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D/S Bravo
Fred. Olsen & Co., Oslo

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Source: Fred. Olsen & Co. fleet list, w/permission.

Tonnage: 1585 gt, 2150 tdwt.

Built in Fredrikstad, Norway 1908. Previous names: Bravo until 1916, Barfond until 1924. (A/S Bonheur, owner). This was the first one of Fred. Olsen's ships to pass through the Panama Canal (in Fred. Olsen & Co.'s Pacific Line, 1915). Sold in 1916 but repurchased in 1924 and given back her original name of Bravo (II).

Theo, Germany sent me the following (I've attempted to translate from German):
Delivered on July 20-1908 as Bravo to A/S Bonheur (Fred. Olsen Mgr.) Kristiania. Sold in 1916 to Svithunlinjen A/S (Sigvald Bergesen, Mgr.), Stavanger and renamed Barfond. Returned in 1924 to A/S Bonheur (Fred. Olsen) and in service as Bravo I (this differs slightly from what is found in Fred. Olsen's fleet list, which calls her Bravo II at this point).

 WW II: 
(Also translated from Theo's message):

On March 31-1940 she arrived Norway from Lisbon and when Norway was attacked by the Germans on Apr. 9 she was not allowed to leave, then on Apr. 17 she was taken as prize, and sent to Germany in May. Taken over by KMD Hamburg in June, and on June 16 she was handed over to Leth & Co., Hamburg. Returned to Fred. Olsen in July. On Aug. 24 she was seized by KMD Oslo and used as supply ship for the armed forces (Norwegian coast). Ran aground at Svelvikstrømmen on Jan. 21-1941, refloated and repaired. Returned to Fred. Olsen on Sept. 19-1942 and in service under the Norwegian flag, but under German control. On Jan. 24-1945 she was again seized ("In Harstad von der Seetransportstelle Harstad erfasst"). Ran aground again off Bodø on Febr. 4 that year, but saved and back in service. It's possible this happened after she had collided on Febr. 3 with Hardangerfjord near Bodø, though it's also possible that the info on stranding is simply a mix up with the collision. At the end of the war she was in an unknown Norwegian port.

(Also translated from German):

Purchased in May-1950 by Reederei Paul Zoeke, Lübeck (home port Hamburg), continued in service under the name Bravo I. Managers became Dr. P. Dohse in 1951, then in 1952 Reederei Paul Zoeke, Lübeck again. After the company had gone bankrupt she was taken over in 1953 (through auction) by the Landesbank and Girozentrale Schleswig-Holstein. Sold for breaking up on July 24-1954 to W. Ritscher, Hamburg - Harburg, arriving Harburg on July 26.

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Other ships by this name:
The company later had another ship by this name, built in Rotterdam in 1943, purchased in 1951 (ex Atlas, ex Akslasund). Sold to Ignazia Messina & Co., Genoa in 1967.

Italy also had a steam ship by this name - the former Yugoslavian Junak, seized by the Italians. Torpedoed and sunk by a British submarine in the Gulf of Sidra on May 30-1942.

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