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D/S Hørda
Updated Oct. 29-2011

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Crew List

A picture of Hørda is available at (external link).
Another picture can be found on this external page (click in it to make it larger).

Manager: A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen
4301 gt, 2606 net, 7616 tdwt.
Signal Letters: LCPA

Built by W. Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool (928), delivered in July-1920 as Hørda to A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen, 379.9' x 53.7' x 23.9'.

Captain: Osmund Lind

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Her voyages are listed on this original document received from the National Archives of Norway.

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

Voyage Record
From May-1940 to March-1941:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 May 2 Iquique Tocopilla May 3 Independent For earlier voyages, see
archive document
May 22 Tocopilla Balboa June 1 Independent
June 2 Cristobal Wilmington, NC Independent
June 10 Wilmington, NC Hampton Roads June 12 Independent
June 16 Hampton Roads Philadelphia June 16 Independent
June 23 Philadelphia New York City June 24 Independent
July 3 New York City Halifax July 7 Independent
July 11 Halifax Liverpool July 26 HX 57 See also narrative below
Sept. 17 Liverpool OB 215 Dispersed Sept. 21.
Convoy available at OB 215
(external link)
Sept. 21 Dispersed from OB 215 Hampton Roads Oct. 5 Independent
Oct. 11 Hampton Roads New York City Oct. 13 Independent
Oct. 21 New York City Halifax Oct. 24 Independent
Oct. 24 Halifax Liverpool Nov. 7 HX 83
Dec. 14 Liverpool OB 259 Dispersed Dec. 17.
Convoy available at OB 259
(external link)
Dec. 17 Dispersed from OB 259 Halifax Dec. 29 Independent
1941 Jan. 2 Halifax Boston Jan. 4 Independent
Jan. 7 Boston New York City Jan. 8 Independent
Jan. 22 New York City Halifax Jan. 26 Independent
Jan. 30 Halifax HX 106 See also narrative below.
Straggled Febr. 10.
Febr. 10 Straggled from HX 106 Liverpool Febr. 18 Independent
March 17 Liverpool OG 56 For Halifax.
Detached March 20.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in OG convoys
March 20 Detached from OG 56 Independent Sunk - See "Final Fate" below

 Some Convoy Voyages: 
For information on voyages made prior to and in between those mentioned here, please see the document received from the Norwegian archives and A. Hague's Voyage Record above. Follow the convoy links provided for more details on them; several Norwegian ships took part.

Hørda, general cargo for Liverpool, was scheduled for Convoy HX 56 from Halifax to the U.K. on July 7-1940, but instead joined HX 57 on July 11, arriving Liverpool on July 26. She now remained in Liverpool for quite a long time, before she on Sept. 17 joined Convoy OB 215, which was dispersed on the 21st (link within Voyage Record). Alfred Olsen, Gard, Lyra, Siremalm (returned) and Torborg are also listed. No destination is given for Hørda, but from the archive document, we learn that she arrived Hampton Roads on Oct. 5. On Oct. 24, we find her in Convoy HX 83 from Halifax, again bound for Liverpool with a general cargo, arriving her destination on Nov. 7. According to the external website that I've linked to below, she was scheduled for Convoy OB 257, leaving Liverpool on Dec. 10, but instead joined OB 259 on Dec. 14, bound for Halifax, where she arrived on Dec. 29, the convoy having been dispersed on the 17th. Belinda, Dalfonn, Erviken (returned), Helgøy, Idefjord, Leiesten, Taranger and Thorshavet are also named - again, see the link provided within the table above.

From Halifax, she travelled to Boston and New York in Jan.-1941, then returned to Halifax in order to join Convoy HX 106 on Jan. 30, for which Topdalsfjord served as Commodore Vessel (Hørda had been scheduled for an earlier convoy, HX 104, which left Halifax on Jan. 21, but she was still in New York at that time - see archive document). According to A. Hague, she became a straggler on Febr. 10 - she arrived Liverpool on Febr. 18.

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OB convoys - As can be seen, Hørda is mentioned in OB 257.

 Final Fate - 1941: 

As mentioned, Hørda had arrived Liverpool from Halifax on Febr. 18-1941. About a month later, she joined Convoy OG 56, which left Liverpool on March 17. OG 56 will be added to an individual page in my Convoys section in due course, with more details on it - in the meantime, the ships sailing in it (and escorts) are named on the page listing ships in all OG convoys. The Norwegian Atle Jarl, Rym, Sneland I and Vigsnes are also named. This was a Gibraltar bound convoy (arrived there on Apr. 2), but Hørda was bound for Halifax, and had parted company with the convoy on March 20 in order to proceed to that destination. However, she did not make it to Halifax. On March 24, she was torpedoed and sunk by U-97 (Heilmann), all 30 on board died.

"Nortraships flåte" states that she had departed Liverpool in a westbound convoy that had been directed far to the south because a section of it was to head for Gibraltar in 20° W, adding that the convoy was dispersed at 20:00 hrs on March 23 in position 49 54N 19 10W, which was also the last known position of Hørda (other sources do not mention a dispersal of this convoy). J. Rohwer gives the position 49N 23W for her sinking, but does not mention a convoy in connection with this ship, nor with the British tanker Chama from OG 56, sunk by U-97 on the 23rd in 49 35N 19 13W. The Norwegian source says the latter was torpedoed just a few hours after the convoy had been dispersed with the loss of 58 men. The author (J. R. Hegland) adds that Heilmann probably assumed that a convoy had just been dispersed and therefore headed straight west at 8 knots in the hopes of encountering more ships. Hegland also indicates he may have been informed of the presence of another ship by the Italian sub Veniero (Petroni), which shelled and sank the Danish steamer Agnete Mærsk on the 24th with the loss of all on board (also from Convoy OG 56). About half an hour later, in about 49N 23W, U-97 hit an unidentified steamer estimated to be 4000 tons, in other words Hørda. Hegland speculates that Hørda may have witnessed the sinking of the Danish ship and steered away at full speed, thereby going straight down when the torpedo hit her. This map on (external link) shows the location of Hørda's loss.

U-97 was also responsible for an attack on G. C. Brøvig the month before.

Crew List - No Survivors:

Osmund Lind
1st Mate
Skjalg Straume
2nd Mate
Steinar Korneliussen
3rd Mate
Olav Berntsen
Gunnar Olsson
Gunnar Johannessen
Able Seaman
Alexander Olsen
Able Seaman
Peder Langballe
Able Seaman
Theodorus Struijk
Able Seaman
Marcello Ernesto Pontello
Able Seaman
Henry Hansen
Able Seaman
Sverre Andreassen
Able Seaman
Arne Scheldrup
Ordinary Seaman
Norvald Kaspersen
Jr. Ordinary Seaman
Harry Roberts
1st Engineer
Gustav Berg
2nd Engineer
Johan Ingebriktsen
3rd Engineer
Samuel Svendsen**
Laurits Larsen
Robert R. Walsh*
Agnar Axelson
Olav Hakestad
Jarle Jensen
Josef Halajko
Karl Egge
Per Orholt
Sverre B. Hansen
Josef Holhjem
Mess Boy
Frank Allan
Cabin Boy
Derek Oakley

* See this Guestbook message.

** Samuel Svendsen's brother, Robert Svendsen, was killed during a bombing raid on Liverpool on May 5-1941. He served on M/S Para at the time.

* Billy McGee, England has told me that Hørda's Stoker Robert Walsh is commemorated at Tower Hill, Panel 57 - I found him on this page (external link - it'll be noticed that the date is given as March 13-1941). The other British seamen do not appear to be commemorated.

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Stavern Memorial commemorations - Norwegians only are commemorated at this memorial for seamen in Stavern, Norway. 21 names are given here, but Steinar Korneliussen is listed twice, with different spellings of his last name. The list agrees on the whole with the above, with slightly different spelling of some of the names.

Operations information for U-97


The attack on Chama

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Other ships by this name: Haugesund had a steamer by the name Hørda in WW I, built in 1892 for Carl Foss, Haugesund, 612 gt, later managed by T. H. Skogland (1900), then sold in 1905 to Th. Nordbø. Ran aground on Jan. 22-1915 near Shawbost, the Hebrides when on a voyage Odda-Lisbon with the loss of all 14 on board. Also, J. Ludwig Mowinckel, Bergen had a ship by this name in the late 1890's, originally delivered in Aug.-1893 as Sirona to owners in London, built at Stockton-on-Tees, 2830 gt. Sold in March-1898 to J. Ludwig Mowinckel and renamed Hørda. Ran aground on Nov. 10-1912 off Utsira Light, when en route to to Bergen. This company also had a Hørda after the war. This ship had originally been delivered in Dec.-1944 as Cape Beagle to the U.S. Shipping Administration (built in Beaumont, Texas, 5145 gt.) and was purchased by A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen in 1946, renamed Hørda. In 1954 managers became A. I. Langfeldt & Co., Kristiansand, renamed Sunland. Sold to owners in Piræus in 1966, renamed Elena, broken up in 1972. A more recent Hørda was delivered to A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen in Jan.-1955, built in Oslo, 5734 gt. Sold to Indonesia in 1974, renamed Tegal. Broken up in 1984. The company had a new Hørda delivered in Jan.-1982, 24 999 gt, sold in 1991 and renamed Gull Arrow for Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi, Bergen.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig", Norwegian Maritime Museum, Volume I, and misc. others, some of which are named within above text - (ref. My sources).


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