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D/S Alversund
Alversund & Manger Dampbaatlag A/S, Bergen

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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(Alversund is the vessel on the outside - the other one is Masfjord, ex Sætre)
Taken in Bergen in the 1950's. Received from Bjørn Milde, Norway (from his postcard collection).

Tonnage: 178 gt, 70 net, Steel hull.
Dimensions: 117.1' x 20.2' x 10.5'.
Machinery: Triple Expansion (Mjellem) 53nhp, 11.75 knots.

Delivered in Aug.-1926 from A/S Mjellem & Karlsen, Bergen (60) as local passenger/cargo vessel Alværsund to Alværsund & Manger Dampskibsselskab, Bergen. Used in the company's Bergen-Nordhordland route. In 1927 the company name was changed to Alversund & Manger Dampbaatlag A/S, Bergen. Renamed Alversund.

 WW II: 

Requisitioned in Sept-1939 by the Royal Norwegian Marines for use as patrol vessel. A 65 mm gun was installed on her foredeck and she was stationed at Klokkarvik, Sotra. Scuttled at Valvatnevåg, Stord on Apr. 25-1940 to prevent her from falling into enemy hands, but was found by the Germans that same year, raised and temporarily repaired by Gunvald Ottesen, Sagvåg, Stord, then seized by the Kriegsmarine on July 15-1940, entering serive on Dec. 1 as NB 16 Biene II for Hafenschutz-Flotille Bergen (another source says NB 15 Biene).


Returned to owners in May-1945 in a very bad state of repair. Repaired and rebuilt by A/S Mjellem & Karlsen, Bergen in 1946, 223 gt, 113 net. Back in her regular service under her original name Alversund in the summer of that year. In March-1951 the owning company fused into A/S Bergen Nordhordland Trafikklag, Bergen. Laid up in 1965; at that time she was the company's last steamship. Had boiler damage in 1966. Sold in June that year to Ivar Matre, Åsane, Bergen, and converted to freighter at Nesfossen, Lindås, 125.3' x 20.2' x 10.5', 187 gt, 86 net, 3cyl 2t single acting Wichmann 240bhp (1956, from Suleskjær). Entered service as freighter Alverstrømmen in 1967. Had fire damage aft while at Nesfossen on Aug. 24-1973 and was sold to Bertin Solsvik, Solsvik, Sotra (Bergen). Repaired and rebuilt at Solsvik, with a wheelhouse from a condemned fishing vessel, 125.2' x 20.2' x 10.5', 187 gt. Entered service as Kiloran (in 1974?), in sand trade around Bergen. Sold in March-1987 to Birger Steinsland, Steinsland, Sotra, but not maintained. Owner in 1988 was Solsvik Sandindustri A/S, Solsvik, occasionally in sand trade, but often not in use. When the owner went bankrupt that same year Kiloran was at Ølen Skipsindustri A/S, Ølensvåg, where the owner owed 70.000 N. Kr. for work done, and she was therefore taken in arrest. Attempted sold at a forced auction in Febr. the following year, but there were no bidders. Sold in May-1990 at forced auction to Nordhordland Veteranbåtlag, Ostereidet (Bergen) who intended having her restored to local steamer Alversund. Towed to Firma Frank Mohn’s quay at Flatøy on Aug. 30-1990, where she was laid up. Upon further examination at Mastrevik, Austrheim in Jan.-1991 her condition was found to be worse than at first thought, so she was moved to Fossesjøen, and the restoration plan given up (instead it was decided to restore Oster). On March 7-1995 she was taken in tow by Markolv V to Øygarden Renovasjons works at Blomvåg where she was broken up in 1996. Deleted from Norwegian register as condemned on Aug. 23-1999.

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(All details on this vessel received from T. Eriksen, Norway - misc. sources).

This company also had an Alværsund earlier on - see Vatlestraumen

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