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D/S Lindvangen
Updated Dec. 2-2008

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Crew List has a picture of Dalvangen, Lindvangen's sistership (external link).

Owner: Skibs-A/S Karibien
Manager: Gørrisen & Co. A/S, Oslo
2412 gt
Signal Letters: LTCX

Built by International Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Danzig in 1931.

Captain: J. E. Jensen

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
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 Final Fate -1942: 

Lindvangen, on charter to Alcoa Steamship Co., was torpedoed on the starboard side between hatch No. 3 and the engine room by U-515 (Henke) at 00:35 local time on Sept. 23-1942, while on a voyage from Paramaribo to Port of Spain with 2800 tons bauxite, having departed Paramaribo on Sept. 21. Position was 09 20N 60 10W. At the time she was sailing alone at a speed of 9 knots on course 343° true, in good weather with moderate swells and light easterly wind force 3, moon nearly full. Immediately after the explosion, her boilers exploded, and she sank very quickly by the stern (in 30 fathoms), so there was no time to launch the lifeboats or send distress signals. She had a small 6-pounder for armament.

The captain and Able Seaman Brun, who had been pulled under by the suction, managed to get onto a raft which had floated free, and were rescued a few hours later by HMS Helene, which later also found Able Seaman Homersland on a raft, as well as 3 men who were keeping themselves afloat in a crate which had stood on the poop, namely Able Seaman Helminsen, Boatswain Helle and Engine Boy Soucharen. Another 2 men had also managed to keep themselves above water in various ways. Galley Boy Camona was found in the gig, while Stoker Kvamme was found drifting on debris.

The 8 survivors were landed in Georgetown, British Guiana on Sept. 29 where 3 men were admitted to a hospital while the others were accommodated at the Navy & Merchant Seamen's Club. On Oct. 6 they were sent by plane to Port of Spain with arrival that same afternoon.

The inquiry was held in New York on Oct. 28-1942 with only the captain appearing, the other survivors still being in Port of Spain at that time. The U-boat had approached* the captain on the raft to ask the ship's name etc. before taking off again. The 3rd mate, who perished, had been the officer on watch, Able Seaman Nilsen was on lookout, and Able Seaman Brun had been at the helm.

* The above account is according to Norwegian sources. A summary of survivors' statements (in a memorandum dated Oct. 24-1942, signed U.S.N.R. Lieutenant H. V. Stebbins) says that after the captain had fought his way back to the surface he had found himself "almost immediately alongside the submarine, which had now surfaced at 200 yards. He was hauled onto the deck of the submarine and while one man held him, another covered him with a gun and spotlight. The captain of the submarine called down from the conning tower in English, with a strong German accent, demanding the name of the vessel and cargo and tonnage. When he answered these questions he was tossed back into the water; the submarine moving rapidly past him so closely that he was nearly caught by the screws. He noted as the submarine passed him that the engines were noisy and twin screwed. The submarine was described as being small with one gun forward and one aft. Streamlined conning tower with fresh new looking paint. The submarine was painted black on deck and grey on sides. It was last seen diving at approximately 01:00, Sept. 23". (It's amazing how the choice of words can alter the impression of an event; words like "hauled", "tossed" and "demanding", for instance. The captain was obviously not very fond of Germans, and still angry at the time of the interview).

For info, U-515 was also responsible for the attacks on Sørholt and Corneville - follow the links for more details.

Crew List:
* There was a 2nd Mate Eivin Muller who had survived the attack on D/S Leif in Febr.-1942 - same man?

John Einar Jensen
Knut Helle
Able Seaman
Rudolf Brun
Able Seaman
Thorvald Homersland
Able Seaman
Stein Helminsen
Ola Kvamme
Engine Boy
? Soucharen
Galley Boy
Lennox Camona

1st Mate
Leif Jacobsen

2nd Mate
Eivind Muller*

3rd Mate
Finn Birkeland

Able Seaman
Ragnar Wist

Able Seaman
E. Andersen

Able Seaman
Nils K. Nilsen

1st Engineer
Oskar Pedersen
2nd Engineer
Frode Johansen

3rd Engineer
Harald Svendsen

Ingolf Sjursen (Hjelmeland?)

Erik Burud

Einar Skavøy

Jown W. Berner

Einar Messel

Mess Boy
Osman Jekklu

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The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig", Norwegian Maritime Museum, Volume I, and misc. (ref. My sources). The memorandum mentioned above was received from Tony Cooper, England.


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