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Re: Dutch MS Capadose
Posted by: jevink (IP Logged)
Date: January 24, 2015 11:28AM

Dear all,

I only found this forum and this 2002 discussion about Capadose recently. I trying to find some information about the Ms Capadose on the internet and this was one of the two hits. Mayby of your interest too: the other hit was [].

The Capadose was the ship of my great-uncle captain Kornelis Smedes. He died in 1992, but his sister (my grandmother) is still alive (now 95!). And she told me about the Capadose and how she once went along with her brother on a trip to Denmark. She couldn't remember the exact town, but from your postings I believe it must have been Nykobing Sj.

She also told me that Kornelis has spent the whole war in Denmark as his ship was seized by the Germans and he did not want to work for them. He and his wife Oktje were forced to stay in Denmark until after the war. Many years later he told my grandmother he wished he went back to Denmark to visit and meet the people he stayed with. Unfortunately he never did. From my grandmother I understand that he did business with a family from Nykobing or somewhere close. Unfortunately I don't know which family (or company) he did this business with. I think he transported some sort of rocks to Denmark. Kornelis and his wife probably stayed with this family during the war.

It is interesting to read about the Capadose and her unfortunate ending. I will tell my grandmother about this, I think she appreciates it.

Any chance someone can tell where I might find more information about the Capadose and its travels and about the family in Nykobing Kornelis did business with?
I would very much appreciate any information or clue!

Kind regards, Joyce Vink (the Netherlands)

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