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Re: D/S Honningsvaag
Posted by: Axel van Eesbeeck (IP Logged)
Date: November 20, 2001 01:35PM

Hallo Siri

Im trying to translate what Theo wrote.

fishing trawler MALANGEN, codesign DFEL
487 BRT 168 NRT 50,52 mL, 8,30 mB, 4,83 mT 800 PS
shipyard: Deschimag Werk Seebeck, Wesermünde building No.: 645

septemper 1939. launched as Malangen for the owner: Norddeutsche Hochseefischerei A.G., Wesermünde- Gestemünde
25.01.1940: delivered from the shipyard
29.01.1940: registered in "Seeschiffsregister" (register of sea going ships).
27.03.1940 First trip from Wesermünde to the barents sea
12.04.1940 started the retourn journey
13.04.1940 Not knowing of the german attack of Norway the ship entered Hooningsvaag and was arrestet by the volunteer battaillon of Hooningsvaag. The crew war interned.
22.04.1940 By the "3. Söforsvarsdistrikt" in Tromsüö declared as prize
23.04.1940 From this date used as HONNINGSVAG by the norwegian navy under the command of Leutnant z. See A.E.T. Plyhn (british comander ?)
29.05.1940 From the lower district court Tromsö seized as good prize
June: To the royal navy as auxilliary patrol vessel ??
1945: retourned to the norwegian navy.
1946: Taken out of duty by the norwegian government and sold to
Tralfiskernes Andelslang, Kristiansand ( Mgr.: Per
Olsen, Kristiandsand ). The ship remained under the name HONNINGSVAG.
1971: Sold to Arnt Enebakk, Kristiansand
1972: Sold to Odkjell Danielsen, Kristiansand.
1973, Beginning: broken up in norway.

It would be very interesting to get more information for the time the ship was in the norwegian navy.

The norwegian fishing trawler ALBION 192 BRT built in 1880 was captured by the german destroyer THEODOR RIEDEL at Drontheim.

According to a report that Theo has, the ALBION was torpedord by the british submarine HMS Truant at Bronnöysund.

This is an information you can't find by Jürgen Rohwer.

More details for both ships are very welcome

Translation is really hard work.

Best regards

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