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Re: D/S Ingerfem sole survivor Ole Johan Naess
Posted by: siri (Moderator)
Date: April 08, 2018 03:30AM

As promised in my response to your message on my Forum, I have contacted someone in Norway to see if he can help further. However, I got to thinking afterwards that we cannot be sure that the Ole in Ted's story is indeed the Ole in my crew list, because it's such a very common name in Norway, and crew members came and went. The only way to know for sure is to compare dates when the 2 were on board and see if they were both there at the same time. There's a big project in Norway now where they are in the process of trying to register every seaman who sailed on Norwegian ships during the war - see []. I ran a quick search and found our friend registered, and it shows he was on board Ingerfem from Dec. 9-1942 until the ship was sunk. This ought to help Ted determine whether it's the right Ole, because there's also a photo see [] It further says he had joined the Marines on Febr. 6-1942 to become a gunner in Dumbarton, Scotland. Before Ingerfem he had served as gunner on M/S Fernwood from March 24-1942 to Oct. 14-1942

I believe they also want to register foreign seamen, so if you like, you can register Ted. In fact, these are the people I contacted for help after having seen your Forum message, but I didn't think to run a search on their website at the time.

I'm sending you this as a private message as well, to make sure you see it.

Regards Siri

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