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Re: Roskill - Particular Ships
Posted by: Tojoda (IP Logged)
Date: October 11, 2017 12:16PM

Thank for your info Phil,

in the "Author's Preface" to Volume I there can be found the sentence "Also on sale to the public are certain statistical documents (...) and the Admiralty's statements of BRITISH warships and MERCHANT VESSELS lost or damaged. But these must be used with caution by the civilian as later information has shown that the particulars published soon after the war are by no means always correct. I have, of course, made use of the latest information available (...)"

So he talks particularly only about the British shipping (not surprisingly as a British historian) - but the lists which are almost totally compatible with the source he had to use for collection of his tables are available here - [] for British merchant ships lost and [] for British merchant ships damaged.

So I wonder what is the source used on this webpage. It could be a proof that such data (lists of vessels) do exist and are accessible, maybe even for different Allied / Neutral merchant navies (now not talking about []).

What do you think? Any idea?

Maybe, his source could be this book - British and Foreign Merchant Vessels Lost Or Damaged by Enemy Action During Second World War: (including a Statistical Summary of the War on British, Allied and Neutral Shipping) from 3rd September, 1939, to 2nd September, 1945. (

Best regards,


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