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D/S Bruse Jarl
Updated May 22-2011

To Bruse Jarl on the "Ships starting with B" page.

A picture is available on this external page (click in it to enlarge).

Manager: Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab, Trondheim
1889 gt, 1096 net, 3050 tdwt.

Delivered in June-1923 from Trondhjems mek. Verksted (176) as Bruse Jarl to Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab. 278'-8"/265' x 42' x 20' (loa/lpp x W x D) - Triple exp steam engine by shipbuilder, 1321 ihp at trials, 11.2 knots. Cargo hold capacity: 153.400/161.200 cub. ft. bale/grain. Cargo vessel of the "three island" type, the last in a series of 4.

Captain: J. Herfjord. Also, a Captain Lossius and B. Pedersen are mentioned (see narrative below).

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

Voyage Record
From Febr.-1940 to June-1945:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each (it'll be noticed that some external listings are incomplete). Where the "Convoy" column is left blank, it means that convoy is not known.

Errors may exist, and some voyages are missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 Febr. 6 Gibraltar Southend Febr. 16 HG 18F
Febr. 23 Southend Cardiff Febr. 25 OA 97 For Cardiff.
Convoy available at OA 97
(external link)
March 2 Cardiff Milford Haven Independent
March 4 Milford Haven OB 103 With OA 103, formed OG 21F, March 5.
Convoy available at OB 103
(external link)
March 5 Formed at sea Passed Gibraltar March 11 OG 21F Convoy will be added.
See ships in OG convoys
March 11 Passed Gibraltar Yerakini Independent
March 23 Yerakini Cyprus Independent
Apr. 4 Cyprus Bone Independent See also narrative below.
Apr. 13 Bone Gibraltar Apr. 16 Independent
Apr. 18 Gibraltar Southend Apr. 28 HG 27F See also Page 1
May 4 Southend Tyne May 6 FN 162 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
May 11 Tyne Southend May 13 FS 168 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
May 14 Southend OA 148 For Gibraltar.
With OB 148, formed OG 30F, May 16.
Convoy available at OA 148
(external link)
May 16 Formed at sea Gibraltar May 22 OG 30F For Gibraltar.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in OG convoys
May 29 Gibraltar Piraeus June 2 Independent
June 4 Piraeus Limni Independent Page 1 gives arrival June 5.
June 12 Limni Yerakini June 16 Independent
June 20 Yerakini Piraeus June 23 Independent A. Hague says:
Notional sailing date
(Page 1 gives June 21).
June 26 Piraeus Piraeus Independent A. Hague says:
Voyage data unknown
(Page 1 indicates Eleusis)
July 19 Piraeus Piraeus July 25 Independent Voyage data unknown
(Page 1 indicates Kuwasi).
July 27 Piraeus Port Said July 31 AS 2 (1) Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Aug. 18 Suez* BS 3 *From Port Said
(Page 1).
A. Hague says:
Via Port Sudan.
Detached Aug. 26.
Convoy available via link above.
Aug. 26 Detached from BS 3 Mombasa Sept. 6 Independent
Sept. 10 Mombasa Durban Sept. 20 Independent
Sept. 25 Durban Port Elizabeth Sept. 27 Independent
Oct. 18 Port Elizabeth Capetown Oct. 20 Independent
Oct. 23 Capetown Freetown Nov. 9 Independent
Nov. 19 Freetown SLS 56 Convoy available at SLS 56
(external link)
A. Hague says:
Rendezvoused with SL 56, Nov. 21*.
Nov. 21* Convoys joined Oban Dec. 12 SL 56 Convoy available at SL 56
(external link)
*Convoy SL 56 had left Freetown on this date - the 2 convoys joined up on Dec. 9 (see also this external page).
Dec. 12 Oban Troon Dec. 18 Independent
1941 Jan. 15 Troon Clyde Jan. 15 Independent
Jan. 16 Clyde Gibraltar Jan. 29 OG 50 Convoy will be added.
See ships in OG convoys
Jan. 30 Gibraltar Seville Febr. 4 Independent
Febr. 11 Seville Gibraltar Febr. 12 Independent
Febr. 20 Gibraltar Liverpool March 12 HG 54 See also
Report on passage
Apr. 6 Liverpool Gibraltar Apr. 21 OG 58 For Seville.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in OG convoys
Apr. 21 Gibraltar Almeria Apr. 22 Independent
Apr. 25 Almeria Gibraltar Apr. 26 Independent
May 6 Gibraltar Barrow May 21 HG 61 See also
Commodore's narrative
May 31 Barrow OB 329 For Montreal.
Dispersed in 51 48N 20 48W, June 5.
Convoy available at OB 329
(external link)
June 5 Dispersed from OB 329 Montreal June 16 Independent
July 17 Montreal Sydney, C.B. July 20 Independent
July 22 Sydney, C.B. Loch Ewe Aug. 6 SC 38 Convoy will be added.
See ships in SC convoys
Aug. 7 Loch Ewe Aberdeen Aug. 9 WN 163 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Aug. 17 Aberdeen Methil Aug. 17 WN 167 Convoy available at link above.
Aug. 23 Methil Roads Loch Ewe Aug. 25 EC 63 Convoy available at EC convoys
(external link)
Aug. 29 Loch Ewe ON 10 Dispersed Sept. 11.
Sept. 11 Dispersed from ON 10 Clarke City Sept. 14 Independent
Sept. 20 Clarke City Sydney, C.B. Sept. 22 Independent
Sept. 24 Sydney, C.B. Loch Ewe Oct. 10 SC 46 Convoy will be added.
See ships in SC convoys
Oct. 10 Loch Ewe Methil Oct. 12 WN 191 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 14 Methil Rochester Oct. 17 FS 620 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
Oct. 22 Rochester Southend Oct. 23 Independent
Oct. 24 Southend Tyne Oct. 26 FN 536 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Nov. 9 Tyne Methil Nov. 9 FN 546 Convoy available at link above
Nov. 15 Methil Loch Ewe Nov. 17 EN 6 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Nov. 17 Loch Ewe ON 37 For Halifax.
A. Hague says:
Dispersed in 59 10N 20W, Nov. 30.
Nov. 30* Dispersed from ON 37 Halifax Dec. 6 Independent
*According to the Commodore's notes for ON 37, the convoy was dispersed in a N.W. gale during the night of Nov. 23/24 in approximate position 57 35N 35 05W. (The Commodore's narrative is also available).
Dec. 6 Halifax St. John, N.B. Dec. 8 Independent
Dec. 13 St. John, N.B. Sydney, C.B. Dec. 17 Independent
Dec. 21 Sydney, C.B. Loch Ewe Jan. 6-1942 SC 61 See also narrative below
1942 Jan. 7 Loch Ewe Methil Jan. 9 WN 228 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Jan. 10 Methil Southend Jan. 12 FS 696 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
See also Page 2
Jan. 19 Southend Tyne Jan. 21 FN 609 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Jan. 31 Tyne Methil Febr. 1 FN 618 Convoy available at link above.
Febr. 3 Methil Loch Ewe Febr. 5 EN 41 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Febr. 7 Loch Ewe Halifax Febr. 24 ON 64 Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Febr. 27 Halifax St. John, N.B. Febr. 28 Independent
March 8 St. John, N.B. Halifax March 10 Independent
March 12 Halifax Loch Ewe March 27 SC 74
March 28 Loch Ewe Methil March 29 WN 263 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 3
Apr. 17 Methil Loch Ewe Apr. 19 EN 72 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Apr. 21 Loch Ewe ON 88 For Halifax.
Detached May 6.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
May 6 Halifax* Boston May 8 XB 17 Convoy available at XB convoys
(external link)
*Convoy XB 17 did start out in Halifax on May 6, but it looks like Bruse Jarl joined directly from ON 88(?).
May 8 Boston Newark, N.J. May 10 Independent Again, see also Page 3
May 22 New York City* Cape Cod Bay Independent *From Newark, N.J.
May 24 Cape Cod Bay Halifax May 26 BX 20 Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
May 29 Halifax Sydney, C.B. May 31 HS 7 Convoy available at HS convoys
(external link)
Stop at Halifax not mentioned, Page 3
June 5 Sydney, C.B. Loch Ewe June 18 SC 86
June 18 Loch Ewe Methil June 20 WN 298 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
June 21 Methil Southend June 23 FS 835 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
See also Page 3
June 27 Southend Tyne June 29 FN 745 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
July 8 Tyne Methil July 9 FN 754 Convoy available at link above.
July 10 Methil Loch Ewe July 12 EN 109 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
July 13 Loch Ewe Halifax July 28 ON 112 A. Hague says:
For Sydney C.B.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
July 29 Halifax Sydney, C.B. July 31 HS 36 Convoy available at HS convoys
(external link)
July 31 Sydney, C.B. Father Point Aug. 3 SQ 24 See also Page 3
Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Aug. 9 Father Point Sydney, C.B. Aug. 12 QS 25 Convoy available via link above.
Aug. 13 Sydney, C.B. Halifax Aug. 15 SH 33 Convoy available at SH convoys
(external link)
Aug. 29 Halifax Loch Ewe Sept. 12 SC 98 See also narrative below
Sept. 13 Loch Ewe Methil Sept. 15 WN 336 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Sept. 16 Methil Southend Sept. 18 FS 909 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
See also Page 3
Oct. 4 Southend Blyth Oct. 6 FN 830 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 7 Blyth Southend Oct. 9 FS 927 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
See also Page 4
Oct. 13 Southend Blyth Oct. 15 FN 838 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 17 Blyth Southend Oct. 19 FS 936 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
Also, Page 4
Oct. 28 Southend Blyth Oct. 30 FN 851 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Nov. 1 Blyth Methil Nov. 2 FN 853 Convoy available at link above
Nov. 4 Methil Oban Nov. 7 EN 158 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Nov. 8 Oban Loch Ewe Nov. 9
Nov. 10 Loch Ewe Reykjavik Nov. 16 UR 49 Convoy available at UR convoys
(external link)
Again, see also Page 4
Dec. 8 Reykjavik RU 52 Detached Dec. 12.
Convoy available at RU convoys
(external link)
Dec. 15 Belfast Lough Holyhead Dec. 16 BB 244 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Dec. 17 Holyhead Penarth Dec. 19 HM 82 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
See also Page 4
1943 Jan. 5 Penarth Barry Jan. 5 Independent
Jan. 10 Milford Haven Solent Jan. 12 WP 277 Convoy available at WP convoys
(external link)
Compare w/Page 4
Jan. 17 Solent Barry Jan. 19 PW 280 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Also, Page 4
Jan. 24 Barry Southampton Jan. 26 WP 284 Convoy available at WP convoys
(external link)
Jan. 29 Solent Plymouth Febr. 2 See also Page 5
* Febr. 2 Plymouth Dartmouth Febr. 2 *See Page 5
Febr. 3 Plymouth Cardiff Febr. 4 PW 288 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Febr. 10 Cardiff Penarth Febr. 10 Independent
March 5 Penarth Cardiff March 5 Independent
March 12 Cardiff Gibraltar March 24 KMS 11G Via Milford Haven.
See Page 5
Convoy will be added.
See ships in KMS convoys
Apr. 1 Gibraltar Algiers Apr. 3 TE 20 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
Apr. 12 Algiers Oran Apr. 13 MKS 11 Algiers to Oran
Apr. 26 Oran Philippeville Apr. 29 KMS 13 Oran to Bone.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in KMS convoys
Later arrived Bougie May 8
(Page 5).
May 9 Bougie Algiers May 10 ET 20 Bougie to Algiers.
Convoy available via this page
(external link)
May 15 Algiers Philippeville May 16 TE 21 Convoy available via link above.
May 20 Philippeville Bizerta May 22
May 25 Bizerta Philippeville May 28
May 29 Philippeville Bougie May 29
May 30 Bougie Algiers May 31
June 4 Algiers Bizerta June 6
June 13 Bizerta Sousse See narrative below
(also, Page 5).
June 24 Sousse Oran June 28
July 16 Oran Bizerta July 20
July 28 Bizerta Tunis July 28
July 31 Tunis Bizerta Aug. 10 A. Hague says:
Voyage data unknown.
Aug. 15 Bizerta Bone Aug. 16
Sept. 1 Bone Bizerta Sept. 2
Oct. 9 Bizerta Bone Oct. 10
Oct. 24 Bone Philippeville Oct. 24
Oct. 25 Philippeville Bougie Oct. 25
Oct. 26 Bougie Algiers Oct. 27
Nov. 26 Algiers Gibraltar Nov. 29 GUS 22 Algiers to Gibraltar.
Convoy available at GUS convoys
(external link)
Dec. 23 Gibraltar Newport Jan. 3-1944 XK 13 Convoy available via this page
(external link)
1944 Febr. 27 Newport Milford Haven Febr. 29 Independent (See also Page 5 & Page 6).
March 2 Milford Haven OS 70/KMS 44 For Bone.
Convoy split March 15.
Available at OS 70/KMS 44
(external link)
March 15 Convoy split Passed Gibraltar March 17 KMS 44 For Bone.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in KMS convoys
March 17 Passed Gibraltar Bone March 20 KMS 44 For Bone.
See link above.
Apr. 2 Bone Augusta Apr. 5 UGS 36 Bone to Augusta.
Convoy available at UGS convoys
(external link)
Apr. 7 Augusta Naples Apr. 8 VN 32 Convoy available at VN convoys
(external link)
Apr. 8 Naples Castellamare Apr. 8 Independent
Apr. 18 Naples Augusta Apr. 20 LINSEED A. Hague says:
Note use of code name.
Convoy available at Convoy LINSEED
(external link - Bruse Jarl not named, but listing may be incomplete)
Apr. 20 Augusta Bizerta Apr. 22
Apr. 22 Bizerta Algiers Apr. 25
May 2 Algiers Philippeville May 3 See also Page 6
May 4 Philippeville Augusta May 7
May 7 Augusta Naples May 9 VN 38A Convoy available at VN convoys
(external link)
?? May 11 Torre Annunziata Naples
May 17 Naples Augusta May 18 NV 39 Convoy available at NV convoys
(external link)
May 18 Augusta Crotone May 19
May 27 Crotone Taranto
May 29 Taranto Brindisi May 30 Escorted
May 31 Brindisi Bari May 31
June 4 Bari Brindisi
June 5 Brindisi Crotone June 6 HA 47 Convoy available at HA convoys
(external link)
June 13 Crotone Augusta June 14
June 16 Augusta Castellamare June 17 VN 47 Via Naples
(Page 6).
Convoy available at VN convoys
(external link)
June 28 Castellamare Naples
June 29 Naples Augusta July 1 NV 48A Convoy available at NV convoys
(external link)
July 8 Augusta Taranto July 10
July 10 Taranto Bari July 12 AH 54 Convoy available at AH convoys
(external link)
July 18 Bari Augusta July 20
July 26 Augusta Taranto July 27
July 31 Taranto Bari Aug. 2 AH 58 Convoy available at link above.
Aug. 11 Bari Crotone Aug. 12 HA 60 Convoy available at HA convoys
(external link)
Aug. 25 Bari Ancona Aug. 28
Sept. 1 Ancona Brindisi Sept. 3
Sept. 19 Brindisi Barletta
Sept. 20 Barletta Ancona Sept. 20* Escorted *Page 6 gives arrival Sept. 22
Sept. 27 Ancona Brindisi Sept. 28 Escorted
Oct. 7 Bari Ancona Oct. 8 Escorted
Oct. 12 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 14 Escorted
Oct. 16 Brindisi Augusta Oct. 18 HA 73 Convoy available at link above.
Oct. 24 Augusta Taranto Oct. 26
Oct. 29 Taranto Barletta Oct. 31
Nov. 2 Barletta Ancona Nov. 3
Nov. 8 Ancona Bari Nov. 9 Escorted
Nov. 17 Bari Brindisi Nov. 18 In tow
Nov. 26 Brindisi Taranto Nov. 27 In tow
1945 Jan. 19 Taranto Crotone Jan. 20 Independent
Febr. 1 Crotone Taranto Febr. 2
Febr. 5 Taranto Brindisi Febr. 6 Independent
Febr. 13 Brindisi Crotone Febr. 14 Independent Later arrived Taranto Febr. 26
(Page 7).
Febr. 28 Taranto Brindisi March 1 Independent Missing movements, Page 7.
March 20 Bari Barletta March 20 Independent
March 22 Manfredonia Ancona March 23 AH 22 (2) Convoy available at AH convoys
(external link)
March 29 Ancona HA 24 (2) Detached March 30.
Convoy available at HA convoys
(external link)
March 30 Detached from HA 24 Crotone Independent Page 7 gives arrival March 31
Apr. 9 Crotone Naples Apr. 11 Independent
Apr. 21 Naples Augusta Apr. 23 Independent
Apr. 23 Augusta Brindisi Apr. 25 Independent
Apr. 27 Bari* Ancona Apr. 28 AH 33 (2) *From Brindisi?
Convoy available at AH convoys
(external link)
May 2 Ancona Brindisi May 3 Independent
May 6 Brindisi Bari May 6 Independent
May 25 Bari Ancona May 26 Independent Later arrived Bari May 31
(Page 7)
June 6 Bari Piraeus June 10 Independent Subsequent voyages:
Page 7 & Page 8

 Misc. Convoy Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's record above. Follow the convoy links provided for more details on them. Some include various reports and several Norwegian ships took part.

Bruse Jarl is listed in Convoy HGF 18 from Gibraltar in Febr.-1940, bound for London, station 74 (there's a note next to her name in the original convoy document, giving the captain's name as Lossius - possibly identical to Morten Lossius of Tordenskjold?). Garonne and Temeraire are also listed. As will be seen, when following the link to my page about this convoy, Bruse Jarl is mentioned in the narrative, saying she was found to be missing at dawn on Febr. 13, and was not seen again. Later that month she shows up in Convoy OA 97, which left Southend on Febr. 23, but was only bound for Cardiff on that occasion, arriving there on Febr. 25, according to A. Hague. In March she was in the Gibraltar bound convoy OG 21F*, a combination of Convoys OB 103 and OA 103, which joined up on March 5, both having departed U.K. on March 3. Bruse Jarl had originally started out in the OB convoy, as had Einar Jarl and Temeraire. Both are included in the OG convoy as well. Follow the external links provided within the table above for more on the OA and OB convoys mentioned here. The OG convoy arrived Gibraltar on March 11, but Bruse Jarl proceeded to Yerakini.

A French visitor to my website has told me that she was seized off Tunisia by French patrol boats on Apr. 10-1940 (the day after the German invasion of Norway). She was ordered to Bizerta, but released a few days later. On Apr. 18, she headed back to the U.K. with Convoy HGF 27 from Gibraltar, together with the Norwegian Harpefjell. Bruse Jarl, in station 63, was bound for London, where she arrived on Apr. 28, according to Page 1 of the archive documents. With Sevilla, she later joined Convoy OA 148 which, combined with OB 148, formed Convoy OG 30F* on May 16, arriving Gibraltar on May 22. From there, she later continued to Piræus. Her subsequent voyages are shown on the archive document, with convoy info for some of them in the Voyage Record above (occasional long stays in port are shown).

In Nov.-1940, we find her in Convoy SLS 56/SL 56 from Freetown, bound for Liverpool in station 56, cargo of magnesite. The Norwegian Ferm, Sandar and Sirehei are also listed. Bruse Jarl had started out with the SLS convoy, which had left Freetown on Nov. 19, then joined up with the SL convoy on Dec. 9 (originated in Freetown Nov. 21). Again, see the links provided in the table above. She stopped at Oban on Dec. 12, before proceeding to Troon, where she remained for almost a month (Page 1).

In Jan.-1941 she made another voyge to Gibraltar, having sailed in Convoy OG 50*, originating in Liverpool on Jan. 16. Bruse Jarl sailed from Clyde that day and arrived Gibraltar on the 29th, continuing to Seville the next day, with arrival Febr. 4. She headed back to the U.K. with Convoy HG 54 from Gibraltar on Febr. 20 (see also this report on passage), bound for Liverpool with fruit, arriving March 12, and again had quite a long stay in port (see Page 1 and Page 2). The following month she joined Convoy OG 58*, together with Brisk, Marga, Marita, Nesttun, Polyana (sunk - follow link for details), Senta, Star and Torfinn Jarl. This convoy left Liverpool on Apr. 6 and arrived Gibraltar on Apr. 21; Bruse Jarl proceeded to Almeria that same day, and with a cargo of iron ore and esparto for Barrow, she went back in the other direction again in Convoy HG 61, station 52 (right behind Torfinn Jarl). Her captain's name is given as B. Pedersen on that occasion. The Commodore's narrative is also available for this convoy, which left Gibraltar on May 6. She arrived Barrow on May 21, and together with with Belpareil, Bjerka, Christian Krohg (sunk, follow link for more info), Finnanger, Garonne, O. A. Knudsen, Sirehei (returned) and Veni, she subsequently joined Convoy OB 329. This convoy originated in Liverpool on May 31 and dispersed June 5, Bruse Jarl arriving her destination Montreal independently on June 16.

Having remained in Montreal for a month, she proceeded to Sydney, C.B. (Page 2) and A. Hague now has her in the slow Convoy SC 38*, departing July 22-1941. Facto, Granfoss, Ila, Ingrid, Selbo and Senta are also included (though Senta is said to have returned after having struck ice, as did several of the other ships in this convoy). Bruse Jarl had a cargo of flour, sailing in station 73, and stopped at Loch Ewe on Aug. 6, before continuing to Aberdeen the next day. She went back across the Atlantic in the westbound Convoy ON 10, which originated in Liverpool on Aug. 27 and dispersed Sept. 11, Bruse Jarl arriving Clarke City independently on the 14th (having started out from Loch Ewe Aug. 29). With a cargo of wood pulp, she returned in Convoy SC 46*, which departed Sydney, C.B. on Sept. 24 and also included Alaska, Bestik (returned), Bonde, Fidelio, Gezina, Loke, Senta and Solsten. Bruse Jarl had station 14, and according to the archive document, she was bound for Rochester, where she arrived Oct. 17 (via Loch Ewe and Methil Roads). A month later we find her in station 93 of the westbound North Atlantic Convoy ON 37, which originated in Liverpool on Nov. 15 and dispersed during the night of Nov. 23/24. Bruse Jarl had sailed from Loch Ewe Nov. 17 and arrived Halifax independently on Dec. 6, continuing to St. John, N.B. that same day. See also the Commodore's narrative. She was scheduled to return with the slow Sydney (C.B.)-U.K. Convoy SC 60 on Dec. 16, but instead joined the next convoy on the 21st, SC 61, cargo of flour for London.

In Febr.-1942 she joined the westbound Convoy ON 64*, together with Frontenac, Primero and Snar. Acanthus and Rose are named among the escorts for this convoy (see ON convoy escorts), but detached on Febr. 13 to join Convoy HX 174. ON 64 originated in Liverpool on Febr. 7 and arrived Halifax on the 24th. Having made another voyage to St. John, N.B. and back to Halifax, Bruse Jarl headed back to the U.K. on March 12 in the slow Convoy SC 74, cargo of flour for Leith, station 32, arriving Leith on March 30, according to Page 3. The following month she can be found in Convoy ON 88*, which originated in Liverpool on Apr. 21 and included Akabahra, Brisk, Don, Evviva, Gezina, Henrik Ibsen, Inger Lise, Marga, Senta, Spurt and Star. Bruse Jarl had again joined from Loch Ewe and arrived Boston on May 8. On June 5 she's listed in Convoy SC 86 from Sydney, C.B., cargo of lumber for London (Ramø served as Vice Commodore Ship). With Albert L. Ellsworth, Bjørkhaug, Borgholm, Evviva, Facto, Fidelio, Gezina, Hjalmar Wessel, Ingerfem, Lisbeth, Loke, Norjerv, Ragnhild, Selvik and Titanian (returned), she later joined Convoy ON 112*. Bruse Jarl had station 54 of this convoy, which originated in Liverpool on July 13. Her destination is given as Sydney, C.B., where she arrived (via Halifax) on July 31, proceeding to Rimouski that same day. On Aug. 29, we find her in Convoy SC 98 from Halifax, cargo of lumber for London (having been cancelled from SC 97, in which Bronxville was sunk - follow the links for details).

For the rest of that year and the first couple of months of 1943, she was mostly in service around the U.K., with a voyage to Iceland and back in between - see Page 3, Page 4 and Page 5, as well as A. Hague's record above. In the spring of 1943 she headed to Gibraltar and North Africa (see next paragraph), remaining in that part of the world until the end of 1943 (carrying cargoes of ammunition). The company's Atle Jarl, Tore Jarl and Torfinn Jarl were also in this type of service (Bruse Jarl and Tore Jarl had to continue with transport to civilians in Italy and Greece untill well into the fall of 1945. Some of the officers didn't get to see their families until the spring of 1946 - this was not unusual, of course).

Bruse Jarl is included in Convoy KMS 11* in March-1943, voyaging from Cardiff to Gibraltar, where she arrived on March 24 (according to A. Hague), the convoy having departed Clyde on March 14 (Bruse Jarl had sailed from Cardiff and Milford Haven on the 12th - again, see Page 5). On Apr. 1 she proceeded to Algiers, then made a voyage from there to Oran in Convoy MKS 11 on Apr. 12/Apr. 13. Torfinn Jarl and Evviva are also named. From Oran she sailed to Philippeville in Convoy KMS 13* on Apr. 26. Bollsta, Brisk and Tore Jarl are also listed. Her subsequent voyages are shown on the archive document and in the table above.

The following month she was in Algiers loading a cargo of 500 tons bombs, 700 tons aviation fuel and 600 tons general for Bizerta. There, she was on stand-by order to depart on short notice. Finally, on June 13 orders came to proceed the next morning to Pantellaria, which had fallen on the 11th (see external link at the end of this page). The destroyer Petard was escort. Due to continuous air attacks on the harbour she had to cruise around outside for over 2 days, with gunners on 24 hours duty. On the 2nd night, 2 large bombs fell close to the ship, causing some damage, and the next morning 6 aircraft came in low over the island, damaging the destroyer which had to return to base, leaving Bruse Jarl to fend for herself while waiting for a new escort. In the morning of June 16 she anchored up outside Pantellaria harbour, and military personnel came on board, predicting that she would probably be sunk one way or another, either by aircraft or U-boats which were operating in the area, and unloading of her cargo seemed hopeless at that point. The new escort finally came and signalled for Bruse Jarl to proceed to Sousse (see Page 5), and all on board were rather disappointed as they had wanted to have the honour of being the first allied ship to deliver war materials to the first fallen European Axis post. But they later learned the reason for their retreat; the preparations for landings at Sicily were well underway (invaded July 10), and no one, least of all the Royal Navy, had the time to worry about Pantellaria at that point (summary of Mate Leif Hassel's story - found in "Menn uten medaljer" - he died in 1979. Another mate on board was Martinius Myklevoll, previously of D/S Cadmus, which had been torpedoed and sunk on July 1-1942).

It'll be noticed, when going back to Page 5 and A. Hague's record above, that occasional long stays in port are shown. As can be seen, she returned to the U.K. in Dec.-1943/Jan.-1944.

Skipping now to March-1944, when she's listed in Convoy OS 70/KMS 44, voyaging from Milford to Bone with stores and general in station 82. The convoy had originated in Liverpool on March 3 and split up on March 15, Bruse Jarl arriving Bone on March 20, having sailed from Milford Haven on March 2 (KMS* portion). Topdalsfjord is also listed (the OS convoy, in which the Norwegian Jenny took part, proceeded to Freetown, with arrival there on March 25 - ref. link provided in the table above).

The rest of her voyages are listed on Page 6, Page 7 and Page 8, with convoy information for some of them in the Voyage Record. Page 7 shows a long stay in Taranto, where she had arrived in tow from Bari and Brindisi on Nov. 27-1944. Departure is given as Jan. 19-1945, when she proceeded to Crotone. The reason is not known. From Page 8, we learn that she left Cardiff for Honningsvær on Dec. 11-1945, but arrival is not given. Also, it looks like she made another voyage to Norway in Febr.-1946.

* The ON, OG and KMS convoys mentioned here will be added to individual pages in my Convoys section in due course, with more information on each; in the meantime, the ships sailing in them (and escorts) are named in the sections listing ships in all ON convoys, ships in all OG convoys and ships in all KMS convoys. Additionally, the entire SC series will be updated and completed (including the already existing convoys - some have already been updated), see ships in all SC convoys (with escorts).

More information on all the other Norwegian ships named on this page can be found via the alphabet index below, or go to the Master Ship Index.


Sold in Aug.-1950 to Hamburg-London Linie (A. Kirsten & Co.), Hamburg, renamed Cordelia, delivered on Aug. 15. Sold in 1960 to Tramppilaiva O/Y (J. Konkola), Helsinki, Finland, renamed Tarvo. Sold in Febr.-1963 to Rudolph Harmstorf, Lübeck, Germany, to be broken up.

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Nordenfjeldske's other ships by this name: Nordenfjeldske later had a tanker by this name, delivered in Sept.-1943 as Lilløhus to Trälleborg Ångfartygs-AB, Trälleborg, 8428 gt (built in Malmö). Purchased by Nordenfjeldske in Sept.-1956 and renamed Bruse Jarl; sold to Spain in July-1962 for breaking up. The company's 3rd Bruse Jarl (also a tanker and also built by Kockums) was delivered in Jan.-1964, 35 412 gt. Changed hands 3 times between 1969 and 1981 and had the names Defiant Colocotronis, Oriental Discoverer and Kynossoura. Deleted from register in 1990. Bruse Jarl (IV) was delivered from Rosenberg Verft AS, Stavanger on Jan. 5-1974, 18 640 gt, became 19 134 gt in June-1980. Sold to Holland in 1987 and renamed Iver Stream, registered in Larvik. Still in service in 1999. (Info from "Nordenfjeldske - 1857-1985", by Finn R. Hansen). Lillesand Sjømannsforening has more on these ships (external link).

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, and misc. (ref. My sources). Pre war and post war details are from Nordenfjeldske D/S fleet list, Finn R. Hansen.


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