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As can be seen, the text of this page is barely legible. I have tried my best to figure out what it says, and the result is typed further down on this page (with quite a few questions marks). If anyone can desipher it better than me, I would very much appreciate corrections. I can be reached via the contact address at the bottom of this page.

The total area of the Camp itself, including Santa Catalina and part of Calle Gov. Forbes, but excluding Seminary and other University property not available to Internees: 195,545 (195,345?) square meters (approx 50 [30?] acres).

Total Garden Areas: 30,126 sq. meters
Shanty Area "A" 17,620 sq. meters
Shanty Area "B" 8,605 sq. meters
Shanty Area "C" 17,490 sq. meters
Shanty Area "D" 9,769 sq. meters

Here's a map of the camp showing the areas mentioned here.

Length of each outside wall: 465 meters.

Number of Shanties: 683
Number living in Shanties: 1106 (the last digit could also be an 8)

As a result of the number living in shanties the space available for sleeping quarters in buildings amounts(?) to 36 sq. feet per person.

A school of approximately 700 children and young people, from Primary to College Grades, operated with permission but no help from the Japanese and staffed by qualified teachers or by (having a hard time with the next few words, could it be "experts in technical fields"?) ...? ? in spite of grave(?) lack of classroom space and shortage of teachers and stationary. A similar number of persons attended special adult classes until prohibited early in 1944.

Sanitary Facilities available to male and female Internees.
33 (53?)
Number of persons per unit

Two bathtubs in entire camp; one allotted to Childrens' Hospital, one for women's hair washing.

No water on 3rd? Floors of Buildings 50% of time.

Advertisements, starting top left:

Marsman? & Company Inc., Industrial & Management Engineers, Commerical & Manufacturing Enterprises, Mining Appraisals. Head Office: Manila.

Marsham? Trading Corporation, Suppliers - Indenters Manufacturers' Representatives. Branches throughout the Philippines.

Greetings to our Forces (unable to read next sentence, maybe it sayse "of liberation"?). Cardinal Insurance Company, Manila, Fire - Marine.

To (we?) follow the flag, American Hardware & Plumbing Co., Manila. Wholesale - Betoil(?), Building Estimates.

Radiograms - Radioletters. Globe Wireless Ltd. Radio Communication to and from Amarion(?) - Hawaii and ships at sea. Prompt Friendly Service.

Bottom right, with the two arrows: American(?) Chamber of Commerce Information Service on Escolto(?). Register your new Address as soon as you have one so that your friends can find you.

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