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Non Norwegian Casualties on Norwegian Ships
Commemorated or Buried Abroad
Seamen Buried in Norway

Non Norwegian Seamen who served on Norwegian ships:
(This list gratefully received from Billy McGee, England).

These men can be found by entering each name in the search field on The Commonwealth War Graves Comm. website, entering WW II and the relevant year in the other fields to narrow the search results.

PLEASE NOTE that the men listed below are not the only foreign seamen named on this site. Many Nortraship ships had foreign seamen on board, and crew lists for all ships that were sunk have been added. To find a seaman, please use the Search feature.

Haltemprice (Anlaby Tranby Lane) Cemetery, Yorkshire
KERSHAW, Frederick William - Master, M.V. Lionel (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 30th July 1943. Age 64. Husband of Mary Kershaw, of Willerby. Grave 801.

(Lionel was one of the socalled "Kvarstad" ships, and Captain Kershaw had command of her together with a Norwegian captain. I've linked this to the section describing the breakout from Sweden, "Operation Performance" - here's a crew list for Lionel).

Hong Kong War Memorial
FOO, Ah Kwang, Fireman, S.S. Aramis (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 16th July 1942. Husband of Wang Tee, of Hainan, China. Please note that several more Chinese crew members of Aramis are listed at the link above - I have not checked the Commonwealth War Graves Comm. website to see if they're all listed there.

GOH, Ah Kiam, Oiler, S.S. Sydhav (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 6th March 1942. Husband of See Swee Lan.

LEE, Ah Heng, Oiler, S.S. Sydhav (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 6th March 1942. Husband of He Tee, of Hainan, China

HAN, Wee Fong, Boy, M.V. Bramora (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 19th September 1943. Husband of Lim Tee, of Hainan, China. My text under Bramora has the names of several British casualties who are commemorated at Tower Hill - follow the link for their names..

Dartmouth (Longcross) Cemetery, Devon
FORBES, Peter - Galley Boy, M.V. Buesten (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 9th April 1941. Age 16. Son of Angus and Jessie Forbes, of Edinburgh. Sec. G. Grave 331.

MANGION, Joseph - Motorman, M.V. Buesten (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 9th April 1941. Age 59. Son of Andrew and Mary Annie Mangion; husband of Emilia Mangion, of Malta, G.C. Sec. G. Grave 346.

(Buesten's Mess Room Boy Joseph Conlin, age 16, is commemorated at Tower Hill, Panel 21), and several more British seamen were killed on Buesten - follow the link for their names..

Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan
TOPHAM, Francis James - Deck Boy, M.V. Grena (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 11th April 1944. Age 17. Son of Francis James Topham and Eileen Veronica Topham, of Coburg, Victoria, Australia. 9. D. 15.

(My text under Grena has the names of other British casualties).

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (West Road) Crematorium, Northumberland
NEWBOLD, Sydney William - First Radio Officer, S.S. Boreas (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 23rd May 1946. Age 34. Son of Sydney Leonard and Margaret Ann Newbold; husband of Frances Mary Newbold, of Monkseaton, Whitley Bay.

Swansea (Danygraig) Cemetery, Glamorganshire
McCLELLAND, Robert - Sailor, S.S. Solør (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 27th January 1945. Age 18. Son of Jessie McClelland, of Larne Harbour, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Sec. K. Grave 28.

Thomastown New Catholic Cemetery, County Kilkenny
TIERNEY, Patrick - Mess Room Boy, S.S. Rask (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 19th October 1941. Age 18. Son of William and Annie Tierney, of Workington, Cumberland. Sec. A. Coll. Grave K.77.

(Cemetery is given as Wexford (St. Ibar's) Cemetery, County Wexford, Ireland on the Commonwealth War Graves Comm. website. The date of death appears to be an error; according to my records Rask was sunk on Sept. 19-1941, and also had 2 other British seamen on board, follow the link for details).

Tottenham and Wood Green Cemetery, Middlesex
WISCHHUSEN, Leonard - Able Seaman, S.S. Marga (of Norway). Merchant Navy. 16th January 1947. Age 23. Son of W. E. Wischhusen and Alice Wischhusen, of Wood Green. Gen. Sec. Grave 3768.

Yokohama War Cemetery
OWEN, Robert - Fireman, S.S. Aust (Norway). Merchant Navy. 23rd December 1943. Age 47. British. Sec. A. C. 2.

Aust was captured and sunk by the German raider Thor on April 3-1942, the text under Aust has more information on what happened to the crew. Roger Mansell, Ron Bridge and Wes Injerd have helped me determine what happened to this stoker. He can be found on the roster for The Halone Internment Camp on Lake Hakone. The notation was included in the rosters for the Nankin. Roger says: "He apparently was transferred at one time to the Ramses before going onto Japan proper (this fits in with can be found in my text for Aust). His POW number is listed as #155 - Birthday appears to be 9.1.20 (Jan. 9-1920 - this does not fit with his age). He landed in Japan on 25 Aug 1942 from the Ramses. This information was found in Record Group 407, Box 98 at NARA".

Robert Owen died in Tokyo #1 Branch Camp at Kawasaki City from acute Bronchitis on the date given above.

This external webpage, a section of Children of Far East Prisoners of War, also states that Aust's crew are listed at Yokohama War Cemetery. All crew members, several of whom were British and/or american are named under Aust in my POW's section.

Non Norwegian (mostly British) Seamen Buried in Norway:
See also this memorial page on's website, listing some foreign seamen buried at various places in Norway.

Bodø Cemetery (Norway)
POWELL, G - Sailor, S.S. Thomas Walton (Newcastle-on-Tyne). Merchant Navy. 7th December 1939. Age 35. British Plot. A. 4.

UMMAD Ulla, Fireman and Trimmer, S.S. Thomas Walton (Newcastle-on-Tyne). Merchant Navy. 7th December 1939. Age 41. British Plot. A. 5.

According to "The World's Merchant Fleets" by R. W. Jordan, Thomas Walton was torpedoed and sunk by U 38 on this date, 67 51 48N 14 28 30E - 13 died.

Egersund Churchyard (Norway)
WRIGHT, Robert - Cook, Steam Trawler Trinity N.B. (Granton). Merchant Navy. 18th December 1939. Age 58. A. 2. 25.

Oslo Western Civil Cemetery
Ah Kee - Fireman, S.S. Oil Pioneer (London). Merchant Navy. 12th July 1940. 2. D. 7. (I believe Ah Kee is a first name).

Non World War Dead:

ELKIN, R. - Chief Steward, SS Wm Howland. Merchant Navy. 13th July 1945. Plot 1 Row D Grave 16.

Eiganes Churchyard (in Stavanger, Norway)
Non World War Dead

LEE, Andrew Burke - Greaser, S.S Empire Dirk. Merchant Navy. 19th September 1945. Age 40. Plot Z Grave 20.

Tromsø Cemetery (Norway)
ALEXANDER, George - Fireman and Trimmer, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 24th December 1942. Age 28. Son of Alex and Mary Alexander, of Kelty, Fife. Nn. C. 3.

COLVIN, Richard Stanley - Chief Engineer Officer, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 16th November 1942. Age 47. Nn. D. 4.

DENNISON, Donald Edward - Mess Room Boy, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 26th November 1942. Age 18. Nn. A. 4.

GRAHAM, Mitchell - Fireman and Trimmer, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 12th November 1942. Age 21. Son of George and Grace Penman Graham; husband of Annette Hanley Graham. Nn. E. 1.

HILL, Andrew Campbell - Fourth Engineer Officer (Offr), S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 30th November 1942. Age 23. Son of George and Johanna Hill, of Lochee, Dundee; stepson of Jean W. Hill, of Lochee. Nn. C. 2.

JACKSON, George - Fireman and Trimmer, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 12th November 1942. Age 26. Son of George and Jane Jackson, of Methil, Fife. Nn. A. 1.

MARRITT, Peter William - Apprentice, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 22nd November 1942. Age 16. Son of Isaac and Charlotte Marritt, of Hornsea, Yorkshire. Nn. A. 3.

MARSHALL, William Morris - Greaser, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 13th December 1942. Age 31. Nn. B. 3.

OWENS, Solomon - Carpenter, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 25th November 1942. Age 56. Son of John Owens, Master Mariner, and Mary Owens, of Abersoch, Caernarvonshire. Nn. C. 1.

POUNDER, William - Apprentice, , S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 28th November 1942. Age 16. Son of William and Minnie Pounder, of Hull. Nn. D. 1.

REID, Alfred - Greaser, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 23rd November 1942. Age 49. Son of John and Elizabeth Reid; husband of Martha Reid, of Grangemouth, Stirlingshire. Nn. D. 3.

RUSSELL, John Thomas Hadman - Fireman and Trimmer, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 11th November 1942. Nn. A. 2.

WHITE, Alexander George - Assistant Cook, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 21st November 1942. Age 21. Son of Alexander George and Evelina Beatrice White, of Camberwell, London. Nn. D. 2.

WOOD, James - Third Engineer Officer, S.S. Chulmleigh (London). Merchant Navy. 29th November 1942. Age 34. Husband of Gladys Wood, of Denton, Lancashire. Nn. B. 2.

Chulmleigh was attacked by German Ju88's aircraft on Nov. 5-1942, stranded on ice off South Cape, Spitsbergen (Svalbard) - 9 survivors. Torpedoed by U 625 on Nov. 16-1942 (while stranded), total loss. (R. W. Jordan). See also a message in my Guestbook from the son of one of the crew members. (See also this message).

Stavne Cemetery (Trondheim, Norway)
HENDERSON, Leonard - Pumpman, S.S. Oil Pioneer (London). Merchant Navy. 8th June 1940. Age 48. Son of James Henry and Julia Blanche Henderson, of Whitley Bay, Northumberland. A IV British. L.1.

R.W. Jordan lists an Oilpioneer (in one word), shelled by Admiral Hipper on June 8-1940, torpedoed by German destroyer and sunk, 67 44N 03 52E, 20 died

PIRIE, George Alexander - Able Seaman, S.S. Empire Howard (Greenock). Merchant Navy. 16th April 1942. Age 27. Son of David and Helen Pirie, of Portnockie, Banffshire.; husband of Doreen Pirie. A IV British. D. 14.

The above ship was torpedoed by U-403 on this date.

THOMSON, Quintin Angus - First Engineer, S.S. Deptford (London). Merchant Navy. 13th December 1939. Age 48. A IV British G. 13.

Among the casulties of Deptford were 2 Norwegian pilots, commemorated at the Stavern Memorial. According to R. W. Jordan's "The World's Merchant Fleets" Deptford had been torpedoed and sunk by U-109 on the date in question, north/northwest of Honningsvåg (30 died, 5 survived) - however, this must be an error. Looking at the Operations Information for U-109 it appears she had not yet been built when Deptford was sunk. Jürgen Rohwer gives U-38 as the culprit, and this fits in with the operations information for U-38. (These 3 links are all external).

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