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M/S Concordia
O. A. T. Skjelbred, Kristiansand

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Here's Another Picture - Both received from Historical Department, MAN B&W Diesel, Copenhagen.

Tonnage: 5154 gt, 8985 tdwt.

Built by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen, Denmark (654) in 1940.

 WW II: 

Under German control. Reported at Sandefjord in June-1944, at Copenhagen in Sept.-1944.

There's some disagreement on tonnage in my sources - Lauritz Pettersen even disagrees with himself; he has 5134 gt on one page and on the next page he gives her 5096 gt. I also get the understanding from the text in this book that Concordia was NOT under German control.

According to a thread on my Ship Forum this vessel was damaged by a mine (from British aircraft) 5 n. miles east/southeast of Hesselö on Nov. 18-1942 when on a voyage from Moss to Bremen in ballast. Captain's name is given as S. Svendsen. Salvaged by Svitzer and taken to Copenhagen on Nov. 20.

Sunk at Sandefjord in an allied air attack on A/S Framnæs Mekaniske Verksted (shipyard) on Apr. 2-1945 (she must have been in for repairs). D/S William Blumer was also sunk in this attack, and several other vessels badly damaged, among them Hektor and Belpamela.

Concordia was later raised and repaired (not sure if this took place before V-E day; but R. W. Jordan says she was at Kiel May-June-1945).


Back in service.

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Sorties Flown by Banff Strike Wing - Gives details on the above air attack, saying the strike force consisted of Mosquito’s from 143, 235, 248 and 333 squadrons. Other ships listed as damaged are Shios Espana and Kattegat (scroll down to Apr. 2-1945).

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(Sources: R. W. Jordan and "Hjemmeflåten - Mellom venn og fiende", Lauritz Pettersen).

Norway had previously had another Concordia, ex Cardita, built 1919.

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