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D/S Askild
Updated Dec. 11-2012

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Crew List

From Bjørn Milde's postcard collection.
Another picture is availble on this external page, taken in Bordeaux in 1933 (click in it to enlarge).

Owner: Rederi-A/S Aladdin.
Manager: J. T. Farsjø & Co., Oslo
1930 gt, 3150 tdwt.
Call Signr: LCDR.

Built in Papendrecht, Netherlands in 1918. Previous names: Megrez until 1920, sold to Germany in Nov. 1920 and renamed Karpin, then Bockenheim until 1924, at which time she was sold to Norway.
According to the external page that I've linked to above, she was ordered as Jan van Arkel. Delivered in Apr.-1918 as Megrez to Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co's Stoomv. Board, Rotterdam. Owned from 1920 by Roland Linie A/G, Bremen, renamed Karpin. From 1921, as Bockenheim for Schleppsch. Ges. Unterweser, Bremen. Owned from 1923 by Unterweser Reederei A/G (Schleppsch. Ges. Unterweser), Bremen, no name change. From May-1924, Rederi A/S Aladdin (J. T. Farsjø & Co), Kristiania, renamed Askild.

Captain: Olav Bilet.

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Guestbook message re someone who served on this ship (William Karl Nilsen), as well as Trondanger, Aragon, Askepot, Meline and Atlantic.
Guestbook message - From the son of Einar Rognerud (see crew list).

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

 Voyage Record
From Dec.-1941 to Dec.-1942:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Errors may exist and several voyages are missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1941 Dec. 16 Sydney, C.B. Reykjavik Dec. 29 SC 60 Earlier voyages:
Page 1 & Page 2
2 Passengers
1942 March 26 St. John's, N.F. Halifax* March 29 CL 15 Earlier 1942 voyages:
Page 2 above
(see also narrative).
Convoy available at CL 15
(external link)
*Arrived Louisburg,
on to St. John's, Apr. 7
(Page 2).
Apr. 19 St. John's, N.F. Halifax* Apr. 22 CL 24 *Again, see Page 2.
Convoy available at CL 24
(external link)
May 2 St. John's, N.F. Halifax May 5 CL 31 Convoy available at CL 31
(external link)
May 13 Halifax St. John's, N.F.* May 17 LC 17 *Arrived Argentia, N.F.,
on to Halifax May 23
(Page 2)
Convoy available at LC 17
(external link)
June 2 Halifax Sydney, C.B. June 4 HS 8 (Had arrived Halifax May 26).
Convoy available at HS 8
(external link)
June 5 Sydney, C.B. St. John's, N.F. June 8 LC 22 Convoy available at LC 22
(external link)
June 11 St. John's, N.F. Lewisport June 12 JN 2 Convoy available at JN 2
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 3
July 3 St. John's, N.F. Sydney, C.B. July 5 CL 44 Convoy available at CL 44
(external link)
July 5 Sydney, C.B. Halifax July 7 SH 20 Convoy available at SH 20
(external link)
Missing voyages, Page 3
Aug. 5 Boston Halifax Aug. 7 BX 32 Convoy available at BX 32
(external link)
On to St. John's Aug. 11
(Page 3)
Aug. 23 St. John's, N.F. Sydney, C.B. Aug. 26 CL 53 Convoy available at CL 53
(external link)
Missing movements?
(see Page 3)
Sept. 3 Sydney, C.B. Father Point Sept. 8 SQ 34 Convoy available at SQ 34
(external link)
Compare w/Page 3
(also, missing movements).
Sept. 15 Father Point Sydney, C.B. Sept. 19 QS 35 Convoy available at QS 35
(external link)
Sept. 23 Sydney, C.B. Argentia Sept. 26 BW 4 Convoy available at BW 4
(external link)
On to St. John's Sept. 29
(Page 3).
Oct. 7 St. John's, N.F. Sydney, C.B. Oct. 10 WB 6 Convoy available at WB 6
(external link)
Oct. 18 Sydney, C.B. Argentia Oct. 21 BW 9 Convoy available at BW 9
(external link)
Missing voyages, Page 3
Nov. 23 Sydney, C.B. St. John's, N.F. Nov. 26 BW 17 Convoy available at BW 17
(external link)
Dec. 2 St. John's, N.F. CL 61 Convoy available at CL 61
(external link)
Ran aground Dec. 3.
See "Final Fate" below


Askild's 1940 voyages are shown on Page 1 of the archive documents (it'll be noticed that she had quite a long stay in New York that fall). Her 1941 voyages also start on this page and continue on Page 2 (which shows another long stay at St. John, N.B. that summer, and again in Sydney, C.B. shortly thereafter). In Dec.-1941, she's listed, together with Snar, in the slow Sydney (C.B.)-U.K. Convoy SC 60, bound for Reykjavik, cargo of lumber and 2 passengers, arriving her destination on Dec. 29, remaining there for a month, before returning across the Atlantic.

She's also mentioned among the ships leaving Halifax to form Convoy SC 73 on March 6-1942. She's not included in the Advance Sailing Telegram for this convoy, nor is this voyage mentioned in A. Hague's Voyage Record, but several voyages are missing from the record. Going back to Page 2 we see that she did leave Halifax on that date, with destination St. John's, N.F., where she arrived on March 9, but this does not necessarily mean she had joined this convoy.

The rest of her voyages are listed on Page 3, while convoy information for some of them can be found in the Voyage Record above.

 Final Fate - 1942: 

Askild had departed St. John's, N.F. on Dec. 2-1942, bound for St. Lawrence, N.F. in ballast, and joined Convoy CL 61 that afternoon (external link).

At 04:20 the following morning, Dec. 3, she ran aground by Chance Cove (near Cape Race) due to worsening weather. The entire crew was called to the boatdeck, distress calls were sent out as well as flashes. They all stayed on board until she broke up at 06:30. The seas were continuously washing in over the boatdeck where the crew was still assembled, so they were sent to the port side, which was still fairly undamaged, to try to get ashore. At that time two men were found to be missing, assumed to have been knocked overboard by the seas. The rest managed to get the port boat out and by 07:30 they were all ashore, but had to climb straight up a cliff in order to get clear of the breakers.

As day dawned, they managed to get further up with the help of lines from the lifeboat. While 1st Mate Nils Jespersen remained with 16(?) crew, the captain and 3 others went to look for help (this adds up to 21, there were 20 survivors). En route, Ordinary Seaman William Nilsen had to be left behind due to exhaustion, while the captain, together with Gunner Einar Rognerud and Ordinary Seaman Gunnar Pedersen reached the light house at Cape Race several hours later. A report was immediately sent to St. John's, and people from the lighthouse went out to look for those who had remained behind. They soon returned carrying William Nilsen, while others, with the help of dogs, kept searching for the others, but came back early the next morning without having found them.

A fresh search team was then sent out, from Cape Race as well as from Trepassey, and later that day the men from Trepassey returned with Able Seaman Hans Jeppesen and the Canadian Galley Boy Walter Sheeby. Medications, food and dry clothes were sent from St. John's. On Dec. 5, the remaining 14 were finally found. They were taken to private families in Portugal Cove and Cape Race, then transported to St. John's on the 6th.

The maritime hearings were held at St. John's on Dec. 10-1942 with Captain Bilet (on board for 3 years), 1st Mate Jespersen (on board since Oct.-1942), 2nd Engineer Hansen (who had been on board for 7 weeks), Boatswain Bentsen (since Apr.-1939), and Ordinary Seaman Pedersen (on board for 5 months) appearing.

Crew List:
Ordinary Seaman Pedersen later served on Tungsha and Leiv Eiriksson.

Olav Bilet
1st Mate/Radio Operator
Nils Jespersen
Harry Bentsen
Able Seaman
Hans Jeppesen
Able Seaman
Henry Olsen
Ordinary Seaman
Gunnar Pedersen
Ordinary Seaman
Thorbjørn Valun
Ordinary Seaman
William Nilsen
1st Engineer
Rasmus Pedersen
2nd Engineer
Henry Krogh Hansen
3rd Engineer
Rasmus Gabrielsen
Jakob Wormsen
Harald Hansen
Ole Renli
Elias Helland
Einat Virtanen
Frithjof Johannesen
Galley Boy
Walter Sheeby
Einar Rognerud
Olaf Sollund
*Here's a Guestbook message from Einar Rognerud's son.

2nd Mate
Odd Storm Pettersen

Lauri Haapanen

Related external link:
Stavern Memorial commemorations - Mate Odd Storm Pettersen is commemorated at this memorial. There's also a Stoker Erling Halvorsen commemorated; he must have died at an earlier time, being as the 2nd casualty was Finnish, and Norwegians only are commemorated at this memorial. Checking with "Våre falne", a series of 4 books naming Norwegians who died during the war, I find that his last ship was Askild, and that he was found drifting in the sea, but no date is given. He's buried in Halifax.

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Norway had also had a ship by this name in WW I, built 1892, 2540 gt - torpedoed and sunk by the German UB-20 off Ushant on May 19-1917.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig", Norwegian Maritime Museum, Volume I, and misc. - ref My sources.


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