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D/S Vestmanrød
Updated Jan. 24-2010

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Owner: Skibs-A/S Vestmanrød
Manager: O. G. Gjessens Eftf. (descendants), Skudeneshavn
691 gt

Delivered in Nov.-1919 from Wortelboer & Co., Delfzijl as Snenut to P. & O. Thingbø, Stavanger, 691 gt, 1040 tdwt, 180' x 28.8' x 12.5', Triple exp. 115 nhp (N. V. Machf. - H. J. Koopman). Sold in 1923 to Christiania, sailed as Vestmanrød for Borre Dampskibsselskap A/S from 1925. Purchased by Skibs-A/S Vestmanrød (O. G. Gjessens Eftf., Sev. G. Sørensen), Skudeneshavn in June-1929.

Captain: Harald Andersen.

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8 | Page 9 | Page 10 | Page 11 | Page 12 | Page 13 | Page 14 | Page 15 | Page 16 | Page 17 | Page 18 | Page 19 | Page 20

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

Voyage Record
From Jan.-1940 to Aug.-1944:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Errors may exist (this could also mean that she may not have sailed in all the convoys listed here). Also, the record is incomplete.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 Jan. 9 Norwegian Waters Methil Jan. 12 HN 7
Febr. 9 Methil Norwegian Waters Febr. 12 ON 11
March 22 Norwegian Waters Methil March 25 HN 21 Missing voyages, Page 1
June 17 Southend Hull June 18* FN 198A *Page 1 gives arrival June 21.
Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Aug. 29 Humber Southend Aug. 31 FS 266 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 1.
Oct. 13 Southend Goole Oct. 16 FN 307 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 1
Nov. 15 Southend Goole Nov. 17 FN 335 Convoy available at link above
Again, see Page 1
Dec. 4 Hull Southend Dec. 8 FS 353 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
See also Page 2
1941 Jan. 26* Middlesbrough Southend Jan. 28 FS 396 Earlier 1941 movements, Page 2.
*Page 2 gives departure Jan. 28.
Convoy available at link above.
Subsequent movements:
Page 2, Page 3 & Page 4
Sept. 5 Southend Immingham Sept. 6 EC 69 Convoy available at EC convoys
(external link)
Subsequent 1941 movements:
Page 4 above.
1942 movements are shown on Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9 & Page 10. Page 10 also has some 1943 voyages, while the rest are listed on Page 11, Page 12, Page 13 & Page 14
1944 May 31 Southend St Helens Roads June 1 CW 273 Earlier 1944 movements:
Page 14 above & Page 15
Convoy available at CW convoys
(external link)
Most of these 1944 voyages are not detailed on the archive documents and, therefore, comparison cannot be made and accuracy confirmed.
June 6 Spithead Seine Bay June 7 EWC 1B Convoy available via this page
(external link)
June 11 Seine Bay Southend June 12 FTC 4 Convoy available at FTC convoys
(external link)
June 22 Solent Seine Bay June 23 EBC 16 Convoy available at EBC convoys
(external link)
July 6 Falmouth* Seine Bay July 7 EBC 32 *See also Page 15
Convoy available at link above
July 9 Seine Bay Fowey July 10 FBC 23 Convoy available at FBC convoys
(external link)
Left Fowey July 17
(Page 15)
July 24 Seine Bay Southampton July 25* FBC 35 Convoy available at link above
(*compare w/Page 15)
Aug. 1 Solent Seine Bay Aug. 1 EBC 57 Convoy available at EBC convoys
(external link)
Aug. 12 Seine Bay Southampton Aug. 13 FBC 52 Convoy available at FBC convoys
(external link)
Subsequent movements:
Page 15, Page 16, Page 17, Page 18, Page 19 & Page 20


According to A. Hague, Vestmanrød sailed in Convoy HN 7 from Norway to the U.K. in Jan.-1940. The following month, he has included her in the U.K.-Norway Convoy ON 11, and towards the end of March, we find her in the original Advance Sailing Telegram for Convoy HN 21 from Norway, bound for Concarneau with a cargo of fish roe. Follow the links for more convoy details; several Norwegian ships took part.

When war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940, she was at Partington, having arrived that same day from Concarneau and Weston Mersey Lock, according to Page 1. As can be seen, she later made a couple more voyages to France, one in May, the other in June. It'll also be noticed that she spent a long time in Hull that summer (occasional long stays in port are also shown elsewhere in her record).

The Stavern Memorial says Vestmanrød lost a crew member in Dec.-1941 - see text at the external link below.

She took part in the Normandy invasion, arriving June 7, departing June 11-1944, according to "Nortraships flåte". The steward at this time was Kaspar Holtan, formerly of M/T Solheim and M/S Gausdal.

From Page 20 of the archive documents, we learn that she went home to Norway in Oct.-1945, and again in Jan.-1946.


Sold in Jan.-1951 to Skibs-A/S Karlander, Fredrikstad, sailed as Libra of Puerto Lemon from 1953 under Panamanian flag. Broken up in 1954.

Related external link:
Stavern Memorial commemoration - Stoker Alfred Marinius Jense Hilberg is commemorated. The Norwegian text says that the ship was damaged in a war related incident on Dec. 13-1941 while at Rochester. Page 4 of the archive documents shows that she was indeed at Rochester on that date.

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Other ships by this name: Norway had previously had another D/S Vestmanrød, 1127 gt, built in Aberdeen as Opah in 1873. Sailed as Lagom for Fridthjof Ohlsen, Stavern from 1894 until 1900, having been in British ownership till then (1873-1887 Kirby & Gillies, Newcastle, 1887-1893 Massey & Sawyer, Hull, 1893-1894 W. A. Massey & Co., Hull). Sold in 1900 to H. Kuhnle, Bergen (remeasured in 1902, 1145 gt), then sold at auction to A/S Vestmandrød (Chr. Hannevig), Horten after having run aground at Storflua in1902. Repaired in 1903, renamed Vestmanrød. Later had the name Nøsted from 1915-1923 (Nøsted Rederi, Drammen), then Greek Avydos 1923-1930, Thira 1930-1931, still Greek in 1931. ("Damp - Dampskipets æra i Vestfold"). Also, Norway had a Vestmanrød in the 1920's. This ship had originally been delivered in 1918 as Japanese Kanishima Maru, 1192 gt. Became Norwegian Godøsund for owners in Bergen in 1920, renamed Vestmanrød in 1923. Later sailed as Nico from 1924 (Oslo), Vorma from 1926. Disappeared in Dec.-1936, voyage Google-Sundsvall.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Våre gamle skip" by Leif M. Bjørkelund and E. H. Kongshavn, "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, and misc.


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