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M/S Fjorddrott
Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab, Stavanger

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Source: T. Eriksen.

Tonnage: 205 gt, Steel hull.
Dimensions: 134.3’ x 22’ x 7.4’.
Machinery: 2x 8 cyl 4tev Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz dm 750bhp, 15 knots (did 17.5 knots on her trial run).
Registered for 405 passengers and 12-14 cars.

Delivered on June 12-1939 from Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab's yard at Klaseskjæret, Stavanger as Fjorddrott to Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskab, Stavanger. Steel hull built at Rosenberg Mek. Verksted, Stavanger. "Sea bus" with aft deck for cars. Painted pale yellow from the water line and up (as were Ekspress and Ekspress II). Official trial run with 50 guests took place from Stavanger to Sauda on June 12-1939. Designed by Ludvig Thorsen who later became Stavangerske's technical director, and was unique for her time. Her ability for speed was such that she could do the Sauda-Stavanger-Haugesund-Stavanger-Sauda run daily (164 nm every day).

 WW II: 

Requisitioned by the Germans on Apr. 26-1940 and did several voyages between Stavanger and Dirdal for them. Returned that same year and back in her regular schedule, though occasionally laid up due to shortage of fuel. Requisitioned by the Germans in 1945, but had been returned by March that year and laid up at Vassvik in Ølesund, along with other Stavangerske vessels.


Back in her regular service on June 20-1945 (painted white) but only on daily one way runs due to shortage of fuel. On Jan. 15-1946 the route was somewhat extended. Replaced in the Haugesund service in July-1947 by the recently rebuilt Haugesund, and now serviced Stavanger-Sauda. In Apr.-1948 the newly rebuilt Fjordsol raplaced her in the Sauda service and Fjordrott was now used in the Stavanger-Sandeid-Åmsosen route. Rebuilt in Dec.-1965, new, larger wheelhouse, giving room for radar. On Febr. 18-1972 her last voyage to Sandeid took place and she was laid up. Sold on July 19-1972 to Lars Hovland & Co., Jørpeland, renamed Fjordsveis. In use as floating yard and quay at Barkved near Jørpeland for owners. Fell into a bad state of repair. Taken over on Oct. 27-1979 by Båtlaget "Fjorddrott" (Fritz Morland & Egil Bjelland), Stavanger with the intention of having her restored to her original state. Towed to Stavanger and laid up in Hillevåg. Work proceeded at a very slow pace and was eventually given up due to her bad condition. Towed to Nedstrandsfjorden on Oct. 4-1985 and sunk.

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(From T. Eriksen - His sources: Article about Stavangerske D/S in "Skipet" 2.90 og 1.91 by Alf Johan Kristiansen, Fjordabådane" by Magnus Torgersen for Stavanger Aftenblad 1981 and misc.).

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