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D/S Lilly I

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Manager: Lars Kyrkjebø, Bergen
309 gt

Delivered in Sept.-1916 from P. Larssons Varv, Thorskog near Vänern, Sweden as cargo vessel Lilly to Carl Nikolaus Andersson, Gothenburg, 263 gt. Lengthened in 1917 at Eriksbergs Mek. Verksted, Gothenburg, 309 gt. Company went bankrupt in 1924, and in 1926 she was owned by Rederi-AB Raneberg (Fallenius & Lefflers AB / Carl A. Abrahamson), Gothenburg. In 1933 she was owned by Rederi-AB Lilly (Johan Österlind & Olof Petterson / Arthur Henrikson), Gothenburg, possibly following a forced sale? Sold in Jan.-1935 to Lars Kyrkjebø, Kyrkjebø in Sogn, renamed Lilly I, in coastal and North Sea service. Note that this external page also has her history (some details are somewhat different from what I have here).

 WW II: 

In Sweden when war broke out in Norway (Apr. 9-1940). Requisitioned by the Swedish Government on October 25-1940, and traded for the Swedish State Traffic Commission. Reported at Stockholm in Febr.-1943. Sustained some damage in 1944 and was reported at Gothenburg in Dec.-1944 and still at Gothenburg in May of 1945 when handed back to Norway.

My page Ships in Sweden has a list of, and information on the other Norwegian ships there at the outbreak of war in Norway.


Laid up Oct-1949 at Florvåg, Askøy. Sold in Apr.-1953 to Paul Todal, Sagosen / Kristiansund, rebuilt, 298 gt (motor vessel). Back in service 1954. Sold in Aug.-1963 to Rolf Wagle, Oslo & Nils Soleim, Sagosen. Ran aground in 1965 near Rørvik, refloated and sold in Apr. that year (Gard Gullaksen, Fonnes, Austrheim). Sold in Oct.-1970 to L. Eriksen (Petter O. Pettersen), Vegsund / Ålesund. Sold in May-1972 to John Karlsen, Tjørvåg, Herøy, then sold again in Nov. that same year to Lars Dybvig, Langevåg. Laid up at Langevåg around 1980. Sold in Nov.-1985 to Birger Steinsland, Steinsland, Sotra. Laid up at Breiviken, Bergen, motor disassembled. Intended sunk in July-1988 in Osterfjorden, but operation was stopped by the police due to protest from environmental groups. Possibly sunk at that location anyway in the summer of 1989? or laid up? Deleted from Norwegian register on Apr. 8-1992 as condemned. (Again, see also this external page).

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A fishing vessel, M/S Lilly (H 16 HJ) escaped from Hernar on Aug. 25-1941 with 9 people on board, arriving Lerwick on Aug. 27.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, E-mails from T. Eriksen, Norway, E-mails from R. W. Jordan, and misc.


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