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Re: tug Rechtenfleth
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Date: November 25, 2001 06:22AM

Hallo Theodor.

Here is from KTB Hafenkapitän Maaløy.(Lt.z.See Sebelin)

Engl. Landung auf Maalöy 27.12.41.
Verlauf der Aktion:

12.30 Uhr. Rechenfleth (Rust)und Anita L.M.Russ lauft von Norden kommend in Ulvsund ein und im Sund 2 zerstörer, darunter "G 66"
und ein brennendes Vorpostenboot under Land.

12.40 Uhr. Anita L.M.Russ und Rechenfleth werden Von Zerstöer durch Artilleriefeuer versenkt.

And here is from the British ORB.

A tug and another vessel of about 3000 tons were seen to enter Ulvesund from northward. She flashed her name, "Anita L.M.Russ"
and the "ORIBI" replied, thus momentarily decceiving the enemy.
She could not send a boarding party because her boats were in shore taking of 5 Group. Realising what was happening, the tug
turned hard a port,the merchantman hard a starboard, and both ran ashore. They were destroyed by gunfire

Ship in this operation "Archery" was Kenya, Oribi and Onslow,
not Offa.


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