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  Lost book Axel  11/02/2005 04:02PM 
Last Post by Petter
  Wilh Wilhelmsen Peter Clisby  05/05/2005 08:33AM 
Last Post by Peter Clisby
  Bertil Ahren Donna Getsinger  04/25/2005 07:44PM 
Last Post by Donna Getsinger
  kystruten på sørlandet april 1944 Wopke  04/12/2005 02:19AM 
Last Post by Wopke
  The Sailor's Word- Book Bill Watt  03/30/2005 11:29AM 
Last Post by Bill Watt
  Tusen Norske Skip Jos Odijk  02/08/2005 02:34PM 
Last Post by Siri
  SEARCHING FOR BOOK Terry Dwyer  03/22/2006 11:41AM 
Last Post by Margaret
  information about -" terje skogeng  03/22/2006 12:26PM 
Last Post by Rycharde
  Wartime Salvage Roy M  03/22/2006 12:35PM 
Last Post by Bennett
  The Battle of the East Coast (1939-1945) Ron  03/22/2006 12:48PM 
Last Post by Katheryne
  Rudi Wieser & U 1195 Ron  03/22/2006 11:47AM 
Last Post by Marie
  HMS Hiniesta/Madiz Tom Jackson  05/13/2012 01:16PM 
Last Post by dannydog
  Russian Maritime Register Marty Bollinger  03/22/2006 12:24PM 
Last Post by Jeffrey
  Tarifa 15  Mary Hegerty  03/17/2013 05:34PM 
Last Post by craig
  book Ejner Kr. Boutrup  03/22/2006 01:13PM 
Last Post by Sybyll
  Information about M/T ISELIN NS Wladimir  11/09/2004 09:31AM 
Last Post by Wladimir
  British mine destructor ships in WSS 63 Darius  11/08/2004 11:49AM 
Last Post by Darius
  Shipwrecks off North East Norfolk (UK) Ron  09/18/2004 01:41PM 
Last Post by Ron
  Shipwrecks of the East Coast (UK) Ron Young  03/22/2006 11:41AM 
Last Post by Androw
  New book covering foreign ships in German hands WW2 Erling Skjold  03/22/2006 11:42AM 
Last Post by Dorothy
  Merchant Ship Losses 19  Kev  03/22/2006 01:53PM 
Last Post by Sindony
  Norwegian Sailors in Scotland WWll Reg Fergus  03/22/2006 12:06PM 
Last Post by Alyce
  Gröner updated? Darius  07/27/2004 12:52AM 
Last Post by Darius
  Hospital Ships and Red Cross at Sea John Gilinsky  04/21/2007 01:10PM 
Last Post by Der Lange
  Risdon Beazley Ltd    Goto Page: 1234 75  Roy Martin  03/21/2006 06:08PM 
Last Post by Mac Mackay
  The river militarians fleet in Byelorussia 1940 - 1951 Wawrzyniec Markowski  03/22/2006 12:44PM 
Last Post by Stephen
  Shipwrecks of the North of Scotland Bob Baird  03/22/2006 12:43PM 
Last Post by Mary
  Hungarian ss TURUL Joe Horvath  03/22/2006 11:41AM 
Last Post by Elizabethe
  M.Dv.Nr.900 Teil ll Nr 45 Roy Martin  04/28/2004 09:22AM 
Last Post by Roy Martin
  Russian book "Russian River Armed Fleets" Ralph  03/22/2006 01:08PM 
Last Post by Fraunces
  Russian book "Warships of China Navy 1862-1995" Ralph  04/05/2013 01:22AM 
Last Post by Krzysztofka
  Logger Ejner Kr. Boutrup  03/22/2006 12:58PM 
Last Post by Harry
  marine news jan t. knudsen  11/29/2003 12:36PM 
Last Post by jan t. knudsen
  gotaas-larsen jan t. knudsen  03/22/2006 01:32PM 
Last Post by John
  Shipwrecks of North Norfolk Ron  03/22/2006 11:42AM 
Last Post by Martha
  New Nortraship forum Siri  03/22/2006 01:29PM 
Last Post by Humphrey
  Trøndelag Krigsseilerforening Book Siri  03/22/2006 11:55AM 
Last Post by Edmund
  New book published with the Nortraship losses Erling Skjold  03/22/2006 12:30PM 
Last Post by Henrye
  isbn nr Wilfran  03/22/2006 11:44AM 
Last Post by Henrie
  Books war at sea S.W.Roskill hubertus  01/01/2006 03:40AM 
Last Post by Lost Distance
  Two books Simone  03/22/2006 11:42AM 
Last Post by Wynnefreede
  Revised Books list at Toni Horodysky  03/22/2006 12:58PM 
Last Post by Richard
  Janes 1916 & 1941 Andreas von Mach  03/22/2006 11:43AM 
Last Post by Humphrey
  Books on Petsamo Trafic? John Turesson  03/22/2006 12:59PM 
Last Post by Mary
  Vestfold survivors Robert Smith  03/22/2006 12:31PM 
Last Post by Samuell
  Lloyd's registers keijzer  03/22/2006 12:33PM 
Last Post by Richarde
  Shipwrecks of the East Coast (UK) 14  Ron  03/22/2006 01:44PM 
Last Post by Anthonye
  No Longer Required Roger  03/22/2006 11:41AM 
Last Post by Syndony
  Book Dave Weaver  07/23/2003 02:58AM 
Last Post by Andy Skarstein
  Coastal Convoy's Billy McGee  03/22/2006 12:55PM 
Last Post by Bennett
  Lloyd's Shipping Index 1939/1940 Theodor Dorgeist  03/22/2006 11:47AM 
Last Post by Wynefreed
  "the Coal Scuttle Brigade" Billy McGee  03/22/2006 12:47PM 
Last Post by Andrew
  Liberty Ships and T2 Tankers    Goto Page: 12 25  Roger  03/22/2006 01:52PM 
Last Post by Stephen
  Russian book by B.A. Denisov Wawrzyniec Markowski  12/10/2002 09:15AM 
Last Post by Wawrzyniec Markowski
  Our Only Refuge, Open the Gates! 11  Theodor Dorgeist  03/22/2006 01:02PM 
Last Post by Humphrey
  Shipwrecks of the East Coast Ron  03/22/2006 01:11PM 
Last Post by James
  New Book - not ship related Siri  11/06/2002 08:44AM 
Last Post by Siri
  Norwegian magazine "Krigsseileren" Siri  03/22/2006 12:21PM 
Last Post by Hughe
  Shipwrecks of Norfolk Ron  03/22/2006 02:01PM 
Last Post by Marye
  World's Merchant Fleets 1939    Goto Page: 12 25  Roger Jordan  03/22/2006 01:07PM 
Last Post by Ellyn
  lloyd'register 1910 gerard  03/22/2006 12:28PM 
Last Post by Christian
  " The Royal Navy and the Mediterranean " Theodor Dorgeist  03/22/2006 11:56AM 
Last Post by Francis
  NAUICUS 1941-1944 Theodor Dorgeist  03/22/2006 12:20PM 
Last Post by Nathaniel
  livres des bateaux FNFL 39 ā 43 Jean GAUCHET  03/22/2006 11:56AM 
Last Post by Jeffrye
  The story of the German minelayers Elsass and Ostmark. Peter Holberg  10/01/2002 01:23PM 
Last Post by Theodor Dorgeist
  Exchange Lloyd's Register Axel Kuehn  03/22/2006 12:58PM 
Last Post by Bennet
  Book selling site Siri  03/22/2006 02:00PM 
Last Post by Margerye
  SS Inga I, SS Gunny, MV Höegh Giant and MV Leiv Eiriksson (the tanker not the Liberty) Ken Dunn  03/22/2006 11:56AM 
Last Post by Anthonye
  Shipwrecks of the East Coast Ron  09/25/2002 09:10AM 
Last Post by Ron
  Welcome to my new forum! 11  Siri  03/22/2006 01:38PM 
Last Post by Katherine
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