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Re: Tankship Garonne
Posted by: Siri (IP Logged)
Date: October 27, 2001 04:43PM

I may be totally wrong here, but it looks to me like the national navy only had one patrol vessel (Rhone) in 1913 and therefore needed a second one (something about the development of combustible liquid? doesn't make sense, don't know). Anyway, the navy decided to acquire the British Lucellum which got the name Garonne in 1913(?). In service to America until 1915, then she was altered(?) to something for use for the army in the Orient(?). Looks like she was given the name Fleur de Lys (there's something about the English government in that sentence too). Then it looks like she was taken over by the Kriegsmarine in 1944, and like you say Axel something took place in Toulon. Was she refloated in October 1945, then condemned in 1946?

This may not help much, and like I said, might be totally wrong. Hopefully someone can give a proper translation.


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