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D/S Liv

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Owner: A/S Liv
Manager: Brummenæs & Torgersen, Haugesund
3068 gt

Delivered in Sept.-1896 from Ropner & Son, Stockton as Liv to Jacob R. Olsen e.a., Bergen. 3068 gt, 1979 net, 4850 tdwt, 322.2' x 41.5' x 20.6', Triple exp. (Blair & Co.). In 1919 she belonged to R/S Frey (N.A. Ørum), Christiania (Oslo). Purchased by A/S Liv (Brummenæs & Torgersen), Haugesund in 1924.

 Misc. WW II: 

From Ron Young I've received the following: "A mine sank the 2,473-ton British steamer Stanholme (ex Goleta) (Stanhope Steamship Co. Ltd.) at 0745hrs (German time) on December 25th 1939. She was sailing independently from Cardiff to London with 4,300-tons of coal and sank in grid AM9947 - position 51° 20'N 03° 39'W". He adds that Liv rescued Captain David Llewellyn Hook and eleven crewmen and landed them at Cardiff, but 12 crew were lost.

A. Hague has included Liv in Convoy HN 12 from Norway to the U.K. in Febr.-1940. Follow the link for more convoy details; several Norwegian ships took part.

According to a document received from the National Archives of Norway, she sailed from Santa Pola on Apr. 7-1940 (Norway was invaded 2 days later), and was in port at Trapani on May 4. She was seized there by the Italians on June 10 that same year (while under French charter), and the crew sent home to Norway. One of them, Donkeyman Alf Rogde is commemorated at the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern, Norway (link below). "Våre falne", a series of 4 books listing Norwegian WW II casualties, states that he died in Febr.-1941 when attempting to escape from Norway to the U.K. He's listed on a memorial stone at Mid Yell - see my Memorials page; in other words, he was among those who had attempted to escape with Kantonella on Febr. 19-1941.

Liv was bombed and damaged by British aircraft at Porto Torres on Apr. 18-1943, raised, then torpedoed and sunk(?*) by the British submarine HMS Safari on May 8-1943, Porto Torres Roads, raised again.

* J. Rohwer says the ship was only damaged by Safari, not sunk. "Våre gamle skip" states she was sunk by allied aircraft on May 9-1943, in the harbour of Porto Torres (Sardinia).


Arrived Spezia in Jan. 1948 for breaking up.

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Stavern commemoration - As mentioned, Donkeyman Alf Rogde is commemorated, see my text above.

British Submarines of WW II - HMS Safari is included, and the attack on Liv is mentioned under May 8-1943.

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A fishing vessel, M/S Liv (H 11 B) escaped from Urangsvåg on Apr. 21-1941 with 4 people, arriving Lerwick on Apr. 23.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Våre gamle skip", Leif M. Bjørkelund and E. H. Kongshavn, "The World's Merchant Fleets 1939", R. W. Jordan, "Allied Submarine Attacks of World War Two", Jürgen Rowher, (see my sources) and misc.


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