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Re: Brambleleaf
Posted by: Rainer Kolbicz (IP Logged)
Date: December 13, 2001 02:08PM

So I assume that the Brambleleaf did not return to service. Total loss seems to be correct.

According to Rohwer:
U-559 attacked a convoy on 10.06.42 at 04.56 hours in grid CP 7179 and reported hits on two ships.
This was convoy AT-49 and the ships hit were the Norwegian ATHENE and the BRAMBLELEAF reported hit at the same time in position 3112'N, 2810'E (north of El Alamein)

U-81 attacked a convoy on 11.06.42 at 02.18 hours in grid CP 7421 (between El Alamein and the attack position of U-559. Note in Rohwer: U-81 missed an escort vessel and hit a tanker near the bow. There was a large flash and the tanker was left burning.

So the question is: Was the attack by U-81 on 10. or 11.06.?

That she was beached near Port Said is very unlikely. Just take a look on a map.


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