear - and much younger- friend, Brynjolv Baardson shared some special stories with my grandmother at my grandfather's funeral in 1977. I hope someday to know enough Norwegian to read his book.... I have shared this site with my mom and aunt...They will undoubtedly pour over every detail. Thank you again, so much....

Here's my page about Ravnaas

Oct. 8

From: David MacDonald



Further to my earlier email I give further information regarding my father-in-law, Olav Huldal. He moved from Shetland to Buckie after arriving in Scotland (worked on the Valder). He subsequently joined the Norwegian Merchant Navy and amongst various locations was bringing supplies to the D-Day beaches. He married my mother-in-law (Scottish) in Buckie and moved back to Fosnavaag after the war. Four children were born here (2 boys and 2 girls) and the family moved back to Buckie in the late 50s. He was a fisherman and along with his sons had a number of fishing boats - Embrace, Odelia and Nordic Prince.

Oct. 8

From: David MacDonald

Vestern - M234HO


Just to let you know that my father-in-law (Olav Huldal) and Jon Igesund from Fosnavaag were on the boat with Hans Feie.


David MacDonald

Here's what I have on M/B Vestern

Oct. 6

From: Roald Hansen

M/V Norland

You quote the following on some pictures of the Norland sinking... (It'll be noticed on Pic 2 below that it looks like a ship is visible behind her. Norland is said to have been sailing alone when the attack occurred. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed Norland?):

If you go to Jim Payne's web site.. Through their Eyes.. where these pictures came from there is a picture of the Norland side on.
The Norland has 2 large structures raised above deck level. One of these being the bridge. In the picture in question (No.2) the ship behind is actually the bridge.. being just visable through the smoke at the back of the ship.

Hope this clears up this small query.

Roald Hansen
Grandson of M/V Norlands Boatswain Elliot Hansen.

The picture referred to above can be found on this page.

Sept. 29

From: Burt Harvie


As a small boy during WW2 my family became close friends of a Norwegian sailor nicknamed "Westie". He sailed on the Selbo and according to a letter we had received was lost when the ship was sunk.According to the info he got off the ship and then went back to get some important documents when it blew up. Is there any families out there who may have know him and could provide any information as to his last name etc. so we could bring some closer to this. Many thanks for any help.

My page about Selbo can be found here. Burt's address can be provided.

Sept. 29

From: Phil Morgan

Appreciation by Pat O'Neal

Good afternoon Siri

Another Appreciation

I note the appreciation by Pat O'Neal.
I don't know if she has had any other mentions on your site.

This LADY has a site under the auspices of www.findagrave.com

In the past I have been in contact with her regarding the Coamo.

Her site is well worth a visit, and I would recommend it. She has done/is doing a great service.

My best wishes


Sept. 25

From: Patricia O'Neal

A Note of Appreciation

I'm the daughter of an American Merchant Mariner (Wm Thomas O'Neal) who was "lost" when his ship, the MS Lake Osweya, was torpedoed and sunk in 1942. I've done a lot of reading and research on the role of the Allied Merchant Marine effort during WWII and the stories transcend any and all boundaries. Why these gallant men are not given the recognition they so richly deserve is completely beyond me. This website is outstanding on so many levels, especially in the personal recognition you so liberally give whenever you come across the information. Thank you. It is my hope that other countries will see fit to honor their men and ships while the information is still accessible. Although there is some interest in the U.S., the Merchant Marine is still largely ignored when the subject of WWII comes up, and the average American has no idea who or what the Merchant Marine is.

Sept. 12.

From: Rebecca O'Reilly

Llew Jenkins O/S on Fenris

Hi there
I really just wanted to say a huge thank you for this amazing website and content. My Pop Llew Jenkins (from South Australia) served in the Merchant Navy. After he passed away I came into some documents, one of which is his pay book/log book of his time onboard the Motor Tanker Fenris. I knew very little of his work onboard this ship and your website has answered so many questions for me. He served for only a few months on this ship in 1943, but noticed he wasn't listed as "crew" possibly due to his short employment here. He departed to join the Australian Infantry Forces.
Awesome website - many thanks

(Here's my page about Fenris).

Sept. 5

From: Roger Prosser

Captured German ship used in arctic convoy

My father was in the Royal Navy. The story is that he was aboard a captured German ship (no name available) which was used to lead a convoy through suspected minefields which the Royal Navy, or others, had not the resources to sweep. Year unknown. Father died in 1945.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Roger Prosser (son )

PS Apparantly they sailed from Newcastle, England

(I've suggested my Ship Forum).

Sept 2

From: Chris Wright

Norwegian ships to Newcastle

Dear Siri,
Many thanks for posting my photographs and story onto your website. When I checked the website last night I found that someone listed as Warships had linked some information on 30/10/06 about one of my parents friends. Would it be possible to correspond with this person through your website please and be able to take part in the forums when other information becomes available?

Thank you for your help once more-I have learned more from your website in the last few weeks than I have in over 20 years of letter writing and telephone calls!

Address has been forwarded. Chris' story can be found on this page.

Aug. 29

From: Sverre Magnus Berg

Odd Conrad / S/S Sørvangen

Hello, came across these fine pages some years back and mentioned Odd Conrad's name to my mother. My family comes from Hell (-no joke) witch is only a few miles from Hegra and we also had relatives in Hegra. And of course my mother, that was about the same ages, knew who he was ...small world.
To day I found a picture of S/S Sørvangen among things that I had taken care of from my mothers house. My father was a 1st officer onboard Sørvangen (later captain in the same company). By "gooling" a bit searching for the sister ships Østvangen and Vestvangen I was back to your pages. As far as I can see you don't have any picture of Sørvangen - if you are interested please let me know.

Best regards
Sverre Magnus Berg
(ret. engr. and ex radio officer)

Here's my page about Sørvangen - picture will be added. My father's story can be found on this page.

Aug. 18

From: John H Ackrill

Various Norwegian WWII ships

I am Chief Engineer on the 1926 floating crane Hikitia (qv) and also her archivist. In researching her WWII service - and also that of the Wellington floating dock - I've come across a number of mentions of Norwegian ships that came through Wellington, which add little bits of information to that already on your excellent website.

How best can I get this information to you?

(Information has now been received and will be added to the site in due course).

Aug. 15

From: Timothy Baumgartner

Ida Bakke aka Concordia Foss

I discovered your site by googling "M/S Concordia Foss." I did not expect to find a result--but launched the search after writing to a friend now living in Oslo, and then wondering to myself if I could find a trace of my own past--working across the Atlantic on a ship of the Concordia Line. I did not participate in WWII, since I was born in 1943. I grew up in Illinois, in middle of the continental USA, far from the sea, but I left university in 1964 when I was 19, to clear my head and travel for a year or so, and was lucky to find a sympathetic captain on the M/S Concordia Foss, after walking the docks for several days in New Orleans. I had to meet the ship in last US port of call (for insurance reasons, liability) which was New York, and then signed on as "workaway" deckhand on the Concordia Foss, my first sea adventure--from New York to Canary Islands and then through Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, disembarking at Genoa to hitch-hike through Europe, study at Univ. of Freiburg in Germany, and eventually on to Oslo to discover the wonderful Viking Ship museum. Living in the bare, austere cabin on the poop deck, working on the Concordia Foss was one of the more memorable experiences of my life, before the tumult of the Vietnam war experiences. It was wonderful to find a photo of the Concordia Foss on your web site!

I am still going to sea, but now to evaluate effects of climate change on ocean ecosystem off Baja California, Mexico.

Thank you for your hard work to build this site.

Tim B.

My page about Ida Bakke can be found here.

Aug. 8

From: Patricia Dixon

Thomas Henry Dixon

My brother Thomas was radio officer on the Vardefjell which broke apart in rough seas off the coast of Scotland on Dec 11 1942. The crew on the back half of the ship were rescued after 11 days but the front half with the officers was lost. All this I learned from your site. I was 10 years old when Thomas died. I loved him as only little sisters do with wonderful older brothers - fiercely. All these years I have needed to know just what happened to him and painful as the story you tell is to me I am profoundly grateful to you for your telling it.

Thank you

Here is my page about Vardefjell.

Aug. 7

From: Jennifer Harpster

S.S.James Smith

I was recently going through some old papers and found one handed down to me by my dad. He was a gunners mate on the s.s. James Smith, a Liberty Freighter, during WW II. It is four pages of closely typewritten account titled "voyage, report of" by the commanding officer. It is dated October 1, 1943. It tells of a battle and helping survivors on Sept 22 at about 8 pm. Maybe this is the one you are referring to on your web site. My dad told us of being in the water, whether or not from this exchange I do not recall, on a lifeboat for several days..he would not talk very much about it. I cannot find out very much about this ship and do not know how he got these papers. I think it is part of the ship's log.

Thanks Jenny

I believe Jenny has been reading the account on this page on my website.

Aug. 1

From: Frank Weber

British agent escaping from Norway to Denmark april 1942

I would like to know more about a ARNE AVIGSON from Arendal in Norway. He should have helped the british agent, "Gunther Reimer", to England by fishingvessel ultimo April 1942. But unfortunately Arne injuried his foot, and was taken to the hospital. The british agent had to escape by other means, and he came to Aalborg by Luftwaffe, disguised as a german officer. It is told, that the said agent had intelligence concerning the Norsk Hydro at Vemork, that reached England via the resistance in Denmark.

Best wishes


military historian

I've suggested the Norway during WW II forum

July 31

From: Kjetil Holme

A. Minsaas and T. Christiansen

I just finished reading "Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption" by Laura Hillenbrand (ISBN 1400064163). This is the story about American WWII bomber crew Louis Zamperini's survival in Japanese prison camps. Zamperini was also a famous American athlete and participated in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Norwegian sailors Anton Minsaas (page 207 and Thorbjoern Christiansen (page 208) are mentioned in the book. These Norwegian sailors are also identified on your website. I quote from page 208: "Louis sat in his cell, shivering and praying. A Norwegian sailor, Thorbjoern Christiansen, felt for him , and gave him a gift that may well have saved his life. Digging through his possessions , he pulled out a coat and passed it on to Louis. Louis bundled up, hung on, and hoped he wouldn't end up like Minsaas."

Anton Minsaas and Thorbjørn Christiansen were crew members of Madrono. This page has information on what happened to the ship. They are both also mentioned on my page Life in imprisonment, which describes the fate of Anton Minsaas.

July 28

From: Ken Sollows

Crewman on M/V Ferncliff

Recent tragedy got my father (Ken G. Sollows) thinking about his wartime service as a Canadian sailor on the M/V Ferncliff. He shipped out from New York on the voyage to India in 1945, and was paid off on his return to USA to attend his father's funeral.

He recalls the cargo was munitions to India and recalls loading graphite (presumably for the atom bomb project) for the voyage back.

I have his records and photos from the trip somewhere and would be pleased to provide copies to you if you wish. It will take some time to find them.

Our condolences to all Norwegians for the tragedy you have suffered.


Ken F. Sollows (son)

Here's my page about Ferncliff.

July 22

From: Dennis Moyse

"Pol 111"

I am new to this website, which I found when researching for my holiday to Norway, and I will not have time to read the entire website until I return to England on 06 August so am using your Guestbook to contact you.

I have driven across Belgium, Germany and Denmark, and from Oslo to Kirkenes and back to pursue my personal interest in WW2. To see places associated with "Blucher," and the extraordinary chain of events that started when she was sighted from "Pol 111," I specially took daytime ferry Frederikshavn/Oslo on 02 June. You may want to know that I found and photographed "Pol 111," now "Arnoytrans" as shown in websites, in a scrapyard, on Sunday 17 July.

After today with friends near Hamar, I cannot be contacted by e-mail until 07 August, but you can TEXT me on my mobile (.....). Starting 23 July I finish my holiday in Oslo area, Telemark and south west Norway before leaving Kristiansand on 01 August to Hirtshals.

Dennis Moyse

Here is Pol III.

July 14

From: Bonnie

Norwegian mariners' terms

I have been trying to discover what these ship positions would be in English, and what the job entailed, since my ancestors all held some of these titles:

Can you help? Thank you.

July 11

From: Roy Elwood

HMS Zambesi Gunner Harold Dickens

Harold Dickens who served on HMS Zambesi posted a message on 14 July 2009 and was happy to hear from people. I also served on Zambesi so would like to contact him if he is still with us. He was 87 in 2009 - I am only 86.
I was on arctic convoys, the evacuation of Soroy and the rescue of SS Henry Bacon survivors.

Address has been provided. See also my pages about Skiensfjord and Idefjord.

July 4


Merchant Aircraft Carriers

Many thanks for your website which has proved invaluable in tracking my fathers movements across the North Atlantic in 1943 & 1944 in HMS MAC MacColl & Alexia.

June 16

From: Robert C Nicholson

Old Shipmate

I am trying to find Arild Hansen from Narvik who joined the Ore carrier "Globe Trader" in Narvik, Jan 56 as Engine boy (machin Gutt). He joined along with an Oiler who had a bad leg. We sailed together for about 5 months. I think Arild was about a year older than me. We became big buddies. I am 71 soon Arild must be close too 73. Often wonder what happened to him through Life.

Bob N. or as Arild knew me - Blackie.

(If anyone can help Robert, his address can be provided via my contact address at the end of this page).

June 12

From: J. Stropole

SS Wind Rush


Ref Lani Ethridge 01/2008 Message:

Both my Dad and my uncle sailed aboard the SS Wind Rush, before the war and during the war, in fact my Dad was torpedoed on the sistership (SS Sea Thrush) while my uncle was on the Murmansk Run in 1942.

My Dad's first ship was the SS Wind Rush in 1937...My Uncle Pete was aboard the Wind Rush from 04/42 to 01/43 as best as I know.

Best Regards

June 10

From: Chris Wright

Norwegians in Newcastle

I first visited your site during 2002 with a query over sailors in Newcastle England. Your site has grown considerably since then now that I have revisited. It also seems to have developed tremendously, congratulations. I have managed to obtain further information on my quest for details of the people in question and would like to send you several pages of photographs and other details if at all possible.

May 31

From: Nick Dobson

Researching my Father's war record

I am currently researching my Father's war service. He was a British sailor in the Royal Navy during WW2 and I have obtained a copy of his service record. Details on this are sparse, as it is composed of records created by research of pay and victualling records, so is a starting point for further research rather than as being definitive. Family members are insistent that he sailed on north Atlantic convoys and I have been searching his service record for entries that may confirm this. For the period after spring 1942 the record places him elsewhere, mainly in the Med, and this is supported by other documentation I have, so I do not believe he served on convoys after this time. However, there is a single entry on the record which may be relevant. This is simply shown as "Duty - Norwegian Ship" - from 21 August 1941 to 31 March 1942. The convoys were active at that time of course. Is it possible to identify likely candidate vessels and is it still possible to find crew lists for Norwegian ships? Perhaps there is someone out there who knew my Father. His name was Walter Allan Dobson and his service number was JX224193. He came from March in Cambridgeshire and was born in 1919. Any help much appreciated.

(Nick's address can be provided via my contact address at the bottom of this page).

May 29

From: Marcus Foley

King Haakon VII medal

My grandfather received this medal which I still have, he was RAF squadron stationed in Norway following the sinking of the Tirpitz, he received it in 1946.

May 26

From: Jos Rozenburg

Dutch passengers aboard Hoegh Silverdawn

The Dutch passengers who sailed on the Hoegh Silverdawn were all military members of the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service. They flew either on the maritime patrol aircraft of 321 NL SQN who patrolled around the allied convoys against German and Japanese submarines, or on the bombers of 320 NL SQN who flew missions from England against targets in occupied Europe.
They probably came aboard in Australia, enroute to England for service in 320 NL SQN.
Their individual fate can be found on the official Roll of Honour of the RNLN Naval Air Service (www.traditiekamermld.nl/gedenkrol_alfabetisch.pdf) or at Netherlands War Graves Foundation (www.ogs.nl/slachtofferregister)
The four victims were:
BIJL, Dirk van der (1919), Sergeant Air Gunner
BRUIJN, Cornelis (1921), Sergeant Air Wireless Operator
DIETS, Anton Cornelis (1909), Sergeant Air Wireless Operator
PALINGS, Cornelis Antonius (1918), Sergeant Air Gunner
About the four survivors:
OLTMANS, Ronald (1920), Sergeant Air Gunner, died 30 April 1946 in Soerabaja (Neth East Indies) of the effects of being interned in a Japanese POW camp.
BOLLEURS, H.A. (1919), Sergeant Air Wireless Operator and SWENS, Ch.L. (1920), Sergeant Air Wireless Operator, both died during a training flight in a B-25D Mitchell bomber on 21 July 1948 when their aircraft crashed near Scotland.
SMITH, Jan, no data found

See also Høegh Silverdawn, including crew list.

May 26

From: Hans Hauss

Fenris of Oslo

I think my father may have been with your father on the Fenris during WW11. His name was Wilfred Gulbrandsen.
Please contact me at (address withheld- can be provided) or on facebook Hans Hauss
Thank You
Hans Hauss

Here's my page about Fenris.

May 26

From: Jos Rozenburg

Brant County stoker de Greef

I am researching the fate of Dutch mariners in WW2 and found the file on stoker de Greef, crewmember on Brant County who was killed when she was torpedoed.

He was not Belgian as stated in your crewlist, but Dutch. His full name was Jan Baptist de Greef, born in 1883 in Ossendrecht, the Netherlands. He is mentioned on the website of our official Netherlands Wargraves Foundation (www.ogs.nl), under 'Slachtofferregister'

See my page about Brant County.

May 21

From: Luke Gunnar Nilsen

Just saying thanks

Thanks for continuing to provide this, to find information about my late grandfathers MN career and circumstances outside of family recollection is very valuable and not easy to come by.

May 20

From: William Mc Dougall

D/S Siremalm

Dear sir, I have picture of Siremalm. I would like to post it to you but dont know how. Could you please help.

Here's Siremalm (picture has been added).

May 12

From: Glenda Tollefsen

MS Hermion

I am trying to locate anyone who served on this ship who knew my father-in-law Finn Rudolf Tollefsen, I am currently undergoing a mammoth task of a family tree through ancestry.com that has led me on a wonderful path to history and sadness leading me to the wonderful family I have. All I know Finn was a merchant seaman born in Norway 1916, met and married my husband's mother (Florence) in Sydney Australia around 1946/7, but evidently he had a wife or partner in Norway by the name of Helene, his mother's name was Borghild, any informaiton would be greatly appreciated.

(Not sure if Glenda is referring to this Hermion?).

May 8

From: Karen Jorgensen

My grandfather

Hallo, my last wish is to find a photo of my grandfather Kay Hennry Jorgensen. He was on the ss Halland sunk by Germen arcraft 14 septembur 1942 /5 miles from Dunbar. There must be a crow photo or his id photo somewhere. Please help - his brother Saven Jorgensen was on the ship and both lost at sea for ever. I have never see my gran dad and long just to see his photo, any thing you can do to help me, thank you so much.

(I'm afraid I can't help with this).

May 4

From: Pål Sørli

M/T Fenris of Oslo

Great site!

I have just started to look into my father's (Nils Olsen) activities before and during the WW2, since I found his photoalbum and memoars in his belongings. In his notes he states that he worked on the ship M/T Fenris of Oslo, just before the attack on Norway, a ship whom you have listed in your website. I am trying to find out just which voyage, dates and destination, he was onbord the M/T Fenris, before he jumped off in England to join the army in the fight against the Germans. The only match I found in your website is convoy HX46 from Bermuda to Swansea 2 june 1940, but I would be really happy if I could actually find his name on a crew list to confirm this matter. If this is not possible, then, at least you have a new name to the crewlist of M/T Fenris.

In one picture of my father on the M/T Fenris, he is boxing against another sailor, on the back of the photo the sailor is named.

If anybody is looking for information about the company linked to Iceland, furthermore Jan Mayen weatherstation, then feel free to contact me, I have a lot of photos, and most persons are named by my father under each picture. Moreover, pictures from London and Scotland are also included in his album, both Norwegian and foreign soldiers, and even British girls, girls the soldiers met during off duty time.

Kind regards.
Pål Sørli

Here's what I have about Fenris. The National Archives of Norway will be able to help with the dates Pål's father joined/left the ship. I have Pål's address in my files (my contact address has been provided at the bottom of this page).

May 2

From: Brandon F Deakes

D/S Woolgars Story

After reading this I just had to post a message. The last paragraph of "6 months on Andaman Islands" refers to the Deakes family. The little boy(8) was my father Patrick Michael Deakes. His Father was George Horace Deakes, and, his mother was Millecent Dorothy Deakes. My grandfather died in Changi. My Grandmother spent 2 years in hospitalization after her internment, after which she returned to the Andamans to find a ruined estate. She and my father returned to the UK in 1950, and she passed away in 1967. I have the story she wrote of her experience during this sad time in history, but am unable to copy and paste it here.

Brandon is referring to a note found on this page at 6 months on Andaman Islands (scroll down to the last paragraph).

Apr. 28

From: Donald A. Larson

Oslo Organizations Tracking War Sailors

Dear Madam or Sir,

In late July, I will have the honor and pleasure of accompanying a dear friend and WWII Norwegian Merchant Marine sailor on a visit to his homeland. William Karl Nilsen left Norway in 1940, as a 16-year-old deck hand on the passenger ship Bergensfjord, departing Bergen just days before the Nazi occupation. Unable to return home, William served on 6 merchant ships during the war (Trondanger, Askild, Aragon, Askepot, Meline, and Atlantic). William returned home after the war and ultimately emigrated to the United States. Yet he visited home annually while his parents were still living. At the advanced age of 87, he is now looking forward to what might be his last visit.

During our visit to Norway, we will enjoy the 7-day northbound voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes, on the MS Nordnorge, and tour William's birthplace of Oslo (then Christiania). We also hope to visit with remaining family members and friends.

I would like to inquire about organizations in Oslo that track Norway's war sailors. I would like to pre-arrange visits and inquire about any special recognition that might be bestowed upon William during our visit. I am also certain that William would be deeply moved by visits to Oslo's memorials to Norway's WWII sailors. Your help here would be much appreciated.

Tusen takk,

Donald A. Larson

I'm putting Donald in touch with someone in Norway who might be able to assist. All the ships mentioned here are discussed on this website; the easiest way to find them is via the Master Ship Index).

Apr. 20

From: George Hreno

Shipyard Plaque

Hello, I was recently at an auction in West Palm Beach Fl. I purchased an old bronze plaque that has "No.792 1958 S.A. Cockerill-Ougree Chantier Naval Hoboken Belgique" This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of history that I'm searching the internet for information and value of the piece. I will send you pictures of it if you want. Also,I would be interested in selling it. If you can tell me anything about it , or would know anyome that is interested in buying it, please let me know. Thanks for your time and consideration, Sincerely, George Hreno You can reach me by phone @ (phone number witheld - can be provided).

(I'm unable to help with this query).

Apr. 18

From: Bob Duke

U.S.A.T. Torrens, Warsailors

Hi, My name is Bob Duke and my grandfather was Alonzo P. Kephart, a member of the 33rd Special Navy Construction Batt. during WWII. I read the information you have posted about the Torrens and you seem to indicate that some gaps are missing especially with respect to the period 1944. I thought you might be interested in this tidbit of info. Alonzo M1C was on board the Torrens in Nov, 1944. I think he was either on the way to or from Leyte, P.I. Anyhow, the reason I know that he was on board the Torrens (not as crew) was that he received a small certificate indicating that he participated in a crossing of the equator ceremony. This happened on 04 November, 1944. It might be of interest to you since it provides a specific date and location for where the ship was at that time. If you're interested, let me know and I will try to provide you with an image of that small (pocket size) certificate to add to your data file. And thank you for having the site up about the Torrens, it has provided me with a small piece of info regarding my grandfathers time in the Navy Seabees.

Regards, Bob.

See my page about Torrens.

Apr. 15

From: Mun Chor Weng

Request permission to use picture of Villanger

Dear Sir,

I am a collector of clocks from Singapore. Among my collection is a marine chronometer made by Thomas Mercer. Information in the documents found with the chronometer showed that the chronometer was used on the Villanger. I am presently planning to write an article on this chronometer and would like to include a picture of the Villanger in the write up. Can I have your kind permission to use in my article the picture of the Villanger found on your website ?

Best regards

Mun Chor Weng

Here's my page about Villanger, but as it turned out, the Villanger in question is another ship by the same name.

Apr. 2

From: Thomas Gamble


Hi All and I would like to express my enormous respect for the work and dedication you have brought to this site.

I have been researching my Dad's merchant navy records and note you have very little info regarding the Troja. I have my Dads pay records from Dec. 1 1944 to October 1945.

These are not designed to provide geographical data but do indicate dates and locations reflecting receipt of payments.

Please advise should you require an electronic copy.

Regards Thomas (son of Bruce Gamble, served on Troja and Temeraire).

See my page about Troja (here is Temeraire).

March 27

From: Roma Clewell


My great aunt was Alice McMeekin-Hanson, one of the first wireless operators in the Norwegian army stationed on Kaptein Worsoe. I'd love to have more information.

Here is what I have on Kaptain Worsoe.

March 20

From: Eric Fisher

Anyone know me?

I was Radio Officer British M.N. 1942 -1945 and '49-'56. Served on "Ocean Wanderer", "Fort McMurray", "Empire MacKendrick", "Asbjorn"(Danish), "Thistleford", "Lobos", "Audax", "British Might", "Berna". Disc. Book. R262245. Completing my seagoing history at age 86. Would like to include anyone who knew me or those ships during those years. Thank you for the amazing website.

Eric's address can be provided - my contact address it at the bottom of this page.

March 15

From: Andrew Roberts

Quick thankyou

Hello, just a quick thankyou for setting up and running this site. I travel a lot for business and enjoy reading interesting sites when away from home.

Andrew Roberts

March 14

From: Susan Pater

Morwenna Essex enquiry Thomas Williams

I would like to have contact with Morwenna Essex who was asking for information on your Guest Book with regard to Thomas Williams, on September 9th 2009. I am in touch with his daughter, his only child, who would be delighted to contact Morwenna. The letter Morwenna found in her mother's effects was written by Mrs Williams, Thomas's wife. I would be grateful if you could pass on contact details to me and I can then forward them to Mrs. Bethan Roberts (nee Williams)

Many thanks

Susan Pater.

Address has been provided and contact has been established. The message referred to was posted on Sept. 22-2009 - see also crew list for Charente.

March 9

From: Martin Hughes

Anatina details - 1944 collision

This might be the reason that you can find no details of the Anatina for 1944 - she cut my fathers' ship the "Wear" in half off Montagu Island NSW (he was the radio officer and survived OK). I have the press cuttings.

"Wear. Coastal steamer, 1892 tons. #129777. Built at Sunderland, England, 1911; reg. Melbourne, 3/1912. Lbd 268 x 37.9 x 17.6 ft. Sank following a collision with MV Anatina about nine miles off Montagu Island, NSW, 8 September 1944. All crew were rescued but one seaman received fatal injuries. The Wear was steaming at about ten knots in a smooth sea when she was struck amidships. Both vessels were locked together for about ten minutes but the Wear was almost cut in half and sank immediately they separated. One lifeboat was launched but some of her crew of fifty-six spent a short period in the sea before rescued by the Anatina and landed at Eden"

This collision is mentioned on my page about Anatina

March 9

From: Maryanne Hansen

Høegh Silverdawn

One of the survivors is my father sitting next to nr. 4. He is nr 9 and his name is Alf Hansen. He is the one with the number 9?

I can give more information if wanted.

You have made an impressive and important work :-)

Maryanne Hansen

Maryanne is referring to a picture found on this page.

March 5

From: Jacqueline Lewis

D/S Gurre

This is such a interesting site & appreciated
I have found that my paternal grandfather on board Norwegian Steamer Gurre torpedoed by German Sub u66 March 1 1917, do you know of any way I can find picture of that ship & I have been trying to find a list of ship crew as am trying to locate the family of Karl Harald Blomberg
thank you

I've suggested my Ship Forum

March 5

From: Lee Oates

M/T Stigstad


I just thought that I would let you know about a link to a crew member, Kevin McClory, from the torpedoed M/T Stigstad who was aboard a lifeboat with my father-in-law, Thomas Oates.


I very much enjoy visiting warsailors.com.

Lee Oates

Kevin McClory is included in the crew list on my page about Stigstad

Febr. 21

From: Bryan Prieur

A Very good site. I enjoy it alot.

Febr. 20

From: John Dann

M/T Tankexpress

Firstly, let me say how useful and informative your web-site is. Thank you for that. I've used it researching details about my father's ship HMS Lightning. However, it may be interesting to learn that the rescued sailors of 'Tankexpress' in 1942 also had a little ship's dog. A skye terrier -which they gave to HMS Lightning as the crew was dispersed in Gibraltar. He became Lightning's ships mascot re-named 'Flash'. Sadly the little dog was lost with some of the ships company when HMS Lightning was torpedoed in 1943.
I have a photo of the dog if it is of interest.
With kind regards
John Dann

Here's my page about Tankexpress.

Febr. 12

From: Colin McKirdy

ON 113

Your website is a treasure!

I sailed from Liverpool as a young boy in 1942. We arrived in Halifax aboard SS Bayano.

I am 76. My grown daughter has asked me to reconstruct those early years to the best of my memory. She knows that I witnessed North Atlantic sinkings, U-boat attacks and have a lifelong admiration for merchant mariners.

Your website is the final confirmation of some of a young boy's memories of a terrible time.

Many of the ships in ON 113 never found safe harbor despite our convoy's corvettes and other escorts. I saw one ship split into a midship "V" and disappear in mere moments.

Thank you for your documentary efforts. They touch more people than you imagine.

The convoy referred to above is not yet available on my website, but the ships sailing in it are named on this page. Also, see this external page, as well as this page (also external).

Febr. 8

From: Roy W. Brown

Convoy UGS-40

My main reason for contacting you is simply to introduce myself and "talk" a bit. I am almost 85 year old an served in the US Navy Armed Guard during WWII. As you know we were the defense and Communications aboard Merchant ships. I was a Signalman aboard SS John Dickinson for several months. We came under heavy air attack by JU-88s, Dorniers, Heinkels, etc., on the evening of 11 May 1944 off North Africa. (It was the evening before my 18th birthday! Hermann Goering must have "planned" this as a birthday surprise for me)! We shot down 22 or more of the enemy planes and didn't lose any ships. I wonder if you can add any information about that engagement?? My wife and I are not in good health so I spend much of my time writing and studying. I am very thankful I am still able to do those things!

I appreciate your Site and hope you and your family are well.
Roy Brown

(Links to websites with more information have been passed on).

Febr. 7

From: George Varjas

D/S Ringhorn

Just to let you know I am one of the five survivors from the D/S Ringhorn that was sunk by a German U Boat on the 4th February 1941. I live in London and have just reached my 90th birthday.

Anyone who may be interested in the Ringhorn, please contact me
George Varjas

Here's my page about Ringhorn

Febr. 2

From: Kamil

Super page


Super page, an incredible amount of information about ships and convoys, easy viewing.
I am just starting with my site
http://navy-ship.net. Marine general topics, more something like a database of technical ships and vessels.


Jan. 28

From: Laura

Oslofjord painting

Hello, thank you for your informative website! A reproduction painting of the Oslofjord hangs up in my apartment building hallway. I finally googled it and arrived at your page, reading about the ship was fascinating. Thanks for putting together such a nice website. Here's a photo of the painting, I thought you might like to see it- the plaque at the bottom says "Norwegian America Line" and it's signed "Feldtmann". Click on this link to view it: http://bit.ly/fzgUoy
Brooklyn, NY

The WW II Oslofjord is discussed on this page (not sure if the painting shows this ship).

Jan. 25

From: Paul Holm-Andersen

Reidar Holm-Andersen

Hi Siri; It seems the end of an era is near. My father has just passed away and there are damn few left. Your site becomes more relevant and important as time goes on. Its nice to see how you have stuck with your vision and you are to be commended.

Dad very rarely talked about the war. When he did it was often of comical occurences (driving a jeep to the top of Citadel Hill in Halifax for one) but rarely of the war. You are important to those seeking to fill in the blanks.

I will continue to try to put the pieces together so the family can realize what his generation had to go through and how we are the recipients of their bravery. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


Paul's father served on Sir James Clark Ross during the war, while his grandfather Conrad served on Hafthor.

Jan. 25

From: Charles Catto

D/S Astrid

I recently read an article in our local community newsletter by a gentleman who had assisted in the care of a crew rescued from a ship called Empire Pilgrim. This ship once repaired was sold on to the Norwegian Government in exile in 1942 an became D/S Astrid. This intrigued me since I was unaware of this ship possibly because another ship came ashore in the same area the following night in January 1942 which I suspect was more news worthy. I have written an article to follow up the previous article outlining a short history of the ship until its demise in 1960. I have culled some information from your site and would be very grateful if I can use that information in my short article.
I have to say I agree with your sentiment regarding war medals and the lack of attention given to war sailors. My uncle was an engineer and sailed all through WW2 and also helped in the savage of ships. That is how he met my Aunt when he was billeted in a local hotel in our village.
I have been in contact with my cousin in respect of the Empire Pilgrim and we are aware that he was not involved in this salvage operation. My uncle (1914-1975) also got no recognition during his life time, his lungs being badly damaged, he was discharged in 1944 shortly after his ship unloaded fuel for the D-day landings. On medical advice he was advised to go to a country with a dryer climate for the benefit of his health which prolonged his life somewhat.
There is no financial gain for myself in writing this article, only the satisfaction of leaving something for my grandchildren so that they know a little of what was done by their ancestors to hopefully make the world a better place.

Kindest Regards and thank you

Charlie Catto

Permission has been given - here's my page about Astrid

Jan. 20

From: Richard Goold

Lancaster Gate

My wife and I recently visited London and I went to Lancaster Gate where I shipped on several Norwegian ships, stayed at the seamans home and also at the seamans hospital. All gone! What has happened? I am almost 80 and understand that time changes things.

Jan. 19

From: Nadia

Capt. Anfinn Fuglstad

I was wondering if you had any information on my grandfather(bestefar) Anfinn Fuglstad. I know he was a captain for Gotaas Larsen and served with their company for some years, Although I am not sure of the name of his ship the Golar Freeze rings a bell. He sadly passed away in 2005 and is dearly missed. I would love to know more about his work. As a child I saw he had two awards from the UN for taking on board some refugees in distress.
I would love to know more!
Nadia Fuglstad

Jan. 18

From: Ivan Cloherty

Merchant Navy in conflicts

Just a note to thank you for a great site which promotes merchant seamen of your own country and other countries. Your dedication and hard work are appreciated by all who enter this site, and as we say in England "we take our hats off to you", which basically means we doubt if anyone could do it better.

The Merchant Navy in most countries is the forgotten service, even in our island nation and even landlocked countries cannot survive in war or peace without these brave men sailing in various Merchant Navies.

As an ex mariner I salute you

Kind regards
Ivan Cloherty
Torquay UK

Jan. 9

From: Patrick


Throughout my school years & well into adulthood, I have always maintained an avid interest in WWII.

After recently watching one of my favourite WWII films - San Demetrio London, I googled the ship & through the wikipedia links, came across your website.

Many of my family (parents Generation) served in WWII with several not surviving the war.

You are to be commended for helping to preserve the memories of those who served during that conflict.

I for one, thank you.

A report re San Demetrio is available on this page.

Jan. 7

From: Stefan Gudmundsson

M/T Rigmor - 1st Engineer

My grandfather, Ernst Gudmundsson, was 1st engineer on M/T Rigmor. He was married to a Norweigan woman (Borgny), and they lived in Bergen. When the Germans invaded Norway, Ernst, who was Swedish, went to Gothenburg where he continued to work for the Norweigan merchant fleet. His wife and children were kept in Bergen, but eventually managed to leave for Gothenburg. Ernst Gudmundsson was awarded Member of the order of the British Empire (MBE) and St. Olav's Medal with Oak Branch. He died 1986.

See my crew list for Rigmor.


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