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Re: Brambleleaf
Posted by: Rainer Kolbicz (IP Logged)
Date: January 12, 2002 11:48AM

The date for U-81's attack in Rohwers book is wrong. The firing report is dated on 11.06.42 but the KTB shows 10.06.42.

Using all available informations we can say that BRAMBLELEAF was torpeoded by U-81 at 02.18 hours on 10.06.42.

But was a second ship hit by U-559 in her attack? ATHENE was for sure sunk by this U-boat.

Has someone additional informations about the convoy AT-49 and the ships? Is it mentioned that one of the three ships hit (ATHENE, BRAMBLELEAF, HAVRE) was hit by more than one torpedo or hit at different times? Which dates and times are mentioned in Allied sources?


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