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M/T Turicum
Tschudi & Eitzen, Oslo

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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From Markus Berger, a visitor to my website, who also told me Turicum is Latin for Zürich.
(Markus has a website about Swiss Ships).

Built at Krimpen, Holland 1928. 7824 gt.

 WW II: 

Seized by the Germans in Oslo in Apr.-1940, renamed Ill. Used as "support" vessel for U-boats in the South Atlantic, and also served in the north of Norway and in Finland. Damaged at Stadlandet, Norway by torpedo from the Norwegian submarine Ula (Valvatne) on Apr. 4-1944, but could continue her voyage.

A posting to my Ship Forum by Theodor Dorgeist says (among other things) that she was renamed Ill on Aug. 12-1940, tonnage is given as 7603 gt while under German control (this tonnage can also be found in Rohwer's "Allied Submarine attacks of WW II"). Received damages in the foreship by an air torpedo on Sept. 18 that same year off Den Helder, and beached. Later refloated and repaired in Hamburg. In the new year of 1941 she was converted to escort vessel at Cherbourg and in March/Apr. used as supply vessel for the raiders and Admiral Hipper (later for U-boats after having been further rebuilt, that work starting June 3). On May 18-1942 she was damaged by mine in the Channel and on March 31-1943 she ran aground? (I'm translating from German, not my strongest language!) but refloated Apr. 1. Damaged by air torpedo off Stad on Apr. 4-1944 (this conflicts with my text in the first paragraph; that info came from "Allied Submarine attacks"). Repairs commenced in Bremerhaven on May 10.

Turicum when German Ill, and with damage after having struck a mine off Texel early in Sept.-1940. She had a full load of diesel which ran out, so that the Ill came out of the water and this saved her. She was later taken to Hamburg for repairs. Received from a visitor to my website.
Source for both these pictures: "Handelsschiffe im Kriegseinsatz", Herbert Baasch (b.1920-d.1997); photos by Herbert Baasch. (Posted here with permission of the new owner of Baasch's photo collection).


Found at Brunsbüttel after the war, partly sunk but was found to be repairable. She had been extensively rebuilt by the Germans, with extra cabins and a lot of armament. When the Norwegian officers came on board to take over the ship, they even found 2 live pigs. Turicum was taken to Antwerp in July-1945 where she was repaired (until Dec. that same year), then sailed for Tschudi & Eitzen until she was sold to an Italian company in 1951. (As mentioned, the forum message says that repairs had commenced in Bremerhaven on May 10-1944, and adds that she was in Brunsbüttel on May 7-1945, then departed on June 5 for Methil where she was taken over by the British 2 days later and returned to Norway; renamed Turicum. Renamed Punta Aspra [Italian] in 1951. Broken up in Italy in 1958).

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